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  1. MrNoodle

    Wet boots

    I made my own a year or so ago too. Can of paint makes it look flash. Mine is the sponsored version. Rubber hose adapts hair dryer nicely and spare post is for helmet. I do like the above idea of the drilled side holes on the posts though. Might have to adapt them
  2. I rode @Scottland 350 many years ago with a Vortex and it was great. Another option is to give Rex a call at Fuel Torque and send him your ECU and he sends it back spot on for a lot less money than the cost of a Vortex.
  3. MrNoodle

    Smokers Lounge

    Welcome back mate
  4. MrNoodle

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    1 Large for me please good sir PM Geoffro for payment details is the easiest way unless you already have his details from a previous order
  5. MrNoodle


    There are coaches at Ride Park but you need to contact them separate to Ride Park. I think one is Woods MX coaching or something like that. ANother is Joe Stevens. Hopefully we will be at Ride Park a bit more as the weather improves on the 50 track, might see you there
  6. I forgot about this (way too much going on in my life) so cheers for bumping the thread. I just did an online quote with Swann for full comp on my 13 Berg with $500 XS and $1000 of gear and came in about $360. My full comp 17 KTM is about $200!
  7. MrNoodle

    Rider Grading System

    Cheers for the reminder. We were working on that a bit ago and I believe 2T4me had re jigged some of the wording/updated stuff. I had forgotten all about it as had a lot on work/family-wise this year. I will see if we can finalise it.
  8. MrNoodle

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    THe hoodies are mint. Cheers again Fro
  9. MrNoodle

    Greendale - Nice for some

    That husky is cursed, time to get rid of it!
  10. I just rang RACV and they said not covered for my Berg. I have to send them an email to prove when I changed over to rec reg and they will back date paying back but I would rather the cover as it is cheaper to insure my full reg cost more newer bike!
  11. Cheers mate, will give them a bell in the morning as the Berg is with them
  12. MrNoodle

    SX @ GMHBA stadium

    They did it there last year too from memory. Will try get there for a look
  13. MrNoodle

    300 kit in a husky te250

    I contemplated a 300 kit in my ktm 250 but ended up sending it to TSP to get them to give it a tickle. Runs great now on the stock carb running his jetting specs and definitely has that fun factor but deep down I think I want a 300 TPI.
  14. MrNoodle


    Cheers Trailz for the tip off. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet though but Mev is about 1 hr and 6 mins in and Buzz at 1 hr and 12mins. Worth keeping an eye out for Buzz and its better than any video I have seen before from the event!
  15. MrNoodle


    Late reply but yes, thats all I ever put in my bikes. Being a non kickstart Berg 350 that I have I relied on a good battery and never faulted the battery in its time