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  1. Kids Wheels....

    Balance bikes are AWESOME!!! my twin boys had 16 inch bmx bikes with training wheels and were riding at 2yrs old. I gave them a balance bike and within 2 weeks they had the training wheels off and riding their bmx bikes and racing Bmx. My Daughter has never had training wheels on anything, got a balance bike at 2 had to wait for her 3rd birthday to race bmx which she did the day of her first birthday. All got PW 50's at 3yrs old but never really got the hang until close to 4 to be honest, I wouldn't rush into it balance bike and skate boards are the go and when he has mastered the bmx without training wheels go onto a pw 50 or an osset or braap electric, YFC also have an electric on the market
  2. '98 Husqvarna wr250 pickup coil

    call Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong (or look them up on the web) they will have something to suit and will have lots of information. Ive used them a few times over the years with stator rewinds and lighting kits and they have always been fantastic
  3. Brake system o rings

    sorry Statewide said they can't. I am near Karratha,Port Hedland is 200km away and only has a Statewide bearing shop, Newman is 600km away doesn't have a shop, Geraldton is 1200km away and might have some other places, Perth is 1600km away and should have some places but no one seems to want to help via phone or email. I want 20- 30 of them as I have 6 bikes that use these o rings and each bike has 8 of the o rings in them, I have had these bikes for 2 years and have been trying everything I can to not use the o ring sytem but its not working. I would rather have the right o rings for the job and some spares since there isn't anyone I can pop down the street to see and get more, and my kids are running in the top 10 in the state for their class I think brakes will be a asset to them. Talking to ktm shops they only want to look up the part list and give you the genuine items. BMX shops deal in Formula brakes which is on the 50's and 65's but they only sell rebuild kits so not much point to it. I
  4. Brake system o rings

    Statewide bearigns say that can source them for me and that's the only place within 1000km of me
  5. Has anyone had any luck sourcing orings for brake lines/callipers. I am looking for some o rings for KTM50/65 lines and the stupid little grub screw/bleeder. The o rings in the lines are 6mm ID with a 1mm Cross section, the smaller grub screw ones are about 3mm or 4mmID with 1mm cross section. I'm looking for about 20 or 30 of each. The genuine KTM ones are about $5 each
  6. Finke Desert Race 2014 Pics

    Mousse's get to hot and disintergrate on the fast boys
  7. I got it from the tip at the Karijini NP here in WA believe it or not. Scrivvo has it now as one of his things to do
  8. Collectables - What Do You Collect ?

    nothing of collectable status noodle nothing is older than 2000 I have just collected a heap of racebikes from my family 3 x yzf 250's, 2 x wr 400's, ktm 525, yz 450, crf 250, pw 50's
  9. Collectables - What Do You Collect ?

    I was collecting motorbikes though take collecting as hoarding I had about 14 or 15 up untill a while ago, have since sold 3 but have brought 2 more but im still working on selling some more.
  10. Best Bikes For Motox

    what kind of tracks are you going to be riding? if its soft boggy sand or rocky/boulders the 125 will be harder to ride due to the nature of a 2 stroke. Both 125's and 250f's have great pro's and cons. 125 Pro extremely light bike good power which can be easy to handle reliable cheap to buy second hand parts are fairly cheap if needed doesn't wear tyres out very quickly easy to start wouldn't need the engine touched a lot depending on how much you ride. If you race every second weekend 4 or 5 races per meeting it will need a set of ring mid year and a piston at the end of the year, probly a new crank and mains every 2 to 3 years. (estimated on using a twin ring piston.) im sure there is more that people can add when they think about it. 125 con mixing fuel every time you need to fill up the bike (not putting oil in the fuel will ruin the engine and cost about $2500ish to fix worse case at a guess) tricky to ride on boulders as they are very responsive when coming into band they can get flighty when going over rocks tricky to ride in deep sand as they need to be reved to the moon to make power, a lot of new riders have a lot of stalls or crashes due to not reving them enough in deep sand which kills confidence normally the tallest seat heights of all bikes falling off can dent the expansion chamber not a major detriment to power at our level of riding mainly a cosmetic problem jetting can be tricky you may notice the engine running differently in winter to summer or sea level to high altitude again not a real issue but can cause it to foul plugs not as many on race day as 4 strokes (though this is changing) so if you need parts they may not be at the track 250F Pro good tractable power no mixing fuel can fuel up straight from the bowser some models are electric start (KTM and Husky) lots on raceday if you break a lever or loose a gear lever, crack a magneto cover, squash a header pipe etc. lower seat height than 125's usually second hand 250f's aren't worth a lot ex race bikes you can pick up a 12 or 13 ex race bike for about 5 or 6k (Hondas 2014 CRF 250 is $8250 brand new for the next 2 weeks) reliable based on the same riding schedule as above I honestly would do a piston and rings and cam chain every 2 years, crank 2 to 4 years depending on how you keep the oil to it and the model of bike you choose, new valves with valve seats re cut and new valve springs maybe every 3 or 4 years again depending on what model you choose. Though if you buy an ex race bike from a top rider factor a piston and crank in the first year. (I am basing the riding style off my wife she was 11th in the Oz womens nationals in 2007 she doesn't rev the bike hard and sit on the limiter like A or B grade mx riders do, this reduces engine life) 250f will wear rear tyres more than a 125 but not at astonishing rates like a 450 lots of aftermarket bling and current graphics kits available for them if you want to keep the looks up to date they are fun to ride, you can ride them smoothly over rocks and in deep sand they have more tractor power to get through things. less to take if you go racing with partner/friends as you can take one jerry can as it uses straight fuel and you can use the same oil and levers as spares. pipes don't get dented as much when you stack 250f cons if it goes bang (engine failure) your looking at about $4500 to rebuild a complete engine it is heavier than a 125 but is still lighter than your 230 can be a pain in the bum to restart and hard to restart if its been on its side and flooded though EFI bikes are starting to do away with this problem every 250F except Yamaha has been efi from 2009ish up (please someone correct me if I am wrong) everyone has one maintenance is higher, oil and filter changes every second race meeting, checking and maybe reshimming valves every 5 race meetings parts are slightly more expensive though parts are coming down in price and lots more aftermarket options available A and B grade riders are on the rev limiter a lot when scrubbing jumps or railing corners the 250f is uses high in the revs most of the time, this is not good for cranks, big end bearings and valve train. a lot to take in and think about if you can ride each one and have a sit on them would be the best way to asses each one and see if you gell with one more than the other.
  11. I gave a TY 175 to a mate as I don't have to time/ability to resto it here at the moment. Still have a WR 400 to restore at some stage though