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  1. Thanks for a great ride! nice tracks! always fun to meet new people, thats a lot for the beer and bbq!
  2. What an special ride! Thanks so much to Buzz for putting on the event! great to see old faces Justin, sensei Riles, Jd and others that i can't remember names sorry. This is what is all about, about helping your mates, doing the right thing, having a good intention etc. Keep it up guys, world is changing and we all are part of it. On motorbike terms all this will improve your flow immensely. Great Photos Riles!!
  3. Hey Husky, very keen on saturday ride,  I will be waiting for a PM :)

  4. That was a great ride ride! Awesome tracks! Thanks a lot Dakota! Enjoy your piece of paradise!! What a great set up!
  5. Mmm.... Interesting ride, great tracks, good riders, was having a lot of fun until after the slippery hill in the new section, waiting a bit for everyone to get up, body got cold and as soon as we went down the tricky few rocks and hit the g out before the hill a muscle on my upper back just got stiff and couldn't breath properly, that new section with the green dots ... I was really struggling, anyway I had a lot of fun! See you next time! Thanks guys!
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