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  1. Was uncomfortably tight for the first couple of uses, but now it's comfy like an old pair of moccasins 👌
  2. x 2 for buy on the tight side. I hand wash the liner/cheek pads after every use in warm detergent, rinse with water and air dry. I haven’t noticed any deterioration over 5? years. Helmet is a Moto 9 Carbon.
  3. Once replaced the mechanical instruments amongst other items on an 80’s bike. Buttoned it up late in the evening 🍻🍻 and ran it in gear on the stand to confirm all is functional. All good but speedo doesn’t work?? Took a few minutes to figure out the speedo pick up is in the front hub, not the gearbox/transmission output shaft as on automotive applications (I’m a car guy)🤦‍♂️
  4. I put them in. Gives extra protection.... AND accentuates my curves
  5. Was out there the other day, a few tracks are closed due to track maintenance crews. As far as I’m aware, you can get to within 3 kilometres of Flowerdale using tracks - then its bitumen.
  6. My lot are with either Shannon’s or RACV. Thankfully no claims as yet, so who knows if they’re any good 🤷‍♂️
  7. I use a 3.5lt Liquid Containment backpack. Gets heavy with water, tubes and tools etc - it's always refreshing to transfer it to the tank.
  8. IMO Definitely new if you’re happy to spend the scratch. if you’re looking at updating secondhand, well that muddies the water as you could end up back where you started from 🤷‍♂️
  9. If you’re really lucky you’ll get a new bike that needs a top end...... and runs like crap 😍
  10. It did in the old days - used to contain lead 🤡
  11. It's no good - you should sell it to me....... immediately
  12. J-man


    It's interesting - been following this for a while. Highlights the impact loosely organised Mum & Dad investors spurred on/connected by social media can have on Global markets if they have the volume. Both amusing and terrifying.
  13. Had the same thing happen in an old DT which shares the same plastic bush set up ☹️
  14. 😂 still be 100000 carbed 2t’s for every TPI bike out there for a long time yet
  15. Suspect it would be good fun and pricing is sharp compared to the competitors. Where have all the small bores gone that were so popular on the trails a few years ago?