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  1. Hey geoffro I'll grab a couple of big ones and would love a set of fender stickers if there's any left?
  2. Hi geoffro put my down for 1x large hoody no zip in black 1x large tshirt in black cheers mate
  3. I'll grab the large one please happy for you to hold onto it until you get some new t-shirts done if that's any easier?
  4. I'll grab a large please geoffro if there's any left?
  5. Lock me in for 1x black men's large please geoffro. I will pm you about payment.
  6. Here's a couple looking down on howqua taken queens birthday weekend.
  7. Hi guys so I did a day ride today in Bali with Bali dirt bike tours and I highly recommend it. They provided all gear and a Ktm 250 ( I normally ride a wr426 So was a big difference but all good) would have to be some of the best single trail I've ever done in my life. riding thru the Bali jungle, rice fields and slippery creek beds. I will definitely be coming back next year. They also do beach rides and a volcano ride that'll be next time. There was 6 blokes from Melbourne there this morning about to start a 3 day ride didn't catch there names but wouldn't be surprised if some of them where dirtriderz. apparently you can do up to 7 day tours you would need to be bike fit cos the heat is a killer it certainly knocked me around. Anyway enough from me I've got another Bintang to deal with!!!
  8. Signed. I'd go even younger As long as fully supervised.
  9. I think you are right dirtpilot there's something not quite right about the engine haven't had much spare time to do anything lately but I will look into it one day. Took it away for its first proper ride over Easter the mrs loved it and it didn't miss a beat so that's even better.
  10. Thanks 2t4me I'll suss it out.
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