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  1. First vid I've made in a while. Very low budget off the phone
  2. Just check out the organised rides section Laaland. If you cant find a ride to suit you, post up in the organised rides and "Expression Of Interest" of when you want to ride. Hopefully someone will jump on or invite you to their ride. Hope to catch you on the trails
  3. G'day Nooka. Lots of rides posted every weekend so check out the organised ride thread for info on ride levels and how things are run. There were rides just out out of Ballan this weekend
  4. Yes mate, on gully track I believe it's called. Gypsy and Frank were attempting the hills next to it
  5. The day started with a text from Gypsy saying he was running late and not to hurry (must have had too many beers last night!) and the first thing I thought was you beauty, we aren't starting in the dark again. I spot some lights and a dirtbike and introduce myself to Frank and head of for a nature walk. Frank and I discuss a dozen odd topics then finally Drew and Gypsy arrive and the sun is up! We head off into the weirdest ground conditions. Slippery at first then turn a corner and sweet loamy sand. In various places there were puddle filled firetracks with dust constantly kicking up. I took a bit of time to find some mojo in the cold morning but I started feeling better. We found a few hills and had some practice and I was actually lugging the 250 and doing some of them well. Gypsy and Frank were hitting anything and everything they could and some of the angles of those hills were insane. I took plenty of video footage on my phone so I will have to try edit something together. While the boys played on the hills at lunch I explored a cave and that was really cool as it had a massive hole in it that went down to another level. After lunch I was a bit all over the shop and had lots of simple little offs so I was a fair way behind the lads on lots of trails.We had a little climb with a rock ledge that I was sure I had done before so I gave it heaps of throttle and flew up it......somehow almost doing a big superman and landed and rode off! Enter the water crossings......yeah not a great time was had, the water was up and lots of dead engine pushing bikes across. On 2 separate occasions we ingested some water and need to dewater some bikes. One of them was mine and after changing the plug and all the other bits the bike sounded crisp as. Took a bit to get the battery charged up again so lucky for the kickstarter and the 2T!. I had one crack at a hill and got spat off real early but I think it was at this point I broke a rim lock!. I came back down and the bike was struggling to run again so airfilter back out and dried off again and the 250 was humming again. With the battery flat I offered Frank a go at getting my bike up the hill cause I didn't want to kick it on the side of the hill. Frank struggled and fought it all the way up but got my bike up. I jumped on his 300 and found his quad throttle set up, that was interesting! At the top of the hill I told the boys that with a flat battery I would head for the cars but we were all heading the same way so we went together. I went up a little greasy climb and I didn't think I would struggle but I did, plenty of revs but no forward momentum. I hear Drew yelling out to me that the tyre is spinning on the rim! First time I've broken a rim lock. Frank chimes in with his efforts on the hill climb with my bike and said thats what it felt like when he went up. Cheers lads for a great day and lots of fun and waiting up for me. Also cheers for the help with the water crossings and working on my bike.
  6. Well done for getting out on your first dirtriderz ride and writing up a report Jaseo!
  7. Pub rides used to be a regular but depends on the day and the level
  8. G'day Freethie and welcome aboard. Lots of rides around those areas but most of the riders prefer a beer or 2! Hope to catch you on a ride in the near future
  9. Cheers for the after ride debrief too Riles. Dirtbikes and a debrief are great for the mind
  10. Welcome Lethal. I believe a new forum member signed up from Mildy in the last couple of weeks. Chris someone I think. Would love to ride the sands up there
  11. I usually spend 4 - 600 hundred on a helmet. Back when bell 9's were being raved about I got suckered in and bought one and it was the hottest and dearest helmet I've bought I think. My current lid is an Airoh Aviator 2.2 and wow is that thing light and airey. Almost feels unsafe but I really like it. AMX Geelong when they opened up had a pallet of them for $400 each all one color scheme. Now if you ride down this way there are lots on the trails
  12. It's been that long since I've been to Cobaw I wasn't even sure I was in the right carpark and no one else there but Rider arrived followed by Jono, Eric and Riles. A quick catchup at a safe distance while gearing up and we were off into a wet Cobaw. The last ride I was on was with Cluffie and Cruiser in the rain at the annual weekender so with a bit over 6 months worth of rust on me I was taking it pretty easy. Lucky for me the new tyre I fitted on Friday night made things a lot easier. As the km's ticked over I was starting to feel a lot better and greying a bit of flow happening and attempting a few logs. I think my legs have got shorter as on many occasions at low speed I went to dab a foot and quickly lost balance and the bars hit the ground. I have always love the challenging rocky climbs at Cobaw and went from flailing legs and bouncing everywhere to standing up and riding relatively gracefully up over and through. So many rocky downhills where you let go of brakes and just roll it out and these were probably my shining moments for the day. The pace was on early and we were all moving pretty well with not much stopping until I stuffed up one hill and it gassed me pretty quick, the joys of being unfit. Turned around and went again and eventually got up and through all the rocks only to be pointed to go through more rocks again! Cheers Riles for picking up my water proof jacket after yet another tumble from a high rock. The ride was well over the cruisy level 2 I was hoping for but I knew what I would be in for when Rider offered to lead and secretly that's what I wanted but I wouldn't want to hold other riders up. I was pretty happy when I heard we were headed for the cars which is when the hand and arm cramps started kicking in, on a fast, rocky up hill where you can't back off so I just had to work the throttle like a dj spinning a record. It became interesting when Eric stopped quickly in front of me that's for sure but I missed him, got to the top and smashed down a mouthful of vegemite to get me back to the cars. About 4 hours riding for 46km with not a lot of stopping, no injuries and home at a decent hour, what a great day even with lots of drizzle. Cheers guys
  13. I think I was there that day. You went over a wash out and practically jumped over me!
  14. Pretty sure I did a valve clearance check early on in this long ongoing process. I have done a lot of things that I only remember later on. Yes I think it was from Turkey @TRAILZ but its not the inline filter, its the in tank filter directly hooked up to the pump assembly.
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