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  1. Cheers mate sounds like I may have more issues then I thought here's to hoping I can get it sorted and get back on. Hanging to can't hang up the boots they way I did buy coming off. Thanks for your response it really sounds like you know what your talking about
  2. Yeah mr noodle I have been doing intense physio 2-3 times a week but I'm stuck at 100 degrees or there abouts. Just wondering what I'll get away with to be Abel to still ride.
  3. Hello everyone I smashed my knee last year broke my tibia tibia Plateau ropes the chunk of bone off that holds down the acl.10 months on I'm finally back at work and my leg is putting up with it no worries. My question is what is the minim knee flexion to ride again I'm intching to ride need to buy a new bike a gear but don't want to out lay the money to not be Abel to ride. This has been the longest time Iv had off my bike in 27 years of being alive.