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  1. I have never been to a enduro bike event so hoping to go there this Sunday as a spectator of course will be fun to watch & see live how hard it really is to ride these events .
  2. Greatest rock music & band ever & awesome vid , an older fella like me would have bad leg cramps on first lap
  3. Phil 143

    After market slip on pipe

    Thanks fellas for advice ,I will do a test ride next week hoping no major difference in jetting etc .
  4. . Wondering if I need to change my jetting , main jet etc with this pipe when delivered . I am just a standard lvl 2 to 2+ rider so not going to ride the wheels of the bike , anyway don't think many riders can on a 300cc 2 banger . The carby set up I have on standard pipe feels perfect through rev range , so if a don't need to change jetting with new pipe why bother .
  5. Phil 143

    Ktm 300 piston c-clip

    That's a long way to help out he he .
  6. Phil 143

    Ktm 300 piston c-clip

    I just replaced ktm 300 piston kit not that long ago . If you live in eastern suburbs go to Scottys in Ringwood & Scot or Don will show you how to install using & practicing with used piston and pin , c clip first . If. You like also we can arrange for me to fit it for free for you if you having trouble outside scottys shop . Take me about 15to 20 min to install . NOTE : make sure a cloth is wedged in around big end bearing so no clip falls in the groove.
  7. Phil 143

    Muffler damage Ktm 2 banger

    Thanks Lucas will look him up & get a price
  8. Phil 143

    Muffler damage Ktm 2 banger

    Thanks rwc frank hoping not sold yet .
  9. Hoping someone will point me in right direction , if possible anywhere I can get pipe fixed in eastern. Suburbs .
  10. Phil 143

    Wombat forest

    Just signed off roaders against water melons IMG][/img]
  11. That's terrible , you said he dragged your bikes down the road & damaged them !!!! Thanks for post I make sure I will stay away don't think I will survive ride
  12. Phil 143

    larby Cave hikers lost

  13. Phil 143

    Another newbie from Melbourne

    Welcome double vee , rec reg is all you need so many many places to ride around vic , for parts & service you cannot beat scottys in Ringwood. I realise it's in eastern suburbs but very good on price and good advice .
  14. Phil 143

    Inspiring Mini Documentary

    I'm 53 yrs I own a kato 300 I have a 3yr old daughter , yes I'm a late bloomer & yes situations financially have been challenging , I just fit a top end to my bike to sell.. After watching these legends I'm not selling any of my bikes road and dirt . Inspiration !!!!!!!
  15. Phil 143

    Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Great turnout was disappointed my clutch failed on my kato on beginning of ride , 30 min later all fixed so ended up riding a short loop with a couple of lads that turned up late..