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  1. Many people are showing rust in these welds. Just look at the photos in this thread. Heres a photo of one of the bikes for sale at the dealership, you can see that the frame has been painted. Look at the steering stopper bolts. Out of the factory these bolts aren’t painted. This bike is roughly 12 months old.
  2. Careful when riding guys, don't hit anything with your radiator. Also take your bike back to the dealer and ask them to fix it. They are sticking to their offer with me :-( I'll riding around with a broken frame.
  3. Latest update. KTM offered me a new frame however they want me to $1,000 plus to change it out.
  4. Thanks for your feedback mate. Yes your right most of the latest generation frames are doing this. Be really careful, my weld broke off way to easily. Once I have more back from ktm I will post up the result.
  5. Yeah, I looked at some second hand ones at the dealer and some were doing the same thing.
  6. Cheers mate, I’m still waiting to hear back from Ktm in Austria. See what happens.....
  7. Yes, 12 months ago, I've only done 500km's. When I was at the dealer dropping it off I had a look at some second hand ones that they had there for sale. The previous generation frame was fine however the current frame bikes were doing the same thing. You could see a line of rust coming through the radiator support welds. Dealer said to me "yeah my bikes doing it to, so it must be normal. I'm not worried about it at all". Like I said broke way to easy if you ask me?
  8. Have you seen this on any KTM's? Are they using the same frame?
  9. Yes Mick it's cracked. As I stated above after my last ride (i clearly hit something) it cracked a little to easy. Hard to see in the photo but there's rust on the inside of the weld. Also the weld on the other side of the frame (the radiator support one) there's a line of rust coming through there too. When I was at the dealer I looked at some second hand ones they have for sale and noticed the same problem on some of the welds. I also noticed that the previous generation frame has a completely different set up & no rust in the welds. Something to look out for if
  10. Hello all. I have a 2018 FE350 with only 500 km's on it. After my last ride I got back to the car and realized that i had hit something with my left hand side radiator (and yes I have force guards on them). After I cleaned up the bike and further inspection I noticed that the weld had rust in it. So I inspected the other side and noticed a fine rust line on that weld also. Has anyone else noticed this on theres at all?? If you can zoom right into the photo, you see the rust. Dean.