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  1. I think branch just broke off like that, it was a part of a bigger branch on the side of the track. As it was just him and i there and with all the commotion of trying to get him sorted and back in the car we didnt even think of checking if was something malice. guess we could always go back and check.
  2. Yeah, alot of people are saying the same.
  3. Yeah he's ok, had to have surgery to have the branch removed.
  4. A mate and I were out on a ride on Saturday. My mate was just cruising along in front of me when a branch went through his leg!! Caution graphic photo.....
  5. deanp

    Big River Ride & camp

    Sorry I missed it[emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]
  6. deanp

    Big River riding & camping

    Looks awesome Cruiser, good work[emoji106][emoji106]
  7. deanp

    Big River riding & camping

    Dylans crash on Sunday: dylan's_crash_01.mp4
  8. deanp

    Big River riding & camping

    Great photos cruiser, hopefully some of the guys put some go pro footage up
  9. deanp

    Big River riding & camping

    What else could you ask for. Riding, camping, awesome weather and a few beers around the fire. Saturday wasn't without its dramas when unfortunately Mick (lilydale newby) dropped his CRF in a huge muddy puddle and it sucked in a heap of mud. After we all de-watered the CRF it just wouldn't start so we towed it back to camp and Mick tried a bit more to get it going, but no luck. Mick's weekend was over Saturday night we were down to 8 out of the original 10 with Grant nursing some injuries after a big off that day. Sunday morning the Andy, Chris and Grant all headed home. The rest of us went out for another day of riding. We found some awesome ST's (thank you Cruiser!) and spent some time exploring them and had a blast. Well done to Dylan and all the other beginners for having a fair dinkum crack and hopefully everyone had a great time. Thanks Cruiser for leading us around all weekend and thanks Luke for taking most of the tail duties. I hope everyone had a great weekend and can't wait for the next one. Dean.
  10. deanp

    Ktm Ringwood

    Mate at peter stevens told me that all star folded up, so peter stevens bought their ktm side of things and are opening a ktm dealer in ringwood. Old landrover building or something like that.