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  1. I made some for my 17 KTM 250 2T. I made moulds off of the case then went from there. Just designed to be RTV siliconed on
  2. Hey mate, I hope your well. What would this one involve? I saw it advertised on Facebook but not much info. Moreso thinking maybe for my kids to have a crack at a race for the first time. They aren't domination riding but might be something fun rather than just cutting laps at a track
  3. Long time no see. Still riding mate? Got your licence these days or still cutting laps of wildwood and your back yard? We need another bike review!
  4. MrNoodle


    Terrible news to read about a great bloke. I met Rupert through the forum and he helped me lead some beginner rides. Even had Aron helping others out teaching when he was at a very high level. We kept in touch occasionally through his love of boating and his many skills translated into him being very talented at whatever he set his mind too. RIP Rupert. Condolences to the family
  5. Those lights would have went to me so cheers mate Most likely Woodsy if up around Shep. Red hair? I have met sooooo many members left right and centre at shops, events, driving. As most people know I am more then up for a yak. Last member I think I bumped into was JT
  6. Sorry to read Tracey. Was great to see you posting up rides. I hope your back twisting a throttle quicker than expected
  7. One of your N.S.W. trips maybe???
  8. Is the front tyre on backwards in these photos mate? Looks like it is directional and the back tyre is going the opposite way to it. I love the bike, might be my next purchase bikewise.........
  9. Great to hear from you mate. Come back stronger!
  10. Cheers guys. Yes missing the camaraderie out on the trails with the crew. Hope to be back sooner rather then later. I still want to be doing it
  11. I will get an XL in Navy/White No Zip thanks mate
  12. Dont forget the value of just rolling the front wheel. If a rider is stuck in a pinch/slippery rock/step up at the rear wheel, if they are on the bike and you can roll the front wheel by hand to get them past the spot and then they are on their way. Because you are turning the wheel you have to be careful for the spokes/forks/fingers etc but it works well. Tugger straps should be on all of our bikes and are great but because they are mounted at higher positions, they actually take more effort. The other flip side of this is that they are a great spot to tow from/attach a tow strap for group pulling up hills etc.
  13. Good luck Splints. My wife reckons she wouldn't want to go through it twice so I wish you all the best. But she was on that many drugs that she really doesn't remember it, I however remember it clearly, it wasn't fun at times, and other times it was fun! She was very emotional, for 3 days!
  14. Remember guys and gals, it has to be you and your bike and a background. The first 2 are leading so far!
  15. No Joy BrucieT. Hoping for a quick recovery for you
  16. He was becoming a regular top 10 in the Hard enduros. Lets all hope for a speedy recovery and that he can get back to the top
  17. Great write up Rally510. I heard that Tim Coleman was badly injured but in a stable condition. Hope all the best for him
  18. Did he have any suggestions as to why it happens??? Starting in gear lots?
  19. Yeah they aren't cheap, but it did fix it. I think you can get spark plugs for under $20 even though they were over $50 on the parts fiche
  20. MrNoodle


    Who is the fox hunter? Spotted at Queenscliff Harbour after lunch today
  21. I've got a Force bashplate pipe combo sitting in the shed not being used that came off my 250...... I run a B&B bashplate exhaust combo. Yeah mine have lots of scratches and wear on the skid plate and has taken plenty of big hits. I wouldn't be without one for the types of obstacles I attempt to ride
  22. I've ran the 1 Motow for maybe 7 years or more. Its good and does the job. I got lights and a new bike rack number plate with every new car. If I had to buy another I would buy the rack n roll as they are a serious bit of kit but the Motow has never let me down and its done some 4wd bike recoveries as well. It is for Jeeps anyway!
  23. You can't go past Starglen Lodge for what your looking for. Exactly what 2T4ME said. I have had my fun there over the years (read the annual weekender reports!) now I get to have fun with my kids and actually ride with them. My kids mostly ride at Ride Park at Parwan as Cluffie mentioned. The tracks are great to learn on. 2 levels of begginers tracks but then you can move over to the bigger tracks as they evolve in a very large space with medical facilities on site too (that hopefully you will never need but its nice to know its there).
  24. I've been using Mousse's since 2012 0n my CFF 450. That dead feeling I only notice when I jump on others tubed bikes and enjoy the plushness through sharper rocky bits but then quickly hand their bikes back in case I got them a puncture! So far Dunlop have lasted the longest in my experience. Lube, I highly recommend XTEC MP SILICON GREASE https://xtex.com.au/mp-silicone/ It has a 200oC melting point and I have never had any real heat problems that get mentioned. I also never maintain them between tyre changes. They are still fine. A wipe down and add some more lube then. Done lots of high speed and desert stuff with no worries. You do get a confidence to hit stuff harder and not worry about pinch flats. Unfortunately I am getting way to good of a life out of mine at the moment, they have been in there for years . I think the Dunlop has about 130 hrs ish. Think I have Dunlop fron and Nitro rear at the moment but I don't think the option to get soft ones was available at the time. I don't run too many fancy grippy tyres but used to be bridgy mx 52/32 and now pirelli extra X something. Once you use mousse for a while you build up a little supply and keep some spare to fill up the tyre when they do shrink. I have broken a bead when fitting a brand new tyre once but thats on me for bad technique. I did spin a tyre last year on one of my few rides but that was because I broke the rim lock when fitting the tyre the night before. You can glance over and observe others with tubes and tubliss flats and feel smug!
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