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  1. I also have one of the La Cora units, as mentioned above removing one end will make it unstable and want to tip over. Found it a bit “dinky” but good for the price. For repeated/commercial use, I’d recommend something a bit more substantial.
  2. Progress has been moving slowly, mostly waiting on parts ex US to arrive...
  3. +1 for sisalation. If you do cover the bike with a waterproof covering - make sure you air the cover and bike as often as possible. Just as the cover keeps moisture out, it will also keep it in which will lead to problems if left for long periods.
  4. Done a heap of HC hours/klm’s on a stock ‘12 TE250. Will vouch for the low intake comment as I’ve sunk two engines in river crossings (‘12 Berg is amongst the worst of a bad bunch)😞 I have a Fuel Containment Bladder Backpack for times when a few extra litres are required,but this gets heavy with tools, spares and water though. After a big day (200 klms +), I seem to notice the vibrations which really gives me the brazen bits. Not sure if this is really a thing or just imaginary ‘cause I’m near exhausted and in need of cool refreshments 😂
  5. Last of the painting completed - except for engine cases and covers. Parts have started to roll in, so hopefully have a roller by end of next week and can focus on finishing engine cases and covers.
  6. 2012 Husaberg TE250 still on OEM battery and never been on a charger. As per the manual, kick when cold and button on from there. Can't recall the battery brand though.
  7. Thanks 2T. Mostly we manufacture planters and litter bins for commercial projects. We also refurbish/recolour customer planters, hence the spray booth.
  8. Still chipping away.... Finishing doing what we can whilst waiting on a heap of OEM parts from OS (mostly US). CV19 has really delayed shipping - I've got several parcels sitting in International Dispatch Facilities waiting on a flight out
  9. I'd like to hear your opinion.... unless I disagree
  10. Parts are starting to come out of the booth....
  11. Recurring theme regarding the '15 TE300. Where these the first Pumpkin Husky's?? What's the issue do you reckon? Rider didn't give us a whole lot of details lol
  12. The parts have returned from John at Ferntree Gully Hydroblasting who did a great job - highly recommended. He also organised the zincing of nuts, bolts and hardware which have returned as new. Most components are in great shape and will only require standard prep/repair work before paint, but the clutch and left side engine cover are severely pitted and require replacement. Luckily I managed to find genuine NOS items hiding in 'Merica. So for now its mainly continuing with the prep & paint....
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