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  1. Haha I've got an old Karcher that does exactly the same thing. I've had it for 10 years and who knows how old it was prior to that as it came with the business. It just keeps plugging away though
  2. Seems like a bold move, albeit forward thinking. Hopefully KTM can manage long term quality, protection of IP and more importantly China's ever increasing nationalistic approach - note the split is 49/51% against Pierer.
  3. Not sure if he’s still into this sorta stuff these days , but worth giving Dave at Two Stroke Performance a call. I put an Athena 144 kit in a 1999 YZ125 and was a bit underwhelmed really. Ending up hurting it and had Dave rebuild/mod it and it’s a different Beast altogether
  4. J-man


    Sounds like a wild night at the BearMX Homestead
  5. Gypo, do you receive any monetary gifts from KTM or any of their affiliates?
  6. Agreed, that proved they can put bums on seats and draw a TV audience. Mum, Dad and the pups all having a day out is where it’s at these days.
  7. It’s a shame ‘cause the raw ingredients and talent are there, just need to be organised and promoted by a “benevolent dictatorship” with the drive,bank and know how to do it correctly. Kind of similar to what Tony Cochrane/AVESCO managed to do with what is now known as V8 Supercars. You’d need the tracks, teams and local industry to all be onboard and sadly many wouldn’t make it.
  8. A while ago I came across The Rat online and selling their gear again. Shame we currently don’t have a local competition with the hype & excitement of the halcyon days. AMA on ESPN will have to do
  9. Seems like a big deal with the hype/clout to pull the top riders, manufacturers and products of the day. Even mainstream TV/media coverage?? What happened, why did it fizzle out?
  10. Is that JT's Isuzu? That's a pretty serious touring rig 👍
  11. Shame they (nor the 250X) have ADR approval. It’s likely that the days of ADR’d Jap 2t’s are over for obvious reasons, but I’d imagine the FX shares all the same hard/software as the WRF and would be a far more likely proposition? One can only assume the numbers don’t stack up. Shame, as I’d take the first one available if they did 🥰
  12. Victim of their own success I suppose....
  13. Stumbled across a bit of FIM Super Enduro on the box earlier today and it looked like most riders were on (presumably small bore) 4T’s. Enduro type events were once almost exclusively the domain of 2T’s - what’s changed?
  14. In terms of the terrain, is it similar to Golden Beach or more sandy loam similar to Stradbroke etc? I could be keen, but doubt there's another Golden Beach type event left in this body lol
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