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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/453169665130507/ Hit this link or search 'Bush Users Group United'. Seems to be a fairly critical time to get involved to keep our state parks open.
  2. Sorry, I'm bored, but about as legit...
  3. Just to throw a curve ball, the head-ons I've personally seen seem to be more of a target fixation scenario.
  4. J-Man... we're trying to be outraged here. You're killing the vibe with your sound and balanced reasoning!
  5. Email 1. Dear XXX Thank you for your recent contact requesting the cancellation of Insurance policy MOTXXXXX RACV wishes to advise as per our criteria we do not cover vehicles with only a Recreational Registration, such as an off-road motorcycle. An off-road motorcycle is designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground. These are commonly referred to as dirt bikes. For a motorcycle such as a trail bike to be covered, it must be 'road registered'; that is, have standard motorcycle registration. As per the previous email if you still wish to cancel the policy please confirm the following: • Mailing address for any applicable cheque refund • An effective cancellation date (DD/MM/YYYY) If there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know, otherwise for general enquiries call 13 RACV (13 7228) 7am-11pm seven days, email care@racv.com.au or visit any RACV Shop. Regards XXXX RACV Email 2. After demand for refund since commencement of policy 'type', 3 years in my case, unless they could provide evidence of the commencement of the non-cover period, and therefore refund from that date. Worked out to be a clever play in their own interest, as per below. Dear XXXXX Thank you for getting back to us regarding your existing policy MOTXXXXXX RACV advises we have referred this matter to our underwriters who have confirmed as cover was accepted at the time the policy began you have been covered all this time. They have now placed a Manual Review on your policy which means we will continue to cover you until your next renewal date which is the 15/05/2019 at which point you will receive a letter advising you to move the insurance elsewhere. If there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know, otherwise for general enquiries call 13 RACV (13 7228) 7am-11pm seven days, email care@racv.com.au or visit any RACV Shop. Regards XXXXX RACV So, if in any doubt, you are not currently insured with a rec reg'd dirtbike with RACV. The initial consultant on the phone told me I was insured three times once I started pushing her, and that there had been no change, until I insisted I'd heard from a reliable source* in an enthusiast forum that I wasn't... then... "oh, yeah, here it is..." Now, time to shop around on the 3 cars, the camper and home insurance that is currently with them... *(Gypsy, I have never met you but you ride a dirt bike thereby making you reliable by default in my books! Also, a big cheers for the heads up mate.)
  6. At this point I am finding Graeme's 1st and only post very intriguing.
  7. Brucie, did you establish with them when the policy changed to no longer cover rec reg vehicles?
  8. I had to hear it with my own ears. Not covered. Unbelievable. Seems all a bit to close to what's going on with the banks at the moment re charging for a service not provided. Consultant provided me with an email care@racv.com.au Quoting the policy number, I have just sent a written request for a refund for the period of non-cover and will wait and see.
  9. Couldn't find anything relevant in the PDS. I am lost as to why everyone in this situation wouldn't get a refund for the period of non-cover. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
  10. +1 on Pete's comments. There is no magic potion and for good reason. I remember going into the 'joint' I bought my old WR450 from, innocently suggesting that there may be a problem, in light of the kettle sensation I am experiencing on occasion, to which they replied "you just need to ride faster, mate". I walked off thinking "smart arz cunz". Thanks to a little trial and error, and forums such as this - it turns out they were right. Respect to them in hindsight also for not trying to sell me something to mask it up. Unlike Mick's bike (maybe?), the fine engineers at Yamaha have hooked you up with an overflow bottle. It's there by no accident. +1 also on the fan. P.S. Your first post would make a great t-shirt for Liquid Intelligence. You should hit them up. Don't forget to balk at their first offer.
  11. Not at all suggesting it's not worth having full reg for peace of mind, but re going into towns, your next vulnerability will be roadworthiness i.e. ADR tires, blinkers, mirrors (airbags, ABS and vanity mirrors on KTM's?) etc. Maybe even your helmet? You're still a buffet of opportunity, if, as you say, the cop wants to be a knob. On another note, am I right that the fine is not much more than the cost of the rego?
  12. What's meant to be in these letters and how local?
  13. Kroozetune did my Wr450. Loved it. I won't be going back to Choice. (In some fairness the work was done on a Yammie and not a pumpkin - take from that what you will) Next time will be off to try the Chad. And yeah I'm just a hack, but there's no mistaking when someone knows what they're doing with your springs... or not.
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