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  1. Yeah I’ve never been there, but heard a lot of good things. Hopefully I’ll get there soon. Just getting over a hand injury [emoji52]
  2. Apologies, I miss read your post mate, thought it said there is somewhere else better than goughs bay!! cheers.
  3. Ok thanks, probably only a couple of us riding. See how we go. Thanks again your a legend.
  4. Cheers mate, I had feeling it might a bit nuts. If the weather forecast was going to be hot was going to give it a miss. Maybe we’ll go elsewhere! Thanks again.
  5. Hello all, Has anyone ever camped (& ridden) at Goughs Bay between xmas & new years? I'm considering going there from the 27th of Dec to the 30th of Dec (won't be there for new years eve). What's it like? Does it get packed, is it hard to get a spot etc?? Should I look at somewhere else, what's people experiences like. Thanks heaps. Dean.
  6. I think branch just broke off like that, it was a part of a bigger branch on the side of the track. As it was just him and i there and with all the commotion of trying to get him sorted and back in the car we didnt even think of checking if was something malice. guess we could always go back and check.
  7. Yeah he's ok, had to have surgery to have the branch removed.
  8. A mate and I were out on a ride on Saturday. My mate was just cruising along in front of me when a branch went through his leg!! Caution graphic photo.....
  9. Sorry I missed it[emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]
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