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  1. Property Investment

    Body Corporate fee's & restrictions are an easy trap for young players. As RF stated previously, tailored professional advice is the only way to go. Example - About 10 years ago a couple I knew were looking for a property. No rush they said, were earning 7% interest on our deposit (50k) and properties are growing at 5% in our chosen area. So we'll need to borrow less the longer we wait. haha - best go and run that by your accountant I said
  2. Property Investment

    Statistically the current medium Melbourne house price is 880k as opposed to 670 odd k when this thread was started in mid 2015. Over that period, there has been no shortage of Internet property crash prediction articles either. Akin to not going outside to enjoy the summer because it might rain. Bad weather is inevitable sometime but meanwhile much has been missed. Investors will invest and non investors won't.
  3. 1979 hz 253 stromberg issues

    Hey Chris, Put a kit through it and make sure that everything is throughly clean before reassembly. The old strombergs are very simple and usually perform long after they shouldn't. What you are describing is a fuel supply issue which is most likely due to something foreign becoming dislodged during recent fiddling and blocking the jets/boosters/bleeds. Cheers,
  4. Smokers Lounge

    Welcome comrades ...... may the force be with you
  5. Smokers Lounge

    Liking the bike Biggie?

    Great pics & vids Ric! Another great weekend with a cool group of Riderz that moved well all day with only the one minor issue (puncture). Big cudos to Arthur, Dale & Jess for fuel and chase vehicles respectively and thankfully no bikes or riderz needed to be carted out on this trip. Arbo for organising it all again and of course "Mr Yapeet" aka Tailend Charlie for the accom, coffee, firewood and after hours repairs and the local knowledge. Honourable mentions to Factory Bruce for eating dust/sand all day, Walkahz for pushing on with an intermittent clutch and Frank for standing on the the pegs for the WHOLE day - that man must have legs of steel. See ya'll next time!
  7. KTM boiling fuel?

    Should have a breather? Blocked maybe?
  8. I jest (I remembered you telling me).... How did you go over there Factory Bruce? Do us Aussies proud I hope?
  9. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    A twincab ute is not a truck
  10. Standing floor on roof of van?

    Standard roof rack with a sheet of 19mm ply (or similar) to spread the load will see you right. Aussies have been doing this at race tracks since the beginning of time. Quite often the punters just bring the ali ladder from home - although this may become troublesome after too much refreshment
  11. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    If you want one - buy one. If not, there's tens of thousands of carbed 2t's around that will keep you going for many years to come - it's not the end of the world
  12. Spot on otherwise the crims would be running rampant. We have a VIV inspection crowd next door and quite often they'll discover a rebirthed vehicle or a salvaged write off full of stolen parts and panels. Sometimes this is an unsuspecting purchaser of a cheap interstate car....... sometimes its the crims presenting the car who usually get pretty agro when caught out. They have a panic button linked straight to the local cop shop that gets a pretty regular work out haha
  13. giving up the smokes

    Long ago I'd buy a carton of Winny Blues for $68. What does a carton cost now?
  14. Big Desert Ride 30/6 - 2/7

    Might just be the liquor talking, but I'll be on the next one Brucie - if you can find me a way around your Whoops of Death track