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  1. Thanks for organising egg, great day and great weather to boot, with a good bunch of riders. Look forward to the next one.
  2. My 2C after reading posts. (A) I ride dirt bikes because, after a fully hectic week at work, I like to tune out and focus on anything other than work. (B) I also ride dirt bikes, because they bring a big smile 2 my dial as I hold the frottle wide open without hitting trees and not having to worry about speed cameras or cops. (C) I also ride dirt bikes, because I enjoy the laughs, banter and general sheeet talk that goes on during the rides as people struggle, crash break down etc (D) I also ride dirt bike, because I enjoy the challenges of the terrain and speed/pace of the ride. Perhaps because I know most of the guys on DR leading the rides or attending, I can judge what sort of ride to expect. But in the main I just enjoy dirt bikes full stop. Having said that, Im not going to sign up for a lvl 1 or 2 step up ride but if it’s a social level 2, depending on people attending, lead rider and area, I will attend coz I enjoy riding and enjoy the company. If I want to go hard, go flat out with minimal breaks, I’ll attend a level 4 and usually I’ll base that decision on person leading, area and people attending. For people new to DR then it may be hard for them to make that judgement as they don’t know levels members, area’s and what to expect. IMO i think some are taking the grading of rides too serious, when i 1st joined DR’s I had to get a feel for levels, riders ability, terrain in area’s speed, expectation of others etc. Also most of the people posting on this thread have seen each other’s ability/experience, so no surprises there. IMO whatever ride your going to lead, say what your looking for or going to be doing on that ride, with key words ie expect on this ride big logs creeks and rivers big hills up and down the ride will be at a fast pace there will be minimum breaks if your not sure ask or don’t attend if the person is new and no one can vouch for them, yes try a lower level ride 1st up, we have all been there!! As Forest Gump says, that’s all I have to say about that. Enjoy
  3. Cel mai bun tip de noroc mergeți și spargeți-l!
  4. Gypsys Kosher Halalal ride-A great loop gypsy with a good group of. Riders, some familiar faces and some I’ve not met before. No shortage of hill climbs and challenging tracks. Great photos Riiles, thanks for the offer to ride your tpi Gypsy, I was keen to have a go but I just wasn’t with it on the day, maybe next time? Thanks to all who cam eit was a great day out.
  5. Thanks to Dusty and Buzz for organising/leading today, you guys know some good tracks at Dissa, love all the creek stuff. Marko & Riles for taking all the action shots, right time, right place. And to everyone else who attended, see you on the next one.
  6. Obviously I had tooooooooooo much dust today!!!
  7. Thanks for a good ride fellas, dust wasn't really that bad and the temp was good. Loved all the creek tracks and hills and step ups, there's plenty of good tracks out there.
  8. Thanks for leading us around your backyard Dakota, some really great tracks that I have never ridden before. Good to ride with some familiar faces, thanks to the sweeps and people that took photos, a great day all in all.
  9. Thanks Marco that's a great loop, with not much transport in between, lots of variety of tracks and terrain. Sweeping wasn't to bad as the pace was good, I had a a brief break from sweep when Nasty took over, and I had a chance to mix it up with a few guys up front. Thanks Riles for letting me ride your husky for a bit, it's well sorted, great photos as always. Thanks to all who attended, good to catch up with some familiar faces. Mev, Gypsy, Buzz, you guys are flying on those 2 bangers, I think I might have to order 1!!!!
  10. Thanks for leading us around today Coggs, a good loop with all the tracks linking up, without to much transport. Considering it was a level 2, everyone rode really well. A good bunch of guys out having a bit of fun.
  11. Thanks to Nathan for a great loop, Chris for sweeping, and drink/snags, Riles for the pics, and everyone one else who attended. A great day for a good cause.
  12. Thanks for a great ride today Jase, loved every minute of it, good to ride with some regular faces.
  13. Thanks for leading a great ride Fab, & sweeping duties Daniel. I bit of teamwork at times to get everyone through, all in all a good day. Im tipping some spare parts will be ordered on Monday (Howard, Daniel) Hope your feeling ok Howard, that was a decent off you had?
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