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  1. J-man


    My understanding is that any registered vehicle would require an interlock fitted. Just spoke to my buddies who fit them next door (Auto Elecs) and that is no problem they tell me. You'd need a battery and it's a bit more of a hassle but it can definitely be done. I've seen them fit interlocks to Harley's and Ducati's. Cheers,
  2. J-man

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Yep, I reckon many think an enduro and MX'er 450 engine/power delivery is similar..... no way Jose'
  3. J-man

    KTM Rubbish

    Keep an eye out for my will to ride - it was lost somewhere on Murder Track. Reward offered
  4. J-man

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Think I remember Neerim Mick had a nasty eye story too
  5. J-man

    KTM Rubbish

    I'm offended
  6. J-man

    KTM Rubbish

    Bwahahaa This has being going on for ever I'd say.... Long ago a fellow competitor had a well known oil company as naming rights sponsor for a few seasons and used to "top up" engine oil during pit walks for fans to see. It wasn't the sponsors oil in their containers as they couldn't get bearings to live on it. "Nah, its absolute sh1t" they'd say BTS bwahahaa
  7. J-man

    KTM Rubbish

    BearMX would make a great Brand Ambassador for KTM
  8. J-man

    500 smoker anyone?

    From memory these are/will be around $7500 Aus for the kit (plus any GST/duty/customs add ons) Not sure how many we'll see out on the trails?
  9. J-man

    Collarbone 2018

    What was the discussion about??
  10. J-man

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    I'll be putting a card in the spokes when I get one
  11. J-man

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    Definitely the new frontier. Electric Cars, Trucks and Busses are all at various stages of devolopment already. Bring on the E Bikes I say - no noise (other than chain chatter) or pollution for any government department or minority to complain about. Eventually as technology permits just leave it out in the sun to recharge before putting away for next weekend.
  12. J-man

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Not sure about this one? However, I do recall a Dirtbike mag article long long ago suggesting (under the heading of Satire) that putting V8 Vegie Juice in your tank would give you the performance of a V8. Resulted in two legal claims as it destroyed their engines IIRC Lol
  13. J-man

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Nah, too cheap Sounds like you’re really enjoying KTM ownership Bear lol