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  1. Property Investment

    Yeah thats what happens in boom bust
  2. Top Gun Quotes Applicable To Dirtbiking

    Ok...topguns on again ch93. Seriously
  3. Property Investment

    Im just gunna develop until oneday maybe i cant sell and then just rent em [emoji4] Its not over till u sell em As for buying a property now to just hold onto...no thanks. Perth prices are back to same they were 10 years ago
  4. Property Investment

    I only have to be right once...soon...soon..az. Plus i picked a massive turnaround din i Buy up big, boys its about time some near new xheap bikes came on the market with those hilux full spec p plate cars at dockland carpark [emoji4] And look at todays paper http://www.theage.com.au/business/property/australias-world-record-housing-boom-is-officially-over-ubs-says-20171101-gzclp4.html Bam....beers thanks eammon
  5. Property Investment

    Almost there....soon now! Looking forward to less 4wd’s in the city carparks once that apartment market tumbles eh!
  6. I can do a ttr clutch on 30mins
  7. Amx sells airoh aviator 2 for $700 if u sign up to their membership thingo...tell me they dont sell ur email adress just use it for amx promo's
  8. Spring Hill - the rivalry ride

    Anyone loose a phone today ? I have it
  9. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    I camped at chewton, not on this ride, and forgot my alarm clock and thought..i wonder how i will get up. Easy, 9 dirtriderz showed up and parked across from us . Did manage to say hullo to a couple of u
  10. giving up the smokes

    I have avoided 55,000 smoke sinqce i gave up blimey hell!
  11. Top Gun Quotes Applicable To Dirtbiking

    Omg....top guns on ch 9 again. Crack out the ray bans
  12. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Well...turns out.....when the sparky forgets to turn it back on....but it didnt work anyway as it was storm damaged and expired and now subject to an ins claim
  13. Whats in your riding kit?

    Full first aid kit, plb, space blanket, maps, rope, mobile as everyone else brings tools
  14. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    When your sparky comes over and forgets to turn your solar back on....3.5 months ago
  15. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Pretty sure its Carls Diner at Erzberg not Carls Dinner...?