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  1. You would enjoy the ride , hope you get there

  2. Have a look in the organised rides section!
  3. Make sure you jump on our annual weekender that has just been posted! We will have quite a few girls attend!!
  4. Thankyou everyone that came out yesterday! Even though we got lost for a bit, I hope you all had fun! Pity some tracks that I wanted to do have been closed. Thankyou so much Ausberg for sweep duties!! Seeyas all out there soon! [emoji108]
  5. I'd like to thank all the girls that came and made this weekend awesome!! A special thanks to Kate for organising the weekend and sweep duties for the weekend! Very special thanks to Geoffro for the merch! Girls loved it!! [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  6. Well!! What a weekend was had!! We did have quite a few girls pull the pin last minute but we had a total of 6 girls attend the weekender!! We had a range of riders from absolute beginner (to dirt) to seasoned riders! Camping at the caravan park, we were on the bikes by around 10am and headed up Redhill to our first trails on the edge of the pines. I lead the group and my riding buddy Kate our fearless sweep! Get to the first little downhill and I see this bike full throttle Graham Jarvis style fly past me like it was nothing!! At first I was thinking "you go girl!!" until I see her heart nearly pounding out of her chest! I realise it was our deadset beginner Amanda on her XT250 that was geared for road!! How didn't crash with brakes locked and full throttle is beyond me!! We got a little further and despite our 2 beginners enthusiasm, it was decided to go around this track as I really didn't want them to get hurt! We took the road for a bit before re-entering the bush on some nice flowing trails. Unfortunately it wasn't long before poor Janny has a whiskey throttle moment and hit a small tree. Her poor thumb too the brunt of the hit. Janny insisted her thumb was ok and after a little more play, it was time to hit the pub for a feed! It was there we could all see the full extent of damage Janny sustained to her thumb! On leaving the pub, Janny followed my hubby in the 4x4 back to Beechworth and headed to the hospital in Albury. Amanda our other beginner was mega keen to continue the ride. After our meal we headed out towards Myrtleford for some more awesome tracks. As we were a little behind in the time, I deviated from the original planned loop. We took some nice flowing tracks until we got to a really rough steep section that I totally forgot about!! In my mind I'm thinking that's it I'm gonna kill poor Amanda!! But to everyone's surprise she killed that hill like she'd done it 100 times before!! It was a nice leisurely ride to the lookout for a break and some pics. By this time a few of us had run out of water in our camelbaks, so we had to get back the quickest way possible. We get just up the road when I hit a wallaby! To my surprise I managed to stay on the bike and the wallaby only copped a small hit! After having my mini heart attack, we took a bit of road and nice flowing tracks home! Sunday's ride was a lot smaller and easy going. We had a look at some local mines and just did some nice flowing tracks! We get close to home and I gave everyone the option to follow the same track we started on or take the fire trails. We got about 2km from home and poor Amanda collected a branch on an uphill and hurt her leg.The 5min ride home turned out to be over an hour! Janny and Amanda you girls have such an awesome attitude and did so well! I hope you girls are doing well and make a quick recovery!!
  7. I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone that made it happen and all those that attended!! Special thanks to Holty for helping me lead and Damien and Geoffy for sweep duties! I'm devastated that my bike shat itself on the Saturday. I was really looking to showing you all my super loop!! We are still moving house and haven't had a chance to pull my bike apart to assess the damage. Thank god I have 2 bikes and Macca didn't have to drive up here for nothing! As there was only 3 of us for Sunday's ride, we just made the tracks up as we go. We went and had a look at Kohn's Hut (underground hut) out near Yackandandah. From there we went and had a look at what used to be one of the best riding tracks around, Long Tom. Unfortunately this is where we had to cut the ride short as I got puncture! Thanks to Macca and Lucy Goose for Sunday's ride! And thanks again Just wasn't my weekend!! [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]
  8. Hey Cruiser I'll put it on the Beechworth community noticeboard. Hopefully someone will hand it in.
  9. Can I please get an XL gunmetal/aqua hoodie. Thankyou! [emoji16]
  10. Would like to say a big thanks to everyone that came along! A special thanks to Thorfitty for sweep duties and Glen for leading today and yesterday from the pub! Sorry to hear you had to leave Colinl . I hope all is ok! I hope we can all do it again soon!! [emoji16]
  11. Sounds great! Thankyou!! [emoji4]
  12. Make them pink then please!
  13. Make the singlets black (pink writing) and a black cap for Felroy!
  14. Please put me down for 2 XL singlets!
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