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  1. I've not mastered my 250 yet... And the 2 clutches I've been through in 700km will certainly be a memory that will stay with me long after I buy a 300!!!
  2. Refund. I can't see the borders opening up before the 6 week lockdown has finished.
  3. Was a great day. Thanks Dusty and Bushy.
  4. Seemed to work ok for Jarvis- what would he know though, he's just a backyard hack I guess...
  5. 2020 KTM 250 TPI: happy-ish #shouldvegotta300
  6. Damn, looks like a great weekend. Wish I wasn't on the bench!!
  7. Yeh he was. One of the first on scene. His truck racing mate posted about it.
  8. Great vids Ben. Absolutely hawlin ass!!
  9. He got a Beta a week ago...read back!!!
  10. Yeh, great day out. Few thrills and spills. Paying the price today. It was the tough loop we completed with a few rattling bash plates by the end. Nice to finally meet Mick and also to see Nugget trying to break land speed records up 3rd gear hill.
  11. Chris, Bloody well done on that hill, you thinking of applying for Hill Climb King status??. I've never been to Neerim, looks great.
  12. That angle gives that rockface a really good perspective on size. Wicked!!
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