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  1. There is a Huski TC125 on marketplace. Would that be any good?
  2. Looking at the sprint or Recon. The Dakar does look too big.
  3. I was wondering if anyone uses the Zac Speed gear? If so what combo do you use and need some feedback. In the past I have used bumbags to carry gear, but never happy with them. Also you still need some sort of back pack to carry a water bladder. I now have an Ogio flight vest which is kind of good, but I am concerned how hot these get in the warmer months. The Zacspeed gear looks the goods as you can add and subtract various add ons.
  4. Never going to happen. Police need to sign off on it and I was told by a cop high up in the force they will never allow it due to the public reaction if some junior riders get killed of seriously injured under the junior licence.
  5. Can you plug it into the bikes harness, will the ECU activate it?
  6. Taggerty side has some great riding.
  7. Anyone finding the prices getting a bit up there? Anyone finding the prices getting a bit up there?
  8. Yes, organised a Covid breakout ride in November.
  9. It was on Marketplace. The early Shercos are super light and the motors are fast. I never had any major dramas with mine. The early ones used AJP brakes and hydro clutch. Best in the business, pads are Nissin patterns, clutch is super light. Negatives the forks were a bit so so, fuel range was 90km on a good day. Overall I loved mine. If you get a 2014 onward, you get more main stream components like Brembo and WP suspension.
  10. I have just sold mine. They were a rare bike, so were you looking at my one?
  11. Suspension is where you need to spend some money. Get proper eye to eye camper trailer springs with greasable shackles. Also consider electric drum brakes, and a load capacity of a ton. 4x4 LT tyres. Do you know anyone thats a steel fabricator that can make it for you?
  12. It feels like the owner dosent care anymore. The lost the BMW franchise as well.