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  1. I can't remember exactly but I'm sure the bike would run if it was changed to the other one. I think that's what I figured out when I ordered what I thought was the problem. After touching the starter briefly I can hear mine prime and then if I wait up to maybe 10 seconds I can hear a click come from the relay. That meant it was good. I'm guessing you've got none of that
  2. Looks kinda wet. Nice reports guys
  3. I have looked at every problem and tried them all to get my Berg back on the trails. I have read about the relay problem and if it is the problem, the bad new is there is another one in the airbox that you could have used to get the bike going. Its hiding on the other side of the airbox away from the side that comes off easy (up the top under the sub-frame rail). I have another one spare sitting here. Part 24 below I think
  4. Great stuff@Fab . In another video you looked really good on that 300. Congrats mate, you'll love it. In a month's time you will wonder why you persisted with 4T's and Yamahas for so long!
  5. No joy JakeKTM but a great write up. I love riding around Bright and sounds like you know a few tracks that I'd like to get on. Heal up quick as I am heading there in a month I think/hope
  6. Yep thats what happened to mine as well, worked for a bit but then broken links for new threads. I could still see some that I had already viewed on phone though
  7. 10 of us started the day and on my warm up ride I realised I still hadn't fixed my vibrating bash plate that I had been meaning to for the past 3 pr 4 rides. A quick look from dusty and we discover that I'm missing a bolt so I ignore that and we head off. I always find Dissa pretty slippery to start the day so I donned the yellow vest and volunteered to sweep. Not to far into the trails Nathan pulls the pin with a bung shoulder from a mountain bike injury, heal up quick and strong mate and see you at the desert (damned pushies). The crew were flowing through the trails and needing no real work from the sweep until we find a real slippery clay uphill with a few roots thrown in for good measure. I turned off my fuel, jumped off my bike and with a few pushes, prods and wheel turns everyone gets through. I get back on my bike and just getting through the slippery uphill stuff nicely until the engine dies at a terrible spot and I swear as I turn the fuelcock back on. Plenty of engine revving and a bit more pushing and I get to the top with a few giggles coming from the crew and Dusty acknowledging the fact I may need a quick break! We are about to get going when Habs realises he has no gear lever and starts the march back down the slippery clay hill in search of his lever. This gives me time to rebolt the bash plate and plenty of banter before Habs finds it, climbs back up the ill and puts it backs on. Dusty pointed us in the direction of a hill he had only ever done once with a mention of a step up in there. Being sweep I was up the back and watched everyone coming back down and heading to Hamburger 1. I thought this looks fun and when I get my go I give it a bit of throttle then see a couple of guys struggling to turn there bikes around and that looked like hard work so I gave the throttle a bit more of a twist and hoped for the best and got up the rocky step up grinning. Another highlight for me was 3rd gear hill. I have only done it once and it was a terrible effort . I gave it quite a few cracks watching what the others were doing and was keen on smashing the rock line on the right. One failed attempt was petcock still turned off (damned carbies!) and I think the bike flipped on a couple but I finally nailed it and really easily. When I got to the top I wanted to do it again to reaffirm what I did and a fail or 2 later I got up but terribly and its on film, cheers Marko! Another hill to mention was Swamp Hill. The word went around that there was a new hill just up from Swamp Hill and we navigated towards it. As a few of us up the back saw the guys at the front struggling with trees and off camber terrain we also noticed BenG making swamp hill look like a mere lump in the ground. I thought, yeah I can do that and turned around and headed for the bottom of the hill to replicate Beng's form. I get on the throttle, point the bike in the general direction and from there on the bike was all over the shop and I almost thought I was in control of my Kato for a second before I failed miserably. As I pick up my bike I watch Marko trotting off to the far right and doing it really easily and Dann follows and does the same. I jump in behind them and then do all sorts of awful efforts and get the bike to the top, eventually, minus the clutch, I think that burnt down somewhere down there! Highlights for the day was watching BenG and Doug Trez constantly riding when we were catching a breather and smashing hills over and over again. Also catching up with the rest of the crew and a bit of banter hear and there, Cheers Dann for helping with the sweeping and a massive thanks to Dusty for leading us around even though you were clearly under the weather and having to kick the bike as well. I said to him at one stage its alright if we head for home early but he pushed on.
  8. Welcome bakweel. That ride above would be a cracker of a ride
  9. Welcome Clement. Your English is fine mate. I don't ride motorcross but do get out to Ride Park with my son occasionally. Its a great place to ride and not too far away from you but if you want to get into racing best to join up to a club. If you put up a post in the Organise Rides thread on dirtriderz for Ride Park then you may grab a few other dirtriderz members to join you. Its always better when you have other people to ride with
  10. Enjoy some bevvies tonight lads and happy birthday Stinky
  11. Yeah I'd take it back to where you bought it if that's easy enough and your unsure
  12. @richardg has one of those, maybe he might have some advice???
  13. Welcome Darren. Cheers for getting on board. Hope to see you at the Annual Weekender?
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