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  1. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Congrats on having the big ones to pony up and take on such an awesome event guys. The hard work you guys have been putting in over the past years will help with the skills needed and hopefully the thought of laughter and trailside banter will put you in a better place when soul destroying hills and slippery gullies have sapped all your strength. All the best lads and stay safe
  2. MXTV Footage

    Hey Oz. We did ask Belly if we could get a copy but he is very restricted with what he can do with the content as I believe it is owned by Channel 7 or something along those lines so we don't want to get Belly in trouble. Cheers, Noods
  3. Who Have You Not Seen On Here For A Long Time?

    Habs has got a bit on at the moment but I look forward to him getting back out with us and the next Goughs Bay ride/challenge!
  4. Just wondering on what types of plastics are available for my 17 KTM and where to get them from? The new to me work bike needs some new plastics and graphics!
  5. 2t oil injection

    I've got a mate with a spanka 300 Cross Trainer. His only done a couple of rides but it had a light on (not sure what one) and has been chewing bulk 2T oil. He had it back to them and they have replaced stator and something else as it was overcharging the battery as well, he said his seat was getting hot. Lucky there was no fire! Hopefully find out more about it tomorrow
  6. As Gypsy said, thats what we are here for. Its summer and not as much riding going on so we need to pass the time. It might even get a few more of us out to the shed to get the maintenance sorted before the primo riding conditions arrive
  7. Smokers Lounge

    That compression seems great in comparison to what the new is!
  8. KTM 500 exc f

    Exciting, I love big boxes
  9. I get replacement discs from metal gear and have been really happy with them. Have been using them for many years. As for the bike sounding loud at 100km/hr, don't stress, they rev forever. I run 13/52 on my berg 350 and it has run over 140km/hr (on closed course competitions of course[emoji16]). When you get it to 100, give it a fistful, you will be surprised and trees go past really fast!
  10. Stokie fatal accident

    Yes it is always a shock to hear of people in our sport dying, even more so at the elite end. I didn't know that much about him until he won Finke last year but anyone who can do that against the talent and money involved from sponsors etc quickly grabs your attention. RIP
  11. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Hope to catch you up for a ride and beers when the weather is nicer, happy birthday mate
  12. RAGEenduro Vids

    That's great news they found your source of pain and a reminder for myself to follow up on my own back problems. Hope you heal up quickly mate
  13. Dakar 2018

    And the overall result