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  1. MrNoodle

    Cruzin Goughs Bay with Gypsy 2018

    I have shared it to him mate
  2. MrNoodle

    Hello all

    Welcome aboard Jim. Jump on a lower level ride to assess your skill level and take it from there
  3. MrNoodle

    2018 ISDE Chile

    Massive congrats to all the Australian sides, competitors and supporters that are over there helping the teams to kick arse! So proud of their efforts and the girls are simply in a league of their own. Such great role models
  4. MrNoodle

    Cruzin Goughs Bay with Gypsy 2018

    It is great to see Syd finally on a dirtriderz ride. Looks awesome up there as always guys. Great reports
  5. MrNoodle

    2018 ISDE Chile

    I rode with Andy Wilksch one day with dirtriderz at Mt. Cole. He is a top kid and in the junior trophy with Chad looking after his bouncy bits. The kid is going places!
  6. MrNoodle

    Overheating Husky te300

    Great to read you are sorted mate
  7. MrNoodle

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Hope you heal up quick mate and get to finish running in your new ride!
  8. Well done everyone for competing and a massive effort to Buzz coming 15th outright! I must have missed it but Dangerous Dave was there as well
  9. Dpnt forget overflowing toilets! Ladies love those
  10. How I usually roll on Wildwood Sunday. Get there early enough to watch the practice and prologue. Lots of carnage in the enduro X area and great viewing. When the race is about to start we head down to the dam which is just after the start/enduroX area. Lots of fun and potential carnage. Wander through the prickles to Horsepower Hill and watch riders tackle that then jump on the bus and head down to the Rock Garden. After that head back to the finish area and watch everyone come home. Last year we went wandering further into the course than usual as the bus broke down earlier than usual (usually gets a flat tyre or breaks down!)
  11. This will be the first year I cant make it in a long time unfortunately. Its a great event that needs to be attended to appreciate. Good luck to all dirtriderz James Petch (Kage) , Mev and Buzz
  12. MrNoodle

    2012 Ktm 500 exc gear slipping

    Changed brands of oil at all?
  13. MrNoodle

    2012 Ktm 500 exc gear slipping

    What sort of hours? Put her on her side and take off the clutch cover and see if you can find anything in there
  14. MrNoodle

    Wombat Closure

    Been following this on a couple of Facebook groups and it is not looking good. One particular page is Bush Users Group United. They are filming a commercial this Friday and want numbers geared up with what we do in the bush. Look them up on Facey. Bush Users Group United. Below is the request asking for assistance if anyone is in the area. Sign up and help keep our trails open. The production of our TV commercials will begin this Friday 26th Oct. Two Ads will be shot on site in the Wellsford State Forest just 8.77 km outside of Bendigo. We are looking for volunteer, 4wd's, Mountain Biker Riders, Motor Bike Riders, Hunter, Fisherman, and a dog walker or two. (Some of people who put up their hand can not make it) Please bring all your gear. The assembly point will be at the "Farmers Arms Hotel" car park on the corner of Popes Rd and the Mc.Ivor Hwy. You have to be there no later that 10.30 am. It should only take half a day. We only want definite starters. No may be's please. If you have any question please PM me.