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  1. Yes definitely try Ride Park. They put the feelers out recently for putting in an enduro cross track too so they might have the best of both worlds
  2. The were very accommodating of us, even offered to fill our camelbaks for us. In Blackwood
  3. Since I saw you guys at the start and end of the ride I thought I would tack on a quick ride report. Sorry for not joining you guys but I am in a bit of pain with a couple of injuries (none dirt bike related) with a bruised or broken coccyx being the main one and didn't want to stuff up your ride if I had to pull out or stop as much as I needed. We started off almost straight away with a hill climb to test my severe lack of fitness and I was full blown gumby mode trying to nurse my sore butt and one limp wristed attempt later I fell off way to early. Turn around and give it another crack and did it relatively easy so I was pretty happy but still feeling pretty sore. RustyO pointed at one little straight up river bank with a rock kicker and a log across the top and said he was hesitant to attempt it on his own yesterday, a few seconds later he made it look easy as pie. I line up my attempt and following the limp wristed theme from the earlier hill, I got the front wheel over but that is all then fail miserably slumping backwards falling off the bike and ledge with the bike luckily not following me. RustyO thought it was that good that he should video my next attempt, it wasn't much better but I did get up and over the other side...just. The tracks went well and we ended up in Trentham for lunch but it was too early for that so we did a bit more exploring to Blue Mountain then picked a steep downhill trail with a few blackberries thrown in for good measure that made the ground a little hard to see and ended up apologising to a farmer for passing through. Ended up checking out Barrys Reef after hearing about it for years which was cool and still having the sheds and rails down made it more interesting. Lunch was a great feed of Steak Sanga with awesome chips (everything was 15 bucks too!) at the Blackwood pub and a couple of cheeky pots to wash down the dust which was thick at times. Going home we hit a few tracks that made lunch not sit too well but made it back to the car park to catch up with a few of the lads and share a bit of banter in the now rising temps. A short trip back to RustyO's place for a Zooper Dooper and a debrief was required and I've discovered I'm not off the injury bench yet but was glad to finally get 80 odd km's under the belt. Time to get some fitness happening.
  4. Not long till the month is over guys and girls. Post up them ride reports and photos/vids
  5. I knew some stuff came from Sydney but I am sure the majority of their stuff was in NZ? I used to buy a fair bit of gear/tools from there too. I guess there is one bonus to not riding much at the moment (family commitments, summer, minor injuries and work stuffing that up!), not having to buy spares etc.!
  6. I can't win but I want to guess! 672
  7. We want to see some cracking ride reports this month of February and the member that writes the best ride report will receive a set of Steg Pegz to suit a modern bike (whatever Stegz make them for). It looks like we have some cooler weather this week so the perfect chance to get out there amongst the dirt with ya mates then share with us your ride stories, photos and/or videos. Make them funny or make them serious, make them about one particular incident or highlight moment, just make sure you have a crack and put a bit of detail so we all can share and re-live your ride together. Get out there and get riding and writing
  8. Well done guys. Pretty jealous as I really wanted to do it but could make it. Any more vids???
  9. I also stop and maintain trails sometimes as needed, more on social rides as I struggle keeping up on the faster rides at the best of times. Also on social rides when not leading or sweeping I tend to be jumping off the bike a lot mid pack at obstacles that could cause dramas so as everyone is safe or assisted if needed. The bush trails are always evolving from one ride to the next so if we can help maintain them then we are looking out for ourselves and one another in the future.
  10. I am watching The Fix on Netflix which is a Jimmy Carr hosted series. Jim Jefferies specials on NetFlix. I also watched a movie on Netflix called Game Night and was surprisingly good (I thought it was going to be a light comedy to keep the wife entertained but thoroughly enjoyed with lots of out loud laughing moments. I love comedies if you cant tell
  11. They would make a great KTM babies that will win many titles in years to come
  12. There is a live podium on at the moment presenting the finishers medals
  13. I hope this facebook video link works. It shows Quintanilla's crash on the last stage and Toby coming to see if he is alright. It is part of what all the offroad scene is supposed to do but he then goes on to hold it flat out and win the last stage when he knew he didn't have to as he had obviously had made up 3 minutes on Quintanilla as these were the start intervals.