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    You can take the girl outta Beechworth, but you can't take Beechworth outta the girl!!
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    Bikes, beers and blokes (Felroy).
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  1. I'll see if i can get on this one!
  2. Ripper jackets!! Lots of pockets! They look great!!
  3. I'm here too! [emoji2320] Welcome to Dirtriderz!! [emoji869][emoji1690][emoji108][emoji2937][emoji868]
  4. I hope you enjoy it here!! [emoji4]
  5. Great to see you made it on here Sam!! [emoji4][emoji108] DG (aka Miranda!) [emoji12]
  6. Yep we rode today!! Had a ball! [emoji108]
  7. Hey! Yep I'm in the same boat! I wear Sidi Crossfire boots as they have room for bigger calves. I also just wear soft skate knee pads. Been wearing them since I started riding 15yrs ago. If you get some, make sure they are the better padded ones with padding on the sides too. Here is a pic of some good ones.
  8. Hi girls! I'll organise another weekender up here in Beechworth soon! Maybe we can all chat about your days off so we can organise it on the most suitable weekend! [emoji848][emoji869][emoji1690]
  9. I'll try add you to it or tag on Facebook!
  10. Yep it's a fair crack for me to get there but I'm keen if you girls are!!
  11. Hi@Chelsea do you mind if I add you too?
  12. Hey there!! I'd love to catch up on a ride too! Add me on fb (Miranda Rae) and I'll try hook you up with some other girls to ride with! @TooTimid@taylor715@mOtOcHiCk
  13. I really don't think anyone is having a crack at any riders paying it forward. The issue is that for 9 years we've had 2 open level social rides per year with no issues, but now a couple of better riders want to split off and have a harder ride. Is it really that big of a deal that we just keep one ride of the annual weekender and the Xmas ride as an open level social ride? There's nothing stopping anyone from organising that harder ride that finishes before the main social ride, that way everyone still gets to ride and socialize together. There's 50 other opportunities in the year to hold harder rides.
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