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  1. Suspension is where you need to spend some money. Get proper eye to eye camper trailer springs with greasable shackles. Also consider electric drum brakes, and a load capacity of a ton. 4x4 LT tyres. Do you know anyone thats a steel fabricator that can make it for you?
  2. It feels like the owner dosent care anymore. The lost the BMW franchise as well.
  3. I would say this is the worst bike shop in melbourne. Middle of a weekday, waited 20 minutes for service. The shop looks like an empty warehouse. Whats the go here?
  4. Ok, will give the Formas a miss. Not about the price. The Tech 8's are great and lasted beyond all expectations. Just wondering if the newer Tech 8's are anywhere near as good as the older ones.
  5. I prefer boots that have booties. What are the newer Tech 8's like?
  6. Anyone used forma boots? Looking for feedback. My 15 year old, 30,000km Alpinestar Tech8's are coming to the end of their life. I have heard the new Alpinsestars are not as good as the older ones. I prefer boots with booties. One of the Forma MX boots has them.
  7. I have been wearing glasses while riding for 20 years. Never seem to have too many problems. I use small framed glasses, Scott OTG goggles with quick straps. The Scott goggle fan worked well but it broke last winter and i haven't replaced it yet.
  8. Its a bit of a mystery to me why a lot of people always skimp when buying a trailer. Its can be towing up to $45,000 worth of dirtbikes (say 3 new bikes). A decent bike trailer if looked after can last a lifetime. Spend a bit extra, get rego, floor, eye to eye springs, LT tyres, Japanese wheel bearings, spare wheel. Better even get a box trailer with removable bike channels and then you can use it for other things. Having built a couple of trailers i am amazed anyone can build one for less than $1k and make a decent profit.
  9. If you are buying new, it should be easy for the builder to up grade the chassis and drawbar to hold a dirtbike.
  10. This is the same crowd that introduced the Trailbike unloading areas. Take a look at the Gembrook and Nooje ones. No point in unloading there as all the tracks are closed. Same will happen at Neerim. Don't give these idiots any feedback as its a waste of time. They will do whatever they want anyway (which is close more areas) As for Roger, if anyone has seen how he rides and what he thinks is trailriding, good luck getting legal single track or any interesting tracks.
  11. The whirly ventilators do work. I have 2 20ft shipping containers, one with and one without. The difference is very noticeable on a warm day.
  12. I had my bike trailer stolen. 12 months later i saw it being towed down Maroondah hwy with a load of carpet on the back. I now have a Treg hitch on it wich makes it slightly harder to knock off. Plus a lockable Treg pin and a lockable tow hitch pin.
  13. Just ordered one as well.
  14. Don't listen to the above trolls. The CRF230 (and its TTR230 stablemate) aren't bad bikes. Never buy a bike your'e not physically comfortable on. Listen to your dad as well. My wife rides a CRF230, and i ride it regularly (much to her disgust). They are reliable and fun to ride. I have don't have too much trouble keeping up with other bikes on rides. They climb just about any hill, handle decent and can be modified a little bit if you want. Just make sure you change the oil a lot, keep the filter clean and it will serve you well. If you are buying new have a look at AJP motorcycles. Similar to the CRF but with Euro suspension, rear disk brake, quality components. They are new to oz, worth checking out. Another bike to consider is an XR200, however the later ones (1994 onwards) had substandard suspension. This can be fixed by fitting a XR250 1983 to 1994 front end, and a 1983 to 1985 XR250 shock. Bolts straight in.
  15. Anyone use them for other activities? Looks good for hunting.
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