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  1. FullySick

    Property Investment

    60 minutes beat up or not? https://www.9news.com.au/2018/09/16/03/13/60-minutes-housing-market-prices-mortgage-economy-property
  2. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Dont worry....the turn around will be super quick
  3. FullySick

    Property Investment

    Omg who knew! https://www.theage.com.au/business/the-economy/a-problem-for-one-is-likely-a-problem-for-all-rba-sounds-australian-debt-warning-20180910-p502uv.html
  4. FullySick

    350 Club

    Im gunna wind it out till revs are back to idle...amd adkjust red idle screw in clockwise to up revs a but as its way low...cos the choke screw was in a bit and raising the revs. Im not touching the f’g thing again. Also noticed it easily rotates a bit when u use it
  5. FullySick

    350 Club

    Thanks! Yeah i know about the put accel forward to get choke to click off and about the lithium batt warming. I wont be using the choke.
  6. FullySick

    350 Club

    Anyone figured out how to use the choke. Its crap, i push it in it either doesnt stay in or if i wind it in and it does stay clicked in the engine races.
  7. FullySick

    350 Club

    Anyone know what range the new 350’s get with the smaller 8.5l tanks
  8. Me, my 3fiddy and my swann insurance that covers grass fires and bushfires.....went riding today
  9. So effectively i was covered because they accepted it....but should not have...and none of us will be in future
  10. You know we should all complain to the ombudsman
  11. Now insured with swan full comp rec reg. Thanks or i would have been done over by a lying arsewipe insurance compnay again
  12. Yep....rang back, not covered. Lol. What a bunch of kents. On phone now asking for a refund for all years but bet i get same treatment as above. Asked them to listen to their recrded conversations of me telling them its rec reg and a dirtbike whereby they shouldnt have accepted the policy. I also told them you can tell its rec rego from the rego number i gave you and the motorcycle type is a ferkin dirtbike. Asked....are you trying to tellke your underwriter is too stupid to know this...not likely. So...the sleezy underwriter team will get back to me in 1-2 business days after trying to wriggle out of repayments somehow, tbh i’m ferkin over insurance companies, banks, lawyers amd assorted lying arsewipes
  13. Not what they told me. I’ll ring tomorrow. Clearly says must meet the states rego rquirements and they said yeh we do cover recreational rego.....its registeried vic...and its was a recorded convo?
  14. No ones covered for off a road uncle tony rides with any company that what u mean? Be like ringing an insurance company asking if ur crack house is insured.
  15. Not what supervisor said. Wheres the pds. Read it..ur covered if you meet requirements for registration and they said rec reg is fine. You are not covered for events like rallys nor uncle tony’s single etc which is normal most all ins policies anyway