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  1. Thanks for that an easy question gets a easy answer.
  2. Hi guys just chasing some information. Rode Saturday y and flipped the bike out on a hill. Everything looked alright till we put the bike on the trailer.Bars looked bent, got it home washed it and measured the bars, 10mm out on the throttle side which took the hit on the hill. Question is can the bars be straightened or do I just buy new ones.Barkbuster also bent and should be able to straightened.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well changed the pistons today on the front brakes put in new seals and bled the brakes all good and working fine.
  4. new front wheel bearings, new chain slider, new clutch cable, and new piston rebuild on front brakes, might do the rear pads tomorrow.
  5. the pads were shot and time to change when i took the old pads out the piston wasn't moving at all, in or out, so i have ordered a full piston rebuild kit so best case is i will have a near new system. ohmygewd i had plenty of pressure there no dead lever.
  6. i have decided to do a caliper rebuild and hopefully that will suffice-thanks guys.
  7. Hey guys just changing the front brake pads on wr250 f 2007 all good until I noticed that the bottom piston doesn't seem to be working, won't come in or go out, completely no idea what's going on can anybody point me in the right direction to fix. any help would be greatly appreciated as i know about this.
  8. Used a mates motion pro to put my new chain on last week, just take the block off the pin and screw the pin down on the link to compress it (after you have greased the rubbers of course) do it both ends of the link then your clip will go straight on.
  9. I rode for many years without them and always struggled with fitness and gripping the bike. put them on and they were easy to use and helped with my gripping. the standard pucks that came with the stegz for me weren't wide enough, so a trip to bunnings and got myself some wider door stops which do the job fantastically. Is that even a word. Even downhills its easy for me to move my body and legs behind the stegz to get my weight over the rear. don't think i can ride without them now, but everyones different.
  10. If a longer hydraulic cable is used you would want it above the lugs. l think my cable is longer hence where it's been placed.
  11. Rode today and all good, I have decided to order the 20 mm spacers before my next ride and leave the brake alone. cheers
  12. don't really want to cut plastic as could compromise strength, cant move any closer to throttle, will have to check out the 2 lugs thing in the morning, spouse I could get the rear working then disconnect the front and remove and replace with banjo bolt?
  13. would it be a hydraulic switch and if so where could I source a micro switch from?
  14. rear doesn't work, icould just disconnect but nobody will know when I'm braking.
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