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  1. MrNoodle

    Torpedo 7 moving back to NZ

    I knew some stuff came from Sydney but I am sure the majority of their stuff was in NZ? I used to buy a fair bit of gear/tools from there too. I guess there is one bonus to not riding much at the moment (family commitments, summer, minor injuries and work stuffing that up!), not having to buy spares etc.!
  2. MrNoodle

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    I can't win but I want to guess! 672
  3. We want to see some cracking ride reports this month of February and the member that writes the best ride report will receive a set of Steg Pegz to suit a modern bike (whatever Stegz make them for). It looks like we have some cooler weather this week so the perfect chance to get out there amongst the dirt with ya mates then share with us your ride stories, photos and/or videos. Make them funny or make them serious, make them about one particular incident or highlight moment, just make sure you have a crack and put a bit of detail so we all can share and re-live your ride together. Get out there and get riding and writing
  4. MrNoodle

    Broadford Dirt Track Day

    Well done guys. Pretty jealous as I really wanted to do it but could make it. Any more vids???
  5. Big blade with a decent lock on it makes it easier
  6. I also stop and maintain trails sometimes as needed, more on social rides as I struggle keeping up on the faster rides at the best of times. Also on social rides when not leading or sweeping I tend to be jumping off the bike a lot mid pack at obstacles that could cause dramas so as everyone is safe or assisted if needed. The bush trails are always evolving from one ride to the next so if we can help maintain them then we are looking out for ourselves and one another in the future.
  7. MrNoodle

    What you watching.

    I am watching The Fix on Netflix which is a Jimmy Carr hosted series. Jim Jefferies specials on NetFlix. I also watched a movie on Netflix called Game Night and was surprisingly good (I thought it was going to be a light comedy to keep the wife entertained but thoroughly enjoyed with lots of out loud laughing moments. I love comedies if you cant tell
  8. MrNoodle

    Dakar 2019

    They would make a great KTM babies that will win many titles in years to come
  9. MrNoodle

    Dakar 2019

    There is a live podium on at the moment presenting the finishers medals
  10. MrNoodle

    Dakar 2019

    I hope this facebook video link works. It shows Quintanilla's crash on the last stage and Toby coming to see if he is alright. It is part of what all the offroad scene is supposed to do but he then goes on to hold it flat out and win the last stage when he knew he didn't have to as he had obviously had made up 3 minutes on Quintanilla as these were the start intervals.
  11. MrNoodle

    Dakar 2019

    2 time Dakar champion Toby Price! Well done legend. Even got the stage win by 2 odd mins
  12. MrNoodle

    Dakar 2019

    Toby is last to start in a reverse order start 3 minutes behind Quintanilla. Toby went through WP1 second fastset just 12 seconds off the pace of Benavides. Quintanilla hasn't shown up on the timing charts at WP1 yet so I don't know whether he has a problem or if it just didn't show up on the timing chart (happens sometimes) Go Toby EDIT: UPDATE: Quintanilla was pushing hard and had a fall 10km into the stage . He has remounted but has an injured foot and is riding to try secure second place which he held a 5 minute lead over Walkner overnight. UPDATE: Quintanilla went through WP1 8.20 behind first. All Toby has to do is stay on the bike and ride safe!
  13. MrNoodle

    Dakar 2019

    Price, Walkner and Quintanilla all finished the stage within 1 seconds of each other so Toby still holds a narrow 1 minute lead over Quintanilla with a bit more comfort back to Walkner in 3rd. Tonight is the final stage! Go Toby!
  14. MrNoodle

    Dakar 2019

    Stage 9 is set for more dunes and a start consisting of groups of 10 leaving at a time. With all the main contenders in the top 10 it appears they were sandbagging at first and waiting for someone to make a break. This allowed the second group of 10 riders to set the fastest time through the first couple of CP's but the big guns are now firing and all within 30 seconds of each other at CP 4. Sunderland and Benavides copped 1 and 3 hour respectively overnight for the previous day effectively ruling them out of contention.
  15. MrNoodle

    New rides

    You can ride at venues like Ride Park, Starglen or Wildwood without a licence. All forum rides on public trails require a licence. If you want to meet people then organise a ride at one of these or other similar venues.