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  1. I have both as my bike came with the Force. The B&B one cleans up a bit easier
  2. Howdy all. The tech heads at work behind the scenes still has a bit of work to do but the forum is still working and clear too read. Sometimes forums/pages do need to be updated to keep up with other tecnology updates in linked programs like Tapa/windows/apple etc developments. Hopefully over the coming week we should be sorted.
  3. Thats pretty cheap of them. The amount of useless manuals that I get with irrelevant safety warnings with all the tools and machinery for work stuff I get is rediculous. So much good info that most will never be accessed. It makes you think as they keep increasing their prices and cutting costs in obvious places, where else are they cutting costs? Don't worry, I am still a KTM fan boy
  4. Welcome Alberto. Lots of shift workers around the forum and lots of Geelong peeps on here as well. Just keep posting and asking for rides and ride buddies and you should get some. Arvo rides now with daylight savings is not to bad an option
  5. Change the fuel/oil and give her a good once over then get out there and enjoy Pap
  6. Welcome Grints. I'm in the Geelong area too and there are lots of us floating around. I'm trying to stay off the bike till next year to rest up an injury but if your looking for someone to ride with, post up an EOI (expression of interest) in the ride thread and see who bites.
  7. Yes she was short dighted so could only see things up close with any relative clarity. I was hoping I might look a bit bigger! She stuck around. Going on 14 years tomorrow so must have had the surgery almost 14 years ago and all good! From what Skurfer says happened to him, it sounds like they drugged up my now wife much more then what he was. It was a wild weekend!
  8. My then girlfriend (now wife) got her eyes done with Meadownick in Richmond just after we first got together. Mates reckoned she would take off after she got her eyes fixed and could see me properly! I'd recommend getting them both done at the same time as there are quite a few appointments before and after and the actual proceedure only took about 45 seconds. Coming up about 13.5 years now for her and all good. I can still remember after a few days (the recovery was pretty wild for a couple of days) that Linda was outside for a while by herself at night looking up at the stars in amazement at
  9. Welcome Rob. @MOJO what would you rate the hill Robert rates a 3 at? It might be good for him to get a better idea of our rider grading
  10. I just read an article that said Daniel Sanders is to race Dakar 2021 and to partner Toby Price aboard the Red Bull KTM factory team. Partnered also by Sam Sunderland and Mattias Walkner. I'm very excited to see how he will fair as we all know he is fast but rallies are a whole nother ball game. Best of luck CHUCKY!
  11. Welcome JimyQ, hope to catch you on the trails in the future
  12. MrNoodle


    At the You Yangs and across the road from this one was another. Whose was this?
  13. CHeck out the welding thread going on, I bought a Mig Tig Arc Cigweld 185. If we got shut down I was going to take it home and buy a heap of scrap steel and practice practice practice