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  1. Yeh, still no luck... although I haven’t given it much attention in the last few weeks. Will have a go with a gas torch and a impact driver next week
  2. How’s the Beta running Bruce?
  3. Current status: pulled a few bits off, the swingarm bolt is totally seized so that's going to be fun to extract!!
  4. A work colleague asked if I knew anyone interested in an old farm bike he had. Once I looked it up I thought, why not...I might take that. He had purchased it new, so 1 owner in 40 years!! Needs lots of love and I have never done a Resto before, so hopefully I don't run out of energy!! Happy to find contacts for everything!!
  5. Should've ordered it from Europe... Would've arrived within a week...go figure.
  6. Starting??!! The price of dirtbikes is ridiculous.. the price of a KTM 500 six days is the same as a high spec sports bike.... Defies logic!!
  7. I've not mastered my 250 yet... And the 2 clutches I've been through in 700km will certainly be a memory that will stay with me long after I buy a 300!!!
  8. Refund. I can't see the borders opening up before the 6 week lockdown has finished.
  9. Was a great day. Thanks Dusty and Bushy.
  10. Seemed to work ok for Jarvis- what would he know though, he's just a backyard hack I guess...
  11. 2020 KTM 250 TPI: happy-ish #shouldvegotta300
  12. Damn, looks like a great weekend. Wish I wasn't on the bench!!