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  1. FullySick

    Peak hour traffic

    When i was young before the war everyone drove 20km over the limit, well the great majority. Then after the war i noticed with new fangled speed cameras 50% of people were speeding and 50% at or under. Now i find 95% people sit under the limit for no reason and only some now speed. Of course im not one of the speeders.
  2. I smell a rat thats covered in something fishy
  3. FullySick

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Remember someone told me once...to stop fogging, just go faster lol
  4. FullySick

    KTM Rubbish

    Yeah my 2013 was annoying in that nothing ever went wrong with it. My 2018 appears to be a heaps lighter and faster version of change oil do nothing go ride ktm crapiness.
  5. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Stop shooting the messenger. Markets turned, credit markets off boil. ..and just by chance heres a nice article... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-07/next-recession-already-in-view-says-economist/9842596
  6. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Its not gunna crash over 5 yrs where i am gaurantee it. Lol Im gunna biy big inner city apartments and $2 mill properties in places like outter melb cranbourne...be laughin
  7. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Says who. Market went for 20 plus yrs did it not.
  8. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Omg! One of our criminal banks has spoken! See told ya lol https://www.theage.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/fall-in-house-prices-is-quite-a-bit-larger-than-expected-says-anz-20180606-p4zjr9.html
  9. FullySick

    Collarbone 2018

    Great weekend. Myself and tbrider were there Thur night. Fri we both did a quick 20km loop, then a longer 70km loop before the other group went on their ride. Did the large ride sat, mate got a dodgy rear bearing so lead back to camp for a 100km total. So ended up doing 200km total which was enough for me. Finally got the hang of sand and attempted to keep up with the local racer blokes..which was never going to happen but hey..no tank slapping for a change and no falls!
  10. Chewton is relentless...rocks rocks rocks
  11. FullySick

    Careful out there lads n ladies

    And i read somewhere else a local reported it was local mtb’rs that had set it up on a corner to stop dirtbikers hitting their jump. He said its a beat up. It was also reported to have been removed
  12. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Yeah thats what happens in boom bust
  13. FullySick

    Top Gun Quotes Applicable To Dirtbiking

    Ok...topguns on again ch93. Seriously
  14. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Im just gunna develop until oneday maybe i cant sell and then just rent em [emoji4] Its not over till u sell em As for buying a property now to just hold onto...no thanks. Perth prices are back to same they were 10 years ago
  15. FullySick

    Property Investment

    I only have to be right once...soon...soon..az. Plus i picked a massive turnaround din i Buy up big, boys its about time some near new xheap bikes came on the market with those hilux full spec p plate cars at dockland carpark [emoji4] And look at todays paper http://www.theage.com.au/business/property/australias-world-record-housing-boom-is-officially-over-ubs-says-20171101-gzclp4.html Bam....beers thanks eammon