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  1. J-man

    Property Investment

    Yep, lets move on
  2. J-man

    Property Investment

    In the event of ambiguity , can we confirm that as Administrator, RF's understanding of Fullys posts are final and no discussions will be entered into?
  3. J-man

    Property Investment

    Highly unlikely I'd say Fully, not going to participate in RF's game?
  4. J-man

    Property Investment

    Stock/share markets are a long way from my hitting zone but I'll have a dip. DLI on TSX please.
  5. J-man

    Property Investment

    Just got a text from El Chapo, in that case he'd like to play too
  6. J-man

    Dt175 Rebuild From Scratch

    Nice thread - great old bikes IMO. Can't be too many people that HAVEN'T ridden one at some point
  7. J-man

    Word Association...

  8. J-man

    Four Word Game

    Or you tube videos
  9. J-man

    Property Investment

    Yep, more and more we see Journalism deteriorating to a series of blunt sensationilist headlines (née click bait) largely fuelled by today's hundred character or less "news" delivery platforms. Furthermore, half the "journalists" coming through struggle to differentiate between factual reporting and an opinion piece
  10. J-man

    riding bush unlicensed

    $700k buys a few weekends at Starglen or similar and 20?? Odd days at a ride park and sets an example for the young fella I reckon. He'll be eligible for a license shortly. All hypothetical of course...
  11. J-man

    Property Investment

    Its interesting - 200 people per day are being added to Melbourne's population and forecasts predict that Melbourne will be Australia's largest city in 10 years approx. All these people will need somewhere to live and if they can't afford to buy will presumably rent a dwelling that someone will have bought. To add to Silent's point, I spoke with a Commercial lender a few months ago who commented that lending had already tightened right up in his portfolio as a directive from "upstairs". I got the impression that anyone with a less than stellar relationship/history with the bank may find it increasingly difficult to procure funds moving forward. Of course this is commercial though and may/may not have any bearing to the above discussions
  12. J-man

    Honda Fatcat

    About as cool as it gets, nice work man
  13. J-man

    Property Investment

    It would be one the worst crashes in history (the worst??) to send prices to pre OP values. Not that I'd doubt ABC's lefties of course... If it isn't that severe, the believers have probably missed the boat