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  1. Those lights would have went to me so cheers mate Most likely Woodsy if up around Shep. Red hair? I have met sooooo many members left right and centre at shops, events, driving. As most people know I am more then up for a yak. Last member I think I bumped into was JT
  2. Sorry to read Tracey. Was great to see you posting up rides. I hope your back twisting a throttle quicker than expected
  3. One of your N.S.W. trips maybe???
  4. Is the front tyre on backwards in these photos mate? Looks like it is directional and the back tyre is going the opposite way to it. I love the bike, might be my next purchase bikewise.........
  5. Great to hear from you mate. Come back stronger!
  6. Cheers guys. Yes missing the camaraderie out on the trails with the crew. Hope to be back sooner rather then later. I still want to be doing it
  7. I will get an XL in Navy/White No Zip thanks mate
  8. Dont forget the value of just rolling the front wheel. If a rider is stuck in a pinch/slippery rock/step up at the rear wheel, if they are on the bike and you can roll the front wheel by hand to get them past the spot and then they are on their way. Because you are turning the wheel you have to be careful for the spokes/forks/fingers etc but it works well. Tugger straps should be on all of our bikes and are great but because they are mounted at higher positions, they actually take more effort. The other flip side of this is that they are a great spot to tow from/attach a tow strap for group pulling up hills etc.
  9. Good luck Splints. My wife reckons she wouldn't want to go through it twice so I wish you all the best. But she was on that many drugs that she really doesn't remember it, I however remember it clearly, it wasn't fun at times, and other times it was fun! She was very emotional, for 3 days!
  10. Remember guys and gals, it has to be you and your bike and a background. The first 2 are leading so far!
  11. Cheers to all who got in their and had a crack at making this a great weekender. I turned up on Saturday arvo just for the social side as I still can't ride at the moment unfortunately. I really do miss riding with everyone which is why I had to catch up for at least the social side, even if its about a 3 hour drive! I turn up to get directed in by Little John who I hadn't seen in I don't know how many years. I quickly say g'day to 1 or 2 peeps before parking the car and setting up swag and awning before the festivities started. I did a quick lap saying g'day to many faces that I haven't met or haven't ridden with for ages. The awards were great and taken in the right spirit and the speeches were touching. They also opened up a few other discussions amongst many members throughout the night to speak about their own issues, struggles and battles with which they have had to fight in their life so well done to all. As the festivities rolled on Bad Badgers Tequilla was going down a treat, I now remember shot gunning beer cans due to the above photos and Harry's fried rice was the only thing I ate all night, I forgot to cook dinner, big mistake.....As the night rolled on someone went around the campsites to check on those that had already left to snooze with a 300 4T rev or 2 and the singing got a little louder. I was the last man standing but I couldn't work the boom box and Harry was still supplying the tunes from his swag even though I was holding the speaker. I woke up to Ghost Rider saying gday and when I poked my head out the swag I was surprised to see the Landcruiser and Caravan that was parked next to my head was gone! Went back to sleep till about 11.30 and left Dann sleeping at about midday. That 3 hour drive home took over 5 hours with a few stops and a sleep on the side of the road for good measure. Wow, can't wait for next year and hopefully I'll be back on the bike well before then. Cheers, MrNoodle I donated online but their was no actual way of recognising our ride so in the reference section I mentioned Dirtriderz Black Dog Ride. We need to get the donation link in the first post as well. I will add that tonight
  12. No Joy BrucieT. Hoping for a quick recovery for you
  13. He was becoming a regular top 10 in the Hard enduros. Lets all hope for a speedy recovery and that he can get back to the top
  14. Good stuff boys. Wish I was out there again watching you guys tackle those hills
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