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  1. Had an absolute ball, some new stuff I hadn’t ridden (has been 12 months since I last visited Cobaw) & some stuff in reverse that I remember, good laughs all round..... the “she wee” topic seemed to flow on through the best part of the ride. I was a little concerned at the 1/2 way mark when Dakota was looking for some table salt.....Running on no water for the last 21/2 hours was a bit of a test when the pase pick up towards the end, overall a steady but fun pace set with only a few pinch areas that held most of the crew up thank you very much Dakota, well worth the 5+ hour round trip, already chomping at the bits for the next ride.
  2. As Brownie said it boils down to an individual race against the clock. I really enjoyed the day & accomplished what I set out do. The race does turn into one massive obstacle where tactics & timing are really highlighted. I’ve already booked leave for cup weekend next year to build on a much better prepared go at the race.
  3. turmeric is a very good natural anti inflammatory supplement you can take on a daily basis
  4. I was back at work after a day off..... on a spin bike & off the crutches a few days after that & competed at the 2015 indoor rowing championship in Adelaide 8 weeks later [emoji869]
  5. I had an issue with my left knee that took a little while to diagnose, ended up getting an MRI after putting up with it for 2 years.... similar symptoms with no swelling, ended up Finding a horizontal & a vertical tear in my meniscus [emoji17]
  6. The trailing edge of a tyre is where all breaking force is generated.
  7. I'll have a look tonight through my gear bag, you might be lucky ......
  8. My 1st time to diss & well worth the 5 hour trip, buzz has an awesome loop, the creeks were so enjoyable to ride in particular. I haven't done much high country riding & struggle a little on the hills. Being a little reserved not knowing where the good & rough lines start & finish didn't help. I very nearly didn't make this ride as having a week off from work..... I had set an alarm thinking the ride was on Sunday [emoji849] thank god for the body clock ! Thank you very much buzz for a great ride [emoji106]
  9. Finished up work with some free time this arvo, strolled into the gym with little motivation starting off with some light mobility work & surprised myself working up to 105kg back squats.
  10. I went for a quick arvo run last month & some stuff is getting overgrown, some of the makeshift bridges are in a 'OMG close ya eyes' sort of condition & are really starting to fall apart.....
  11. Pasta & rice are not a good food source in general, they are both processed foods, not only do they lack nutrition, but the body also has to work overtime to break down the processed food before it can be used as an appropriate fuel source.
  12. The craving your body is seeking are heavy carbs. But most ppl's diets these days see them craving sugar as well. It is a well known fact that sugar is a number of times more addictive then cocaine. Makes it a very bad combination leading to many long term health complications.
  13. Finished off this mornings shoulder circuit with a little time on c2 erg. When I was in my peak cardio condition leading up to the 2015 oz indoor rowing champs I was consistently hitting sub 16 second 100m sprints. After a steady 1000m warm up finished up with the best of 16.8..... little bit off but will build on that.