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  1. Lockheed

    Wombat Closure

    What's meant to be in these letters and how local?
  2. Kroozetune did my Wr450. Loved it. I won't be going back to Choice. (In some fairness the work was done on a Yammie and not a pumpkin - take from that what you will) Next time will be off to try the Chad. And yeah I'm just a hack, but there's no mistaking when someone knows what they're doing with your springs... or not.
  3. Thanks mate. (And cheers Noods). Really appreciate it. What I'd really like to know is how I stacked it on such an easy section of the trail! Starting to wonder if there is such a thing as accidents in life or if something else is going on! I am booked in for a plate on Wednesday. Hoping it’s the right call. And yes, deadly treadlys are bloody dangerous!
  4. Crap end to a killer ride yesterday. Collar bone done. Could not be more pissed off.
  5. Lockheed

    !Thumper’s Level 3 Baptism of Fire | 26/11/17

    Radar porn the night before.
  6. I’m not one to let facts get in the way of a good story, and seeing as it’s an Aussie tradition to hang shit on the fellow man when he’s down and !Thumper is easy going, I shall proceed... So… I post up the level 2+, being all old and sensible with the wet weather coming in and a shabby back tyre, and !Thumper chimes in on the thread, but more importantly picks up on my recon of a new loop idea and essentially tells me in a PM to HTFU (without saying it so specifically). We agree that if no one else hops on board it’s on, but I make it clear that it’s a new loop and I expect we’ll get straight into level 3 terrain. Surely enough we do. And it’s a magic morning for it by the way with 5mm overnight. Therein lies the problem… loads of grip… if it wasn’t for those pesky slimy roots everywhere. Less than half an hour in and !Thumper is showing signs of struggle. We’ve all been there and it can be a slippery slope. We reach a valley on my mate’s private property where I know it will test him but I ride on confident enough he’ll get through. However, couple of minutes up the track he is a no show so I head back. He’s having a bad day and not looking good when I get there. I take a pic while giving him shit (see below) but that moment is literally as good as he looks for the next 15 minutes as he quickly goes down hill, turning white and slumping over his bike. I walk back down and get him off the bike and he’s getting whiter. Then he has a good yack as he goes off to a special place. I’m thinking how the F do I get him out of here and I don’t know if the track ahead is worse then turning back. A quick run up to what I see is a fire road on the GPS and confirm it’s less demanding that way and I head back to get him. Fortunately a bit of air flow brings him back to reality and we get him back to the cars an hour later. I headed out for another hour but decided to call it a lucky day and head to the sanctuary of a pub. Short of it all for the uninitiated is that Level 3 can be a big step up from Level 2, as Mr. !Thumper can now attest! Jokes aside, very glad it all worked out okay and I’ll ride with !Thumper anytime. ALSO, 100% of the bikes in the carpark were Yammies so I took a photo before we took off so you’d all believe it! The sales figures don't lie people. Lol =
  7. Lockheed

    Riding in SA

    Hey mate, I grew up in Rads... and to be honest I've never really recovered! Not much in the surrounding hills, apart from loads of killer MTBing which I highly recommend. Flinders Ranges is awesome. Same goes for Robe/Beachport but they're to be ridden with a swag packed. I've reached out to an old mate for some tips on areas between the two but no matter what I reckon the stakes will be high for the tight stuff. There was an adelaide dude on here a while back... Motoz or something? Someone may be able to chime in. All the best with the move.
  8. Lockheed

    What are you watching on TV

    Anyone here watched The Wire, been disappointed in everything since... until...
  9. Lockheed

    Level 2, Wombat East, 12/11/17

    We started off in thick fog but the day opened up to be a stunner. Big thanks to the sweeps, !Thumper and IanM. They’ll be farting dust for days, no doubt. Top bunch of blokes to ride with as usual and everything seemed to flow well, evidenced by us smashing it all out in about 3 hours which is about as quick as I have done it solo. Took a short vid towards the end. Was expecting the water line to get taken but they’re wiser men than me obviously. Once back at the cars IanM and I still had a bit of an itch so he showed me a nice little trail I hadn’t ridden before. Bumped into a handful of other dirtriderZ enjoying the day mid way through. Cheers fellas and catch you out there again soon. Lockheed. P.S. It was Yammie central out there today. At the very end, some random champ in the carpark gave me a ride on his new YZ250X. Absolute cracker of a little bike. He then insisted that I race him up the road as he hops on his Mrs' new KTM SFX(?) 250 thingy! The KTM got me but I’m pretty green when it comes to riding smokers.
  10. Lockheed

    Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    Ditto. Namely a Diavel.
  11. Lockheed

    Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    Keen for a roadie. Going to have to take one for a test ride. Cheers.
  12. Lockheed

    Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    Mean looking bike. What's the general sentiment towards this brand?
  13. Lockheed

    Camper trailer - with single dirt bike rack

    Just a little something to keep in mind for those inexperienced with towing...
  14. Lockheed

    Property Investment

    It's worth considering doing both at once through your super (depending on who you're with) via listed property trusts.
  15. Lockheed

    Property Investment

    Heard an interesting one the other day… a banker mate of a banker mate (for whatever that’s worth) is buying up Docklands apartments and doing “well" renting them out on Airbnb. Not that simple of course, and I understand the underlying CG risk amongst all the usual's with renting, but nice lateral thinking.