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  1. Bruce led a great ride with some tracks I'd never been on. The woops seem to be getting bigger as I get older, the legs are just coming right today. A great group to ride with, hopefully we can showcase some finer weather later in the year for another whirl. After a clean up in the shed I found some O'Neil body armour hanging near the corner bench, a barbie mate and a container, if it's yours give me a message.
  2. Got a few Hondas, '73 XL 100 bushlanders, 82 CR 125, 82 XR 80, 200,250 and 500 matched set, 82 XL 250s and latest resto project is a 1968 ct90 lightly crashed Christmas Day 1969 and hardly ridden since. Damaged headlight and speedo but everything else is mint. Barn find locally for a slab. Then I am also restoring my XD falcon I got my license in 34 years ago!