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  1. I have heard in the past that you need to use brand new "un-oiled" filters when using notoil products. If your filter has been oiled or cleaned with the traditional style oil then somehow the filters/glue deteriorate and filters fall apart when you use notoil gear on it. I used notoil for a while on a new clean filter and never had an issue.
  2. How Many Dirtriderz Members Use Instagram ?

    Yep, signed up a week or ago, will do a search for the dirtriderz page and hit the follow button.
  3. How Many Firies On Here

    I am a firie with FRNSW, joined up as a permo in 2006 after being retained for just under 2 years. Spent around 5 years living the dream in Sydney now living the dream in a regional area. Awesome job to be in.
  4. Emergency Stickers

    Another thought for details on the card could be a section for medical conditions, eg diabetic, pacemaker, hearing or speech impairment or anything else that might be relevant. This not only helps the medical responders but may also allow a bystander to assist better and be able to give the 000 call centre more information when calling. I know people with some conditions wear medialert bracelets etc and are usually well prepared to deal with there conditions but there might be that one time when that info is needed.