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  1. have used loctite brand liquid sealant on hydraulic fittings and air line fittings many times with no issues.
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    Bacchus Marsh MX club with contacts for Matty Lyall president, Matty is also a local coach and runs LMX developments http://www.bmmxc.org/contact lmxdevelopment.com.au Or both avaliable on Face Book if you have that
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    happy to help out any other way for info etc. My kids will most likely be at BMMX every other day over the holidays. There is a 50 track that isnt too technical but isnt a baby flat track either, also some flat area to practice
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    Lewis Woods MX coaching runs out of Ride Park, you can find him on FB. Bacchus Marsh MX club you get a Key to the track and can ride anytime for the cost of membership. Its located on Cummins road Bacchus Marsh not far from Ride Park. Were members of BMMX my kids ride/race 2 x 65's and my daughter rides a SX 50. When Daylight savings kicks in we will have the kids out the track most likely 2 or 3 times a week. Matty Lyall (on FB matt Lyall mx) does coaching out of BMMX and he is the President of the club also.
  5. They even brought that slogan "ready to race" was Husaberg slogan before KTM brought them. Then KTM got the "ready to race" and Bergs had to have "4 stroke force"
  6. top 4 places were 500 EXC's and the other 646 entrants to Finke were beaten by a CRF 250, Grova was on Fire.
  7. That was from his Prologue this year Interesting that the top 3 this year all prologued through the pack and werent place holders from last year. Pitty Longy had bike issues there is footage of him leading on day 1 before his bike died he is very quick luck hasnt been on his side more often than not David Walsh had a awesome run prologued 27th to 2nd outright. Mark Grove putting the CRF 250 in 5th outright, last year he got 9th outright the first time a 250f was in the top 10, this year all three top 250f's were in the top 10. Sherco winning the 450 class, Jask Simpson hitting the jump at Finke 5th pinned (rivals Jason Hills 40km jump) Awesome year at Finke
  8. Arrow

    Kids Wheels....

    Balance bikes are AWESOME!!! my twin boys had 16 inch bmx bikes with training wheels and were riding at 2yrs old. I gave them a balance bike and within 2 weeks they had the training wheels off and riding their bmx bikes and racing Bmx. My Daughter has never had training wheels on anything, got a balance bike at 2 had to wait for her 3rd birthday to race bmx which she did the day of her first birthday. All got PW 50's at 3yrs old but never really got the hang until close to 4 to be honest, I wouldn't rush into it balance bike and skate boards are the go and when he has mastered the bmx without training wheels go onto a pw 50 or an osset or braap electric, YFC also have an electric on the market
  9. call Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong (or look them up on the web) they will have something to suit and will have lots of information. Ive used them a few times over the years with stator rewinds and lighting kits and they have always been fantastic
  10. sorry Statewide said they can't. I am near Karratha,Port Hedland is 200km away and only has a Statewide bearing shop, Newman is 600km away doesn't have a shop, Geraldton is 1200km away and might have some other places, Perth is 1600km away and should have some places but no one seems to want to help via phone or email. I want 20- 30 of them as I have 6 bikes that use these o rings and each bike has 8 of the o rings in them, I have had these bikes for 2 years and have been trying everything I can to not use the o ring sytem but its not working. I would rather have the right o rings for the job and some spares since there isn't anyone I can pop down the street to see and get more, and my kids are running in the top 10 in the state for their class I think brakes will be a asset to them. Talking to ktm shops they only want to look up the part list and give you the genuine items. BMX shops deal in Formula brakes which is on the 50's and 65's but they only sell rebuild kits so not much point to it. I
  11. Statewide bearigns say that can source them for me and that's the only place within 1000km of me
  12. Has anyone had any luck sourcing orings for brake lines/callipers. I am looking for some o rings for KTM50/65 lines and the stupid little grub screw/bleeder. The o rings in the lines are 6mm ID with a 1mm Cross section, the smaller grub screw ones are about 3mm or 4mmID with 1mm cross section. I'm looking for about 20 or 30 of each. The genuine KTM ones are about $5 each
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