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  1. I wish I rode with you fellas that day I was the bloke on Ktm 300 riding with the other crew of blokes . What a hell of a hard ride for a level 2 rider that’s not ridden much in 3 yrs Straight into all the hard tights out the back of seeds ttck all the way to Freeman’s track . After 2 hours I was done ended up saying good bye didn’t want to hold them up they very talented riders
  2. Thanks fir organising the ride Glad I made it in the end even though it was a short ride hoping to feel better next time [emoji106][emoji41]
  3. Get well soon [emoji41] no good when this happens
  4. Hi Phil, I have a lot of gear that would suit your daughter but I wont be home till 9 tonight. ill pm you what I have and can send you a photo or 2 if your interested. The only thing I may not have is the boots but ill check.

  5. Ktm 350 or husky 350! Maybe the choice or wr 250 Yamaha . I have a ktm 300. & not ridden the bike for long time so I definitely need to get my bike fitness up . I'm cone,plating selling my kato 300' to a wr 250. If I find it hard going ,leg cramps feeling beat etc he he .
  6. I have never been to a enduro bike event so hoping to go there this Sunday as a spectator of course will be fun to watch & see live how hard it really is to ride these events .
  7. Greatest rock music & band ever & awesome vid , an older fella like me would have bad leg cramps on first lap
  8. Thanks fellas for advice ,I will do a test ride next week hoping no major difference in jetting etc .
  9. . Wondering if I need to change my jetting , main jet etc with this pipe when delivered . I am just a standard lvl 2 to 2+ rider so not going to ride the wheels of the bike , anyway don't think many riders can on a 300cc 2 banger . The carby set up I have on standard pipe feels perfect through rev range , so if a don't need to change jetting with new pipe why bother .
  10. That's a long way to help out he he .
  11. I just replaced ktm 300 piston kit not that long ago . If you live in eastern suburbs go to Scottys in Ringwood & Scot or Don will show you how to install using & practicing with used piston and pin , c clip first . If. You like also we can arrange for me to fit it for free for you if you having trouble outside scottys shop . Take me about 15to 20 min to install . NOTE : make sure a cloth is wedged in around big end bearing so no clip falls in the groove.
  12. Thanks Lucas will look him up & get a price
  13. Thanks rwc frank hoping not sold yet .
  14. Hoping someone will point me in right direction , if possible anywhere I can get pipe fixed in eastern. Suburbs .