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  1. 350 riders

    What year is your Sherco 300 4T Frank? I rode Geoffro's Sherco at the Annual Weekender last year and I was really impressed with how low that thing lugged on hills and the fact it didn't seem to flame out. My Berg 350 is a 13 model and I flame that out heaps and often at the worst times. I rode 2 spankin KTM 350's a month ago and they felt comfortable and familiar to my older Berg but still flamed out. THe 350 is very easy to do anything on that we encounter, but I don't see me going back to it anytime soon! Even with teething carby problems I am being won over by the 2T life. Worth a look or test ride
  2. Cobaw from a different angle

    Yes unfortunately. The mighty Jarvis Husqvarna 300 has been sold a while back now too
  3. Bike upgrade

    My story with dirtbikes: I started with an 86 XR 350, tractored everywhere, heavy as hell, still sitting in the shed, will never part with her then I bought............. A Honda 06 CRF 450X with unknown km's on it and bought it relatively cheap, owned by bogans before me (I am a bogan so all is fair!). This was my dream bike being a Honda head growing up so I wanted to get it "RIGHT" and this led to spending a hell of a lot of money trying to get it right and doing everything to it to renew it. I spent close to the cost of a new bike over 18 months but I did do a hell of a lot of unknown kms riding most weekends with dirtriderz when it wasn't getting fixed. I loved her but when I got lucky and had the chance to upgrade I got away from the 450 and was super happy with my decision to move onto a 13 Husaberg (KTM) FE 350. The 350 was noticeably lighter (as you would know from your test rides) and would do everything from gnarly creek beds to wide open desert speeds with the same gearing of 13-52, thats a very versatile bike! I would just add fuel and learnt how to ride with Chads Offroad Suspension helping me look good. That thing climbs and finds traction where it shouldn't and made me look like a better rider than I am. They are a very predictable bike and could be safely ridden by a beginner or raced by a pro. As time has gone on I have always been interested in what life was like with 2 less strokes in my dirtbiking life so I am hoping to buy another new bike in the next year or so. This is how the 17 KTM 250 EXC accidently ended up in my possession and decide which way to go in the near future..............2T or 4T. I did top end, cam chain, valves, headwork, carby stuff, you name it I did it to the CRF except bottom end and related work. I did all this straight away so the bike would be good to go. I read way too much on the internet and that would be my next project before the next weekends ride! I did a top end at 160 hrs (maybe 4000km's) on my Berg but it looked mint and didn't really need it at the time. I was advised that it would only need rings and good to go but didn't want to go back in there for a while so new top end and happy days. There is always a chance to be concerned if it has had any work done to a bike as this might be the reason they are offloading their bike. Way too many adds say fresh top end and low hrs, that doesn't read right to me, why would anyone do that way before service intervals? Also you never know the skill levels of the people doing the work on the bike. I do almost all my own work as then I only have one person to blame if something stuffs up (I dont touch my suspension except the clickers). I've ridden lots (all the ones you've mentioned above) of bikes and always loved them and appreciate where some are better than others in different situations, but I was always really happy to be jumping back on my Berg 350. I guess my advice is a 450 is a lot of bike if you like tighter stuff but the newer they get, the lighter they also get. If you ride a lot of firetrails or desert rides than 450's are perfect. Some people can punt around 450's no worries in the bush but they do fatigue you more as the day goes on than a 350. I do have my Berg sitting in the shed looking a little sad but fully kitted out with almost a year of rec reg on it and about 315 hrs, but I don't think I can part with it...........yet I don't know when I will ride it next!
  4. Dirt bike tours meets Hunger Games?
  5. Thats a nice downhill jog I put on with my bung ankle to recover bike
  6. Newbie

    Welcome aboard Bush wood. Lots of Ballarat riders on the forum but lots of active riders all over the state so have a read of the rider grading and jump on a ride
  7. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Maybe I should move to China for a bit and I might lose weight! Keep up the updates mate, it is an interesting read
  8. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Welcome aboard Tien and glad you got out with the safety of others. Introduce yourself at the link below and tell us what your riding
  9. iPad / tablet optimised

