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  1. MrNoodle

    Nastys “Goldilocks” Mt dissa Sun July 22

    Thats what I was thinking, riding the invisible dirtbike up the hill!
  2. MrNoodle

    Winter gloves

    I dont mind any type of glove but over winter I tend to wear a tradie type glove available from hardware stores. A bit more solid which helps when you need to remove track obstacles and a bit warmer. There are lots on offer so finding something that suits you is possible. Lots of the Otways guys were this type of glove. Photo taken when they were dirty after a ride
  3. MrNoodle

    Nastys “Goldilocks” Mt dissa Sun July 22

    Good to see you back out on the bike with us mate
  4. MrNoodle

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Thanks everyone for your orders. Can you please PM Geoffro for payment details (bank transfer preferred as paypal eats up fees) as the order wont be placed till all payments are made and pay ASAP so we can get this order underway. Can you also check the first post to make sure we have written down your order as you require and post up if I have stuffed up something. Cheers, Noods
  5. MrNoodle

    E.O.I For Winter Merchandise

    Hey guys, in case you have missed it a hoodie or has started, order now!
  6. MrNoodle


    Hey guys, a dirtriderz hoody order has started, order now!
  7. MrNoodle

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    These awesome members showed some interest so I'm tagging you just in case you have missed this thread @farnsy @Pudmud @TRAILZ @Wishy @rwcfrank @99percent @BIGGIE @Huski @dazman
  8. MrNoodle

    Peak hour traffic

    I drive to GPS speedo and most of those speed checks I find are accurate. On this topic, one part of the problem is speedo accuracy. Old mate might be driving down the highway at a safe for him speed of 95 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. His actual speedo could be out by up to 10 km/h, let say 7km/h as this was how far my Dmax was out with stock tyres on it. Old mate is actually doing 88km/h in a 100 km/h zone. He will be getting overtaken by me at 100km/h as I'm driving to the gps. Then add the myriad of variations of drivers driving to different speeds with different accuracy and we have everyone running down the same road with possibly 15km/h variation still thinking we are the one that is in the right
  9. MrNoodle

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Are goggleman some sort of prescription lens?
  10. MrNoodle

    New to group, looking for a new 250cc

    The WR250 is a great bike and you will find a great WR in that price range. Versatile and bulletproof. Did you need full reg? They were available as grey imports and with rec reg make them a very cheap way to get a brand new bike (only just a bit dearer than your budget from hazy memory). Goodluck and welcome
  11. MrNoodle

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    THats great to read mate. THats what I was hoping would happen, to create a bit of awareness. Hope they work well for you going forward and tell others
  12. MrNoodle


    There are different ways of getting bikes there. Buy your own new one in advance and leave it there and come back and use it for other events or the following years. Companies run hire packages where you get full support and you loan their bikes which could be a year or 2 old and you pay for breakages/parts/tyres on top of the costs. Some deals may include accomodation, food, fuel, transport to and from start/finish locations and bike prep etc. Sooo much extra planning behind the scenes rather than just paying your entry fee and turning up. Some people crate their bikes home. Some may sell them to people doing the race next year
  13. I've been waiting a month and a half for a new car from Germany because of pollen on cars and quarantine wanting to clean them. I've sold my Dmax so of course I had to wait longer than they said. Hopefully the Austrian beauties aren't effected and are here soon mate
  14. MrNoodle


    Best of luck lads with the event, its going to be huge! Stay safe and have fun while you can and when it gets tough, hopefully your extensive training comes through. Post up numbers and stuff when you get a chance
  15. MrNoodle


    I need a new hoodie