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  1. heypresto

    What State, Suburb is everybody from ???

    Armidale NSW
  2. I have heard in the past that you need to use brand new "un-oiled" filters when using notoil products. If your filter has been oiled or cleaned with the traditional style oil then somehow the filters/glue deteriorate and filters fall apart when you use notoil gear on it. I used notoil for a while on a new clean filter and never had an issue.
  3. heypresto

    How Many Dirtriderz Members Use Instagram ?

    Yep, signed up a week or ago, will do a search for the dirtriderz page and hit the follow button.
  4. heypresto

    How Many Firies On Here

    I am a firie with FRNSW, joined up as a permo in 2006 after being retained for just under 2 years. Spent around 5 years living the dream in Sydney now living the dream in a regional area. Awesome job to be in.