    Thats awesome mate. There is always something. When something gets updated, something falls off the planet in another place on the forum and we dont know unless told. When this latest attempted fix was done, a couple of other things happened which I have already noticed but we didn't ask for
  10. Sounds great guys, wish I could have been with you guys but I made the right decision I think. Sounds like great banter and well done Arthur as usual, top effort even rolling out the awning
  11. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Just point at a menu or someone elses table and hope for the best!
  12. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Have a great time Eagle. How long are you away for? The RCHGFA rides have just about wrapped up today and the last of the donations still coming in
  13. RCHA Wombat 1+ 8/4

    Well done guys, sounds like fun was had
  14. Oh, sorry again for mismarking a corner. I was following Fab around a corner off of a main road onto a 4wd track and he turns around and looks and waves at me so I wave back and follow him for a bit, then remember the whole cornerman system we run on these rides. I try to turn around without running into any oncoming riders but I see the first few ride past the corner quickly followed by 2 more. I managed to stop the sweep then chased after the other 4 for ages along this main road, sorry guys!
  15. Yes it was a cracking day behind the bars Fab. I got my bike back from Chads Offroad last night so I was keen to try out the new bouncy bits so organised my gear and changed coolant, few other things then jumped on dirtriderz to look for a ride.......Chewton, haven't been there in over 5 years, sounds perfect. Driving up the Calder and a car towing a KTM overtakes me and winds his window down saying gday and it was Riles.........I think. In my head I was thinking the rest of the time to the unload spot, isn't Riles doing the Australian Four Day Enduro? It couldn't have been him. Well it was, and how good to have the jetting guru on the ride to help me understand a bit more about my bike........and to swap bikes and tinker with mine. We head off into the trails and I am quickly reminded how rocky Chewton is, its really rocky. Big rocks, little rocks, multiple rocks, rock ledges, man made rock walls, ball bearing rocks and of course just your average rocks sitting in the middle of the trail for no reason at all. Straight into some fun creek rocks to really test out my dodgy ankle and I hurt it a little throughout the day but not too bad. Also looks like lots of trees were down and lots of hopping was had at times and we lost our way on more than 45 occasions. Its funny that you can be sweeping one minute, than about 50 metres later you are leading the group down the track. A very close group ride gathering together every 25 - 50 metres at times figuring out where the hell are we headed next! We get to the bottom of a hill and I instantly remember it from my only other visit here on a Jondalar loop, Scorpio, which I had quite a few unsuccessful attempts back then. I was on Riles bike (which I love!) so I got off and waited to swap back over, yakked some jetting yak again (she is running a bit off at the moment) then laughed as I was pretty sure I wouldn't get up with the way it was running. I gave it heaps and overtook 2 of the boys on the way up then got stuck nearing the top, a couple of back and forwards over a rock edge and I was off again and up the top first! Love ya work Chad, I wouldn't have done that before with the way the bike was set up as I was struggling with hills, the suspension is going great. More of the same, looking, riding, finding, looking continued on until what appeared to be a spotter for trials riders pointing out the best line for us all to go. Was quite weird seeing someone in the middle of no where but I then realised we were close to the road and we had a bit of a debrief. I heard that some riderz were headed for the cars and with 34 solid km's under my belt and my jetting issues to sort I thought it was a good time to head home and try sort the bike. A quick almost 20 km firetrail back to the car and we loaded up the cars and bid our farewells. Massive thanks to Fab for posting this up and trying to tempt out CentralVic, he'll be back soon, he has work to do! Thanks to everyone for the sweeping/looking game and for the pointing/yelling worked a treat. Once again, thank you Riles for your assistance, patience and tips helping me with my jetting, we will get there. I also appreciate that you left the A4DE just so you could tickle with my bike! I really cant wait to get back there and eat up all those rocks again!