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  1. J-man

    Property Investment

    I'd like that information too please
  2. J-man

    Property Investment

    With the title "Bricks and Slaughter" how could it possibly be a beat up lol
  3. J-man

    Trail Tech Voyager Pro

    Caught up with a friend yesterday that has one and uses it with a group that he rides with. He was saying that it's brilliant - you can see how far in front/behind they are and on which tracks. Apparently, there is also a distress type button that you can use to alert the other riders of an issue or problem. I'd be keen on one if I was on the bike more often
  4. I'll climb back under my rock now bwahahaa In all seriousness, I could be completely wrong. That does happen regularly
  5. IMO They insured your bike and took your money. You were at no point advised otherwise. What have you done incorrectly? Policy change, internal directives or staff errors are none of your doing or concern. We have an active member who is across most things legal - perhaps he might chime in with points of consumer law..... Brucie??
  6. I'd suggest If you have truthfully and in good faith provided all requested information and RACV have accepted cover and payment you'd be covered - regardless of what the operator may/may not tell you. An insurer or service provider cannot change details/specifics of a service contract without the consent of both parties. My belief is if there was an issue the financial ombudsman would take the view of "You agreed to insure Reg #xxx and invoiced/received payment for that service - where's the issue? Pay up" Highly doubt it would need to be escalated to the FO however.
  7. Last Thursday I insured a YZ with RACV (was with Shannons) as they were $100 cheaper. Asked 'Ol mate on the phone if Rec reg was OK and he said Yes and took my money. Gave him all the details and the Rec Reg number didn't raise any alarm bells at his end... I'll call again tomorrow to double check
  8. 3 hours (had a snooze) 6 single crash - rider KO’d Dargo no
  9. J-man

    Property Investment

    Ol mate predicts a 10% soften still to come in the above article ....even so that's still a growth of 250k based on his figures just since this thread started lol
  10. J-man


    My understanding is that any registered vehicle would require an interlock fitted. Just spoke to my buddies who fit them next door (Auto Elecs) and that is no problem they tell me. You'd need a battery and it's a bit more of a hassle but it can definitely be done. I've seen them fit interlocks to Harley's and Ducati's. Cheers,
  11. J-man

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Yep, I reckon many think an enduro and MX'er 450 engine/power delivery is similar..... no way Jose'
  12. J-man

    KTM Rubbish

    Keep an eye out for my will to ride - it was lost somewhere on Murder Track. Reward offered
  13. J-man

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Think I remember Neerim Mick had a nasty eye story too
  14. J-man

    KTM Rubbish

    I'm offended