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  1. Another bike followed me home today and its another 2 stroke, 3 of each now. We don't discriminate on colour or race in my family. Welcome to the family little 2001 KX 60.
  2. I rode Geoffro's Sherco 300 4T and it was awesome. Didn't want to flame out at all no matter how low I tried to lug it in the rev range and I hit heaps of obstacles going up, down and across the hills on the property of StarGlen Lodge. A great machine
  3. Cheers for the reminder mate, I'm off the bike for a bit with a shoulder injury after a car crash so I'd better get some maintenance done on my bike.
  4. Yeah I was trying to get a qualified full timer but can't get anyone. Trying now to keep training my own apprentices as it had worked in the past. Just had a really bad run trying to get apprentices that want a career, not just to turn up to as job.
  5. Huh? What do you enjoy more? The 350 or the 450 mate? And I supposed the other question, which one is more sensible?
  6. Hey crew. Bit of a long shot but do you know any young and enthusiastic people in the Geelong area interested in getting a career in the marine industry??? I am looking for an apprentice at my Queenscliff based business. Check out the post below and get them to send an email to cayzerboats@bigpond.com Cayzer Boats are hiring. We are seeking to employ an enthusiastic first or second year Apprentice Boat Builder to work in a small but busy Queenscliff business. No prior experience necessary but an interest in all things marine is an advantage. A keen eye for detail and wanting to learn a trade that can lead to a career is a must. Successful candidate must be punctual and be able to get their own way to Queenscliff Harbour. Please send resume to cayzerboats@bigpond.com or contact Daniel on 0425 848 097
  7. Cheers for offering members this Darren. Thats what we love to see, sponsors interacting. Just got a quick question in regards to storing bike with front wheel off the ground, what about when the bike is in transit and tied down? The forks are compressed constantly and could be sometimes for many hours before/after a ride. Would this effect them? I don't have air fork suspension, yet.......... but do like learning
  8. If you follow Craig Burns Roberts on Facey you can follow his journey. About 3 videos a day and really interesting with a twist at the end.....
  9. I like this photo a lot! @Turbotim contemplating
  10. Well done Buzz and cheers for sharing your progress along the way. THat finishing hill looked like it had 8 inches of loose sand for the bottom 3rd and no one could get any real drive up it unlike in previous years
  11. 500 EXC everyday. The other is a motorcrosser, smaller tank, cant full rego so no good
  12. Great stuff Buzz. I've been following Chris Perry on FB and he said he did about 200km's over 12 hours on the bike on day 2 then 3.5 hours sleep!
  13. The onboard footage all over Facey doesn't do justice to how big that is!
  14. I will try change it. RATFINKE is already with the printers
  15. Last chance, placing order tomorrow
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