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  1. So sorry I couldn't make but looked like a fantastic weekend!! Looking forward to reading more reports and pics! [emoji108][emoji106][emoji869]
  2. On the 19th of January we lost a beautiful friend and the heavens gained an angel. Tara was one of those girls that always had a smile on her face and an infectious personality. She was truly a beautiful person that lived life to the fullest and to the end. Unfortunately 2 years ago Tara was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. She lost her fight on the 19th of January, and today she was laid to rest. She was only 43yo. Right to the end Tara spent her good days on her bike and not so good days walking the dog or just being outdoors or with friends. I look at the amazing life and trips
  3. New owners are fantastic! They were more than welcoming! [emoji106][emoji869]
  4. https://www.relive.cc/view/v4OGjJ1Vjmv
  5. Well what can I say! I was pretty freakin nervous about hosting this ride due to not riding the area for about 8yrs or so. My anxiety got worse 5mins into the ride when my gps wouldn't really show me track names, my map got wet and turned to pulp and my mobile phone went flat as I forgot to charge it. We arrived to camp quite late and set up camp in the wet. It pretty much rained all night. In the morning we all got geared up for our ride to Woods Point. We were off up Poletti track. We stopped quickly at Mt Terrible Hut and was a great surprise that the fire was going in there. The hut was
  6. 7 of us excited girls headed out to Big River for some camping and riding! There was some chainsaw action and hard hills that would impress the boys! Oh and of course lots of bevies! Just would've been good to have more girls there, however covid laws stopped that! Anyway, was great to finally catch up with the girls!! Can't wait to do it again soon!! [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  7. Glad you joined Terra! I hope you enjoy it here! [emoji4]
  8. Welcome to dirtriderz Fab! I'd maybe look at a WR250F or CRF250F as beginner bikes. Hope to see you out there on a ride soon!!
  9. I'll see if i can get on this one!
  10. Ripper jackets!! Lots of pockets! They look great!!
  11. I'm here too! [emoji2320] Welcome to Dirtriderz!! [emoji869][emoji1690][emoji108][emoji2937][emoji868]
  12. I hope you enjoy it here!! [emoji4]
  13. Great to see you made it on here Sam!! [emoji4][emoji108] DG (aka Miranda!) [emoji12]