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  1. Rawson To Licola

    If things go the right way I'm happy to go again. When you do go solo you have to make sure you have the right equipment, setup etc. Also you must carry an epirb for safety if things go back.
  2. Rawson To Licola

    Yes Fultons was nasty in some places but fun at the same time.
  3. Rawson To Licola

    About 2 hours drive
  4. Rawson To Licola

    Was a solo ride. Not the best idea but at least I can ride at a pace I like to ride at.
  5. Rawson To Licola

    I went for a ride to Licola starting from stockyards Rawson. Arrived there 845am got geared up and left by 910am. Went via fultons creek track where I came off on a long steep climb (first and last fall of the day)onto burgoynes track and onto hills creek and cobs spur track to the Licola store. The day was overcast with abit of wind around. On the way I had a flat rear tyre, no problems put the spare in only to pitch it. Damn 35km to back to the cars. Time to ride the flat. Had a good day overall done 180km dr the day. Damage report one chewed rear tyre due to pitching spare tube and one smashed asterisk knee brace. Smashed the frame. Hairline crack on the top of the brace.
  6. Im insured with RACV full comp agreed value $13000 for $272 for my '12 FE450 Berg.
  7. Word Association...

  8. Paul B's Heyfield To Licola

    It was a great ride. Thanks to all and hope to do it again
  9. Paul B's Heyfield To Licola

    The owner wasn't home but the caretaker was there who let use through.
  10. Paul B's Heyfield To Licola

    And I thought I was doing to get away with riding of on the blind corner :-P
  11. Buying Your First House - Hints & Tips