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  1. personally if you don't use it much i would pull the case off, weld it and do a top end. bottom ends last a long time when not being raced hard, grease the linkage and steering bearings while its apart, also pull that swingarm pivot bolt out and grease it once a year.
  2. Generally always released in July/August in the print media world we used to see the images coming out. I guess these days in the "i want it now" society things are spread around the world so quickly by anyone. With the world crapping itself in the last few years some clothing brands are releasing their 2022 line when shops here in Oz havent even been able to get the 2021 orders filled. The world needs to take a pause for a year and start again reset and ready to be 2022.
  3. KX is taller, heavier, non PV engine so it has the old power band hit, has been around since 2000ish.RM's are slightly different engine wise and were only made for 2 years I think it was so I am betting most are mounted as trophys now. KTM pre 2009 engines are non PV engines so they have the power band hit, post 09 engines have a exhaust pressure controlled PV which smoothes out the power but are prone to breaking the power valve shaft or with age the diaphram gets a hole in it and the PV stops working. Hydraulic clutch is good but can be troublesome with age with leaking slave cylinders. suspension isn't great on both of them, good for learning or beginners and will be fine for what your little bloke will want fast C to B and above need some money on suspension. you should find some good samples of both bikes in that price range, I would pick the best example of either. Do your usual checks wheel bearings, linkage bearings, steering bearings, does the clutch oil smell burnt, check for loose or corroded spokes, worn out or sloppy foot pegs. If you can stretch it a bit further $3000-3500 opens up a lot more bikes with the Husky 65 and possibly some YZ 65's coming into the market for that. My twins got 2017 KTM 65's as their first clutch bike and raced their first MX race on a tough deep sand track 3 weeks later. My daughter got a YZ 65 as her first clutch bike and raced MX 4 weeks later. All of them were racing MX on their 50's so that wasnt new for them. Just go to a big open space and be prepared for them to stall it a million times, be very patient and positive and they will get there. I brought new bikes for them as their first clutch bike as I knew I would be keeping them until they got off the bikes onto the next size.
  4. The region's are shut at the moment so he wont be able to head down and get it just yet. Its an easy drive from Newman to Perth if you only get it to Perth. Give, RGR Haulage, Regal Transport, Centurion Transport a call and see if they have people over here that they work with. They all have yards in Newman, go to a Japanese dealer and get a bike crate off them that the new bikes come in and strap the bike into it so that they can use a forklift to loads the bike on the truck. Ive sent stuff West to east before on Watsons Express Transport they were good to deal with, only have a yard in Perth though.
  5. do you check the oil between changes or do you fill it up at the change and then leave it until next change? when you check the oil what procedure do you use? do you start the bike run it and take it for a little ride then check the oil, or do you start it let it idle stationary then check oil? or do you check it cold? do you check it on tie side stand? do you check it with the dipstick screwed in or out? as per the book they take 1.1L with an oil filter change and 1.2L total capacity. the engine has pockets inside the engine that capture oil and retain them for the splash feed oiling system so when you change the oil not all of it comes out. It could be that for the last six months/year etc you have been removing 1.05L of oil and replacing with 1.1L adding some more to the system each time. When you start the bike up and warm it up to do the oil change the oil gets trapped in the pockets and circuits etc as its been sitting for a long time and not started before you did this service all the oil has drained from these pockets/head/oil pump/gear cluster/cylinder wall/ oil feed galleries etc and collected in the sump. as long as the oil that came out doesnt smell like fuel which could point to some other issues I would do your oil change and monitor your oil level to be sure you dont run it low recheck the procedure in the manual for checking the oil and enjoy it.
  6. I sent that bike up to Scrivo too for a birthday, she is purring nicely and ready to roll. I cant be around dust yet with no immunity but hopefully soon I can get out with the kids.
  7. Brought a CRF450L from Scrivo first ride after almost 4 years, The last year has been spent in and out of hospital fighting off Leukaemia. Now to get back on the bike and do some gentle rides and get back to living life.
  8. Hunter is in the US racing for FC Honda same team as Jett. HL raced outdoors last year was suppose to be racing the SX 250 Wests but injured in pre season so is now racing the East series later on in the year.
  9. The plain white or black Shoei are a lot cheaper than the coloured ones
  10. have used loctite brand liquid sealant on hydraulic fittings and air line fittings many times with no issues.
  11. Bacchus Marsh MX club with contacts for Matty Lyall president, Matty is also a local coach and runs LMX developments http://www.bmmxc.org/contact lmxdevelopment.com.au Or both avaliable on Face Book if you have that
  12. happy to help out any other way for info etc. My kids will most likely be at BMMX every other day over the holidays. There is a 50 track that isnt too technical but isnt a baby flat track either, also some flat area to practice
  13. Lewis Woods MX coaching runs out of Ride Park, you can find him on FB. Bacchus Marsh MX club you get a Key to the track and can ride anytime for the cost of membership. Its located on Cummins road Bacchus Marsh not far from Ride Park. Were members of BMMX my kids ride/race 2 x 65's and my daughter rides a SX 50. When Daylight savings kicks in we will have the kids out the track most likely 2 or 3 times a week. Matty Lyall (on FB matt Lyall mx) does coaching out of BMMX and he is the President of the club also.
  14. They even brought that slogan "ready to race" was Husaberg slogan before KTM brought them. Then KTM got the "ready to race" and Bergs had to have "4 stroke force"
  15. top 4 places were 500 EXC's and the other 646 entrants to Finke were beaten by a CRF 250, Grova was on Fire.
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