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  1. Brownballs


    Pol Tores. Former Beta now Husky
  2. Brownballs

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    Lucky buggers. Looks like a good day out
  3. Brownballs

    Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Great day out. Thanks to all involved. Had to bail a little early... i left my fuel cap off after filling up at the servo this morning.... wasnt playing with a full tank!! Great photos as usual Marko.
  4. Brownballs

    Riders being members on dirtriderZ rides

    Im happy to be corrected if wrong, but i dont remember when initially joining the forum, signing any waivers to the rights of a ride that i may post up. I would've thought the owner of that ride is actuallly the person who posted it and will be leading it, not an online sharing platform. Fair enough if you want to dictate that the ride post must contain certain information in regards to location, kms etc, but who is to attend that ride is totally up to the person leading. Its a dangerous precedent to set. DirtriderZ might be a great place for people to meet and organise rides, but DirtriderZ is not a governing body on how people meet and who they ride with.
  5. Brownballs

    Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Well done you 2. An inspiration to us all. Will be cheering you on from the comfort of my lounge
  6. Brownballs

    Smokers Lounge

    Riding it weekly!! Dont let the heat stop you!! Although i had a whoopsy last week resulting in 8 stitches and a few weeks off. Good time to do chain, sprockets, tyres and a few other little bits. Still loving the 2018 Beta 300, although any new model bike these days is better than the last.
  7. Brownballs

    2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    All the pros are jumping off.... white is the new orange!!
  8. Brownballs

    Property Investment

    Its hard to type sarcasm.... Pretty happy with our choice. Tenanted from day 1, brand new with good depreciation. Good capital appreciation.
  9. Brownballs

    Property Investment

    Spewing i brought an investment property around the corner in 2015. Has been really crap for us so far!! Pfft
  10. Brownballs

    Wildwood is next Sunday (29 Oct)

    Those were our finishing places. Those numbers. These are our bike numbers. Buzz 443 Me 444 Mevstar 23 Hilltop 121 Kage 220
  11. Brownballs

    Wildwood is next Sunday (29 Oct)

    It was a hot dusty day out there at Wildwood sunday. Was great to put yourself out there and challenge yourself in the sport that we all love. We are always looking for harder stuff to ride and it doesnt get much harder than this. Each obstacle on its own is not all that difficult. But as soon as you combine a few of these things in a row, all of a sudden arm pump kicks in, the body wears out and the mind follows suit. What was 50 hard obstacles now becomes one all mighty test. You will drop your bike and things you shouldnt, and then get stuck on things that if in the bush you wouldnt think twice. A few new obstacles in the prologue area were interesting!! Also a few new hills out the back, plus some old ones that have become quite difficult. I went better than i did last year which is all i can ask for. It really is a personal race, as you are well aware that there are no trophies that will be making it home...except for the finishers medallion of course, or if your Buzz..... I didnt break anything on bike or body, but my brand new tyre is pretty much cactus. It really is a hard place to choose the right tyre for all situations- wet rocks, dry rocks, loose grassy hills, ball bearing type dirt hills. Although if youve seen the pictures floating around the internet of Pol Tarres tyre after the race you will merely read this as excuses!! he completed the last 2 laps on pretty much a bald knobs!! If your into bikes, and love the hard stuff, give it a crack. if not, get along and support local motorsport. Without fans these events just fade away. We all sit here admiring Romaniacs, Erzberg and the big overseas events. Here is one on our doorstep to watch...and you get up real close to the action too. Out of the 144 Riders entered: 56 BUZZ 80 Brownballs 85 Mevstar 93 Hilltop 124 Kage apologies if i missed anyone.
  12. Brownballs

    Wildwood is next Sunday (29 Oct)

    Viva Italia!! Hilltop and Kage as well
  13. Brownballs

    Seat step ups or humps?

    Just take it to Mario at Topline and get it done properly. He does wicked stuff!!