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  1. Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    How are you travelling, Goat?
  2. Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    Fark. Hope you dont have any more complications. But this sort of unknown is why we didnt let you go back alone. Rest up and heal fast.
  3. It was probably parked outside a buisness, as my friend doesnt live in Hoppers. Knowing him, it wouldnt have been out of sight for too long, but obviously long enough. Likely snapped the steering lock and pushed it away.
  4. AS above, 06-07 Black Yamaha R6. Akrapovic exhaust system Rego FI892 The owner is beyond unimpressed, so if anyone spots his pride and joy, give the Cops a call please.
  5. Cobaw,,, It Was Nice

    Thanks jase for the lead and snags Thanks to all the sweeps. Had a good ride, The thing thqt amazed me was how well the group moved, given its size
  6. Nothing Is Going To Stop This Guy

    This just shows, There are only Excuses..
  7. Shift Work And Sleep Deprivation

    I run Overnight Express most nights, and have found the biggest problem is when you dont get to sleep before the sun rises. There are ways to get rest like blackout curtains and blindfolds and such, but getting to sleep in the dark is the best way to negate the lethargy. That said, 4-5 hrs sleep and im up anyway, so that makes it easier rest wise. Best thing to do is almost totally cut your caffeine intake, to maybe one cup of coffee with minimal sugar maybe 11pm-12am. having it that way tends to magnify its effects when im having a bad night. Drinking sugary things seems to elicit struggles to remain alert.