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  1. J-man


    Suspect a few do
  2. Pipe damage sounds familiar - was a Dirtriderz ride so probably was the very same Racer Guy He's famous
  3. Saw Racer Guy put on a five minute display of monos in the busy Neerim car park a while back. Show ended when he flipped it and began receiving some very negative feedback from the annoyed punters. Racer Guy loaded up very quickly and went home
  4. J-man


    Don’t worry too much - It’s the first corner of the first lap of the Bathurst 1000
  5. If someone beats you it’s only because they have factory/better parts
  6. J-man


    You're a deadest Champion - no two ways about it
  7. J-man


    Forgot about this - DLI has moved just shy of 40%. Hope it doesn't pull like a train 'till the 31st of run out of gas haha
  8. J-man


    Yep, lets move on
  9. J-man


    In the event of ambiguity , can we confirm that as Administrator, RF's understanding of Fullys posts are final and no discussions will be entered into?
  10. J-man


    Highly unlikely I'd say Fully, not going to participate in RF's game?
  11. J-man


    Stock/share markets are a long way from my hitting zone but I'll have a dip. DLI on TSX please.
  12. J-man


    Just got a text from El Chapo, in that case he'd like to play too
  13. Nice thread - great old bikes IMO. Can't be too many people that HAVEN'T ridden one at some point
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