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  1. Timely thread revival. This time of year is hard on a lot of people I’ve just reread this again after perhaps 2 years and commend those that are sharing their story. While not in the correct head space to share my story at the moment, This has helped and I’m sure that this thread has helped many others as well To me, “sharing” can be problematic and I’m not sold on celebrities touting this as a critical step in recovery (unless at immediate danger of harm). Sometimes it just makes others feel better as they can perhaps feel that they help in some well meaning way and are more informed on your situation. Actual benefit beyond sharing with immediate, trusted loved ones, select mates or medical professionals is debatable to me, but then again this is my perspective with my current mindset. I might think differently in the future but right now I don’t need people to treat me differently. My workplace in particular has placed a lot of emphasis on this and mental health, but until a GM comes clean with a significant mental health journey, it’s all a smokescreen to me That said, I believe the semi anonymity of this forum is perfect for such sharing and honest discussion and it’s fantastic to see the support out there Sorry for the negative aspects of this post and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone
  2. Same. Second hand SL70 of similar vintage. Was a cracker of a bike
  3. Google drive is 15Gb for free and then you have to pay. Google Photos is unlimited if you're happy with 16MP photos. They work well together and are also good for auto syncing with your phone or pc. Also a great search and album function Microsoft OneDrive is another good alternative. I'd suggest signing up to them and trying them out to see if it fits with your use
  4. Yes AAMI have an online quote that you can play around with and see that different premiums for different agreed values. The values seem to be in ranges so you can often bump it up a bit with little effect. Also quite helpful on the phone I've found
  5. There's a 2016 beta 300 in Ballarat for $8.5k on gumtree if you're still looking. Looks like s good buy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. +3 Scott Enduro turbo. The yellow lens is normally my goto lense, but I've stayed with the blue this time and find it very versatile Both yellow and blue work well enough in the sun, but really shine when it's overcast or you duck into a dark section in the trees. Their strength is their ability to highlight the contrast in different terrain in low light (learnt this snow skiing as a young lad) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Had the same thoughts myself. Brake drums or an old pot belly, but just had a cosy evening in my brother in laws shed with a large coonara, so that's what I'll be aiming for now Effective, safe, clean + you get that open fire effect Now I just need to work out how to make a safe spot for it... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I had one of those. '85 YZ125 and I concur with everything written, although as a young punk at the time I didn't know it's shortcomings until I started racing and riding some of my mates bikes. I spent may a race passing guys around the track in areas where technique gave me some advantage, only to be passed back by all of them down the straight, especially the CR's. That bike had such an insipid motor, and beat me up badly with arm pump and violent and unpredictable rebounding from the shock Upgraded to an '86 which had better handling, but sadly still had no top end (or bottom or mid really) and the same pattern continued with the CR's I always blamed the previous owner who had it "ported" so I assume he stuffed it up. Perhaps they were always like that after all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Good to know. Mine were a definite improvement but in still chasing something better. . Did you find a tuner you were happy with or did you do them yourself as per your previous post?
  10. If you find that you still need a tuner, Darren at Dirtworks in Three Bridges will work on Sachs. He makes his own shims I think Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 03 5966 7430
  11. Hammy


    Saved me taking a photo! Spotted on the Monash fwy last week sometime.
  12. Excellent. Mine just chugs away beautifully through the slop. Mind you I've come off and older bike (rmx250), but I was blown away by how much easier this was in the wet. They have nice, easy to control power off the bottom, so if you can use a clutch you can stop the rear wheel spinning up and maximise your traction. The hydraulic clutch makes it that much easier. With a fresh tyre, the only limiting factor is your riding ability. The previous owner had the squish done on mine, and it was probably rejetted. Runs and idles beautifully The chassis before the '11 or '12 models was a bit lower and longer I believe. Either way I find it stable, and great for slow, feet up technical riding
  13. I've got an 09 ec300 and its a great, solid bike. Pros: - Price. I would have paid $2500 more for a similar Ktm. - components (over say a YZ 250). Hydraulic clutch. 6 speed. Solid rear disk. Mine also came bush ready with a bash plate, bark busters and radiator guards. -engine. Reliable and able to be either raced or lugged around. With the hydro clutch, these things eat up slow, tech terrain - ergo's - bar mounted map switch Cons: -Suspension, particularly forks. I have the Sachs on mine and its the single reason that I keep thinking of upgrading to s newer bike. I've had them professionally revalved, and will probably do that once more before I give up - vibration. It might be just a 300 thing, but mine vibrates quite a bit and is fatiguing if I'm not bike fit - resale will be poor To me it'll come down to price, and what forks it has on it Best of luck
  14. I've been eagerly waiting for a ride report for this one. It's very quiet...is everyone still on the floor?
  15. Try camping at Golden Beach or Seaspray and take the kids riding at Krusic's Ride park just down the road. Best of both worlds. https://www.facebook.com/krusicsridepark
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