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  1. So this must just about be finished now mate???
  2. Along with the mig and arc setup on my original cigweld weldskill185, I bought the tig torch for it as one of my employees wanted to learn and have a play. We did some reading and youtubing from weld.com and he was quickly producing some nice welds. He is going to have a crack at making a bow rail for his boat over the weekend and maybe some schnapper racks too so I will post some pics when he finishes
  3. Prices of bikes are crazy. I am trying to get my lad to step up to the kx85 we have but its still pretty big for him so have shaved the seat, lowered suspension and if the wheels turn up I will be trying him on it for size this weekend. I actually got the wife to agree to buy a spanka kx65 as we could keep it a couple of years and only loose maybe a $1000 but holding off as yes its not much longterm but the initial outlay would come off the mortgage. Hopefully the 85 will fit him. Mean while, I should try sell the ttr50 and pw50....................Anyone?
  4. Loving the progress updates JMan. Awesome work mate
  5. How thick is it around the top? A customer asked me to cut open an old diving tank and I felt inside the top hole and it felt about an inch thick so told him to get someone with a proper cutter to do it
  6. Sorry to read Ruger. I hope you have a speedy full recovery
  7. Is that better? My body is falling apart, not my mind!
  8. They are out 90% of the year
  9. Welcome Turtl. Looks like you've got touring and dirt fun covered
  10. Good to see you back on the forum mate
  11. My brother in law bought one from Matt Jones in Melton after test riding the shop bike. Its been modified a fair amount and he said he would buy it if the same as that. I had a ride and the power is great but I only had a quick squirt at his block on it. I think its called an RLX (special stickers come with it) but it hasn't got all the fancy stuff on it like one I saw floating around on facebook. And yes it has a tiny tank
  12. Glad you got your bike sorted Maccastrewth. On the above quote, I might be able to relate. When cruiser hosted an awesome Satdy ride the day before the Stockmans Rally, I thought I was just loosing traction and giving it heaps of throttle but still had a cracking day. Come the Rally on the Sunday and relatively easy and greasy trails, lots of riders to overtake and trying to keep up with RustyO and I thought I was smashing it. I thought my rear tyre was spinning out of every corner of the wet ground and I was probably grinning stupidly under the helmet. We get to the one hard part for the day a steep and slippery hill climb and I'm overtaking heaps of people going up and about 5/6 of the way up, I loose drive and the mighty Berg decides its had enough. Long story mildly short, I had burnt out the clutch and I didn't even know it. THe last 1/6th was not fun to get the Berg up the hill, neither was getting dunk most of the remainder of the course cause its one way back to the car for recovery.
  13. Good work to everyone in here having a crack at improving their health. I try do it often but since a car accident last year I have really struggled both with a shoulder injury and a lower back issue. Have just had a spinal block to get rid of the numbness up and down my left leg and only allowed walking at the moment but doing a bit of yoga as well. I really want to get out on the bikes but it doesn't look real promising for many months to come, possibly the rest of the year. My Oesteo doesn't even want me on my pushy for a while yet as he knows my work is strenuos so now its time to focus on getting everything right and hopefully join you guys on the trails next year.......
  14. I might need another kx 60/65 or something similar if anyone has one laying around, my daughter is stepping up pretty quickly in less then a year and wants to start riding the kwaka and my son isn't big enough for the 85 yet.
  15. The little beast is back alive. New top end, new air filter (old one torn so would explain condition of piston), carb clean, new muffler packing, new chain and sprockets and a general clean up and she now starts first kick https://youtu.be/-iXwQli-MoM
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