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  1. larby Cave hikers lost

    If. Your not confident as the direction of the sun a map etc & not much experience you can get very lost .
  2. Another newbie from Melbourne

    Welcome double vee , rec reg is all you need so many many places to ride around vic , for parts & service you cannot beat scottys in Ringwood. I realise it's in eastern suburbs but very good on price and good advice .
  3. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    I'm 53 yrs I own a kato 300 I have a 3yr old daughter , yes I'm a late bloomer & yes situations financially have been challenging , I just fit a top end to my bike to sell.. After watching these legends I'm not selling any of my bikes road and dirt . Inspiration !!!!!!!
  4. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Great turnout was disappointed my clutch failed on my kato on beginning of ride , 30 min later all fixed so ended up riding a short loop with a couple of lads that turned up late..
  5. New rider in SE Melb

    Hello trowal I live in eastern suburbs my wife has finished her course studies. Etc so may be able to hook up for a ride lvl 2 only moment . I. Know. Some tracks etc around Marysville and small parts of Buxton . Saturday mornings available
  6. Put me down please as maybe , haven't been out for long time
  7. DEPI handing out summons at Cobaws

    Are the tracks closed as in signs and barriers notifying off road vehicles not to enter because if they not do this then we can claim compensation for harrasement , it is for the public to use !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Level 1 And 2 Ride Kinglake West

    Missed out again due to a broken leaking clutch pipe , no one keeps them in stock that I know of Either need to order then wait .
  9. Tallarook Level 1 Ride

    Sounds like a good turn out , shame I missed out as I was called in to work to do emergency shift late sat night . Try to get on the next ride .