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  1. Smokers Lounge

    Mr Noodle - how are you going with your new bike? Got the carb/jetting issues sorted?
  2. Old member returning

    Haha thought so, welcome back!
  3. Old member returning

    Hi Lee, did you used to be Rad?
  4. 9th April Donny Brook Dinner Night

    You missed it by two years Rus
  5. 1976 YZ 80C Resto

    No argument from me - I've got a '74 Honda K1 ATC70 patiently waiting for restoration that is lousy with the dam things lol
  6. Grouse Trail Bike Tours sounds wonderful - how can I get on one? Or they booked out for years in advance?? I went on a MBMA Tour a few years ago and had a great weekend..... and they never tried to drag my bike down the road once
  7. Hopefully you can get a decent outcome Bikenut.
  8. Welcome aboard Fred. Plenty of us are in the same boat - I'm sure you'll fit right in Cheers,
  9. How long ago did the bike dragging incident happen?
  10. Ah hem - Husaberg. Completely different to a KTM or Husqvarna Bwahahaa
  11. Big thank you to the four other Riderz that made this another great weekend. With no bike or rider issues all day, we travelled more klm's in quicker time than previous visits and I think we all got our sand fix.... well for a little while at least. Honourable mention to Mr Fuel Support Arthur in the well used Tojo taking care of us all day - again. cheers,
  12. Smokers Lounge

    Hey mate - no I don’t change a thing.
  13. Smokers Lounge

    Yeah, there is a joy in the simplicity of these old bikes IMO. Simple, solid machines in nice colours with comfortable seats........ And yes BearMX - With no computers of any kind, completely impervious to any hacking or mind controll attempts by the CIA, FBI, KGB, ASIO, Country Womens Association or even those guys from The Fast and Furious movies.
  14. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday to the Big Dirtrider Geoffro!!! Hope you have a great day with a cool refreshment or two
  15. Smokers Lounge

    The newest addition to the brotherhood of smoke..... A whopping 175cc's of oil burning goodness - what's not to love?