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  1. hondahead

    Dakar 2018

    Stage 9 cancelled due to flooding.
  2. hondahead

    Vicroads and RWC FOR Rec Reg

    The first bike I Rec reg'd I'd let the Road reg run run out. So had to take in after booking inspection. Just checked numbers and chain guard. Everything worked. I changed a bike from road reg to rec a couple of years ago. It was still registered (in my name) went in expecting just change it over. Said No. I had to make an appointment (not inspection). Made a appointment for the following week. Rocked up for the appointment and it was done just like a normal transaction over the counter. No F...King idea why they couldn't just do it the first time. Most of the time I think the just make it up as they go!
  3. I had missed the bit about no kick starter! For the FX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. hondahead

    Honda XL600R

    Cannot go too far wrong for $500. Compressor issues worry me. Piston and valves could quickly turn into requiring a new head/ cam rockers etc. But if it is neat and tidy enough and you have the time might be worth it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. hondahead

    BMX Bandits

    I've still got my California mongoose and super Maxi. Couple sets of TUFF wheels hanging up in the shed. I bought the Rad movie on DVD awhile ago. Had to search for it bit though.
  6. hondahead

    Ktm camchain issue

    You thinking someone has drilled a strip thread out?? Maybe a cam bolt or sump plug got stripped and somebody did a dodgy repair??
  7. hondahead

    Ktm camchain issue

    Sorry about you bike Fixxy. I was wondering why two oil pumps? The force pump under under the clutch basket is one that supplies oil to the engine. Just thinking out loud. But I think that is what you need to check. Hope you get it sorted.
  8. hondahead

    Yes I Bought A Yz250Fx

    How many hours now fab? Have you been riding in sandy stuff? Can you just flip the sprocket or get one without the con caved bit?
  9. hondahead

    Engine Oil - Car/Diesel Oils?

    I've been using the Penrite Gas oil in my XR400 and CRF450x for several years now and several thousand kilometres on both now. No problems. I used to buy the Gas oil when it was on special for 2 x5 litres bottles for $60. Hasn't been on special for awhile so will probably switch to Delo 400. As I got a 20lt drum for $90 awhile back. If you decide to use the Delo 400 you just want the standard multi grade stuff. Not the LE? The bottles/drums look very similar.
  10. hondahead


    Just recently bought a 17hmr. So far it is a absolute tack driver. Bit more expensive to shoot than the .22 but the range is quite a bit better. I have a rabbit warren 130 metres from the house so I am pretty lucky. Also have a couple of ferrets so I can pretty much get a few rabbits whenever I want. Still a struggle to find the time though!
  11. hondahead

    Some Trailer Desaster

    Is the lefthand side trailer spring ok? Can't see how the trailer can try and roll? Dunno?
  12. hondahead

    For People Who Like Xrs (Hills Nest)

    Love the XR. Great vid. Thanks