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  1. Wombat L1+

    Thanks to Andy for putting this ride on, and for the post ride eats. Also thanks to Bear for sweeping and eating all the dust. It was drier out there than I expected. Good to meet new riderz as well. I swapped Shercos with Geoffro for a little while. I had not ridden a 300 4 banger for a while, and soon felt at home on it. I had forgotten how good they are to ride. For what I normally do they are nearly as good as the two stroke. Definitely better than my 450 in the tighter stuff. The 2 stroke is just more fun to ride though. When we left the group for a while, we did some different tracks that weren't in the original ride description. Here is a pic of Scott waiting for the "salmon coloured kettle" to stop boiling.
  2. Good to hear you got the clutch sorted as well, Richard. I had been wondering about the electric start issue as well. Could it be the auto-decompressor not activating correctly when the motor is hot? I was not sure if it actually had one? I saw on the Powerhouse web site, when I was checking for some Sherco consumables, that they have the SWM parts online with breakups and pricing. There is a reasonable chance the motor is the same as yours. Paul at Powerhouse would probably know. In the attached (hope it copies and pastes OK!), parts 14 to 17 would probably be the auto-decompressor. It may just need adjustment? Others would know more about this than me. SWM 2017 RS 300R 06 - Valve Timing Please note that all prices below are Unit prices. ie: the price for one item. Ref Part # Description # On Diagram Price Per Item 1 8000A4791 GEAR, TIMING T33/34 SWM x1 $124.30 2 800061275 SPRING SWM x1 $4.70 3 8C0063811 TIMING GEAR T17 SWM x1 $43.05 4 8F0035794 CHAIN, TIMING SWM x1 $77.20 5 8000A5592 CAM SHAFT, INTAKE SWM x1 $304.95 6 161509801 KEY, WOODRUFF SWM x1 $9.40 7 800034317 BEARING, BALL 12X28X8 SWM x1 $8.80 8 800099694 CAM SHAFT, EXHAUST SWM x1 $304.95 9 8A00H0597 WASHER. THRUST 16X19.2 X0.8 SWM x1 $2.65 10 8000H0597 WASHER. THRUST 16X19.2X1 SWM x1 $2.65 11 8000A6271 SPACER SWM x1 $2.35 12 800099703 DISC SWM x1 $8.80 14 8000A9450 WEIGHT, VALVE LIFTER SWM x1 $105.55 15 800099699 SPRING SWM x1 $7.35 16 800099700 PIN SWM x1 $7.35 17 800099701 ROLLER B4X21.8 SWM x1 $1.65 18 66N021205 CIRCLIP 16 MM SWM x1 $0.35 The image is resizable and scrollable. You can also adjust the zoom of the image. Click-Drag the bottom-right corner of the image to resize.
  3. Pete, I agree about the compression lock up. But in this case the starter motor just free wheeled. It did not engage the motor. I expect there is some sort of bendix to engage the drive, this just did not happen. This would generally indicate low battery output to the starter motor? The compression lock was only evident when he tried to kick start.
  4. By what I heard when this happened, I would start with the battery. Check the battery voltage, while stationary, then when it is cranking over. I expect it is getting too low to engage the starter.
  5. The Airoh was my other choice. Thanks for the tip about AMX.
  6. I tied one on. It fitted well. Just need to justify the purchase of this over some of the more popular helmets.
  7. How are these going now they have been used for a while? Any further updates? I have been looking for a new helmet and the ventilation aspect of these seems really good.
  8. I have been told they won't be all that much cheaper than the Sherco 250/300 2 strokes
  9. Blackwood to Pig and Whistle Sunday 10 Sep

    Matt, There was a group of riders there when we got there. Maybe 5 or 6 in the group. Was probably them? It would have been good to catch up with you again.
  10. ADV/L1 Sunbury > Bendigo > Woodend

    Big bikes. Fast current. Slippery football sized rocks. = time for a swim.
  11. ADV/L1 Sunbury > Bendigo > Woodend

    Thanks for putting this ride up Pepperjack. I had a ball chasing you and BearMX. Great to spend the day with you both. That big KTM is some machine!!
  12. In 11 years of having Sherco's this is probably the first time I have had aftermarket parts in the engine. Yes, lesson learned. Mind you, there is often not an aftermarket option for these.
  13. the piston was actually slightly smaller in diameter than the stock one, even though both were a "B" size. I believe heat would have destroyed the coating.
  14. Thanks Cluffie, Yes I am aware it was lucky it did not do any more damage. It was not a case of saving money, just a case of asking for parts and getting sent what I finished up with. Next time I will be specifying stock. Thanks for the description of the cutouts. I was not sure what those were for.
  15. This is a question for the 2 stroke guru's. I have a "17 SER 300 2 stroke. Once I had the jetting sorted to suit me (thanks to Riles) it was running well and I was really enjoying riding it. At about 80 hours operation I decided I probably should change the top end. I purchased a kit and fitted it. Now I must explain I have not had anything to do with 2 stroke internals for about 40 years! I didn't think things would be too different. Anyhow, the piston I was sold was an aftermarket. Apparently the stock ones were quite a bit more expensive. It came with a black coating on the skirt, and looked a fair bit different to the stock one. From the time I started using it, I was in trouble. It ran badly at idle to say 1/4 throttle. It did rev out alright. It often had a hanging idle, and would not slow when backing off for corners, which I suspect was a lean condition. No matter what I did with jetting I could not get it right. I probably did less than 10 hours on the aftermarket piston. It now has a stock piston back in and all is fine again. What I would like to know is if someone could tell me reasons this might have happened with this piston. It is not a witch hunt, just that I want to understand the mechanics of the differences. From the picture, the original stock piston is the left hand one. You can see the skirt shape is quite different on the exhaust side (LHS) and sort of similar on the intake side. The hole (port?) in the side of the piston, near the piston pin, is a radically different size and shape. What might that change? Also, from the top of the piston pin to the top edge of the piston is 1.3 mm higher on the aftermarket one. The shape of the top is different too. The stock has a very slightly raised flat top, starting about 10 mm from the edge. The aftermarket one has a domed shape quite a lot more raised/pronounced than the stock one. I expect these two differences would raise compression, but the opening and closing of ports would also be changed in relation to crank position. Any comments welcome.