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  1. Not sure if this is in the right spot, but riding at Three Bridges (vic) on the weekend and wondering if there are any good loops or must do tracks? Looking at 4wd tracks more than the narrow trails. Won't have a bunch of time so not wanting to waste time exploring or riding on roads if we can avoid it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Awesome thanks guys. Hadn't thought about the WR fuel tap idea, might give that a crack. Looked into getting a bigger tank but can't really justify it at the moment. 70kms sounds about right. Might just need to get it tuned so that it's running really well and as efficiently as it can. Might just have to fork out the cash for a fuel bladder as well
  3. Hey guys, Not new to the forum but haven't been on a ride yet. Keen to get on one but not sure about the mileage I'd get out of my bike and don't wanna be stranded or having to use other people's fuel. Anyone have any idea on how far a yz125 would get in the bush? Wanting to get a rough idea so I can make sure I'm well within it if I go on a ride. I'm pretty sure the jetting is stock and just a standard sized tank. I'm a level 2-3 rider probably. Is there any way to make the fuel go further without massively affecting performance? (Mostly ride mx). If not, what's the best way to carry extra fuel? Thanks in advance guys, keen to get out for a ride.
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