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  1. A couple of other things the Racing model does not get is a radiator fan and catch tank. This is not a problem for me. I only boiled my 2017 once, when it was running really lean due to an incorrect piston (which is another story again). It also misses a bashplate, which most people get aftermarket in any case. The Factory also has a lithium battery, but after the dramas I had with a lithium in the 2017 I will not even be contemplating putting one in my 2020. I prefer reliable cold weather starts. For me the Racing models in the 2 strokes made more sense. In the 4 stroke models the Akro
  2. I had a '11 300i, which was not much different to the '10 250. It was the same motor, just a bigger bore. Injection at that stage would have been the Magnetti Marelli (not sure how that is spelled). I had that on two bikes and it was fine. The 300 did well over 300 hours before the first overhaul. No major issues in that time. I do remember replacing a starter motor at about 220 hours. Water pump seals are prone to leaking if the motor gets overheated a few times. The suspension on that model was Paoli i believe. I had that on earlier model and it was adequate. If it has been l
  3. Yes, Bear would have been the most recognisable. There was quite a few groups out that day. More riders that I have seen for a while. We came across another group led by Riles about half an hour after we crossed paths.
  4. Great review Bruce. If this was done on Sunday we crossed paths just around the 2:00 mark in the video. You guys were on a mission! None of the usual indications of how many in the group or when the final rider was going by. Was that Geoff leading? it looked like him from the back when you were heading towards the main road in the video. The riders butt is only a few centimeters off the seat when standing!
  5. That's right Geoffro. He tried to take it upmarket. He even had a sign saying no motorcyclists at one stage allowed. I think he lasted about 18 months. Been a few since then as well. The current one seems to be headed in the right direction.
  6. This will be interesting to hear from a few other Sherco riderz. My 2017 300 SER is just over 300 hours and I am in the process of changing the piston etc the third time. I change them every 100 hours. Each time I have changed, there is still life left in the rings, and the pistons look reasonable. I also have a 2015 factory 450, which was the first of the current style larger 4 stroke motors. It has 230 hours and is virtually untouched, save for normal checking and servicing. Along the journey there has been normal parts wearing out, and only a few minor issues.
  7. So, I finally got around to doing a ride report. Most has been covered very well by others. It was a top weekend with many thanks going to Rossco and Wendy. It was good to catch up with some familiar Riderz and meet some new ones. Highlights: · The fantastic group of people who attended. · The ride. · The weather on Friday and Saturday. (Sunday was a bit ordinary) · The venue. · Wendy preparing the lolly bags for everyone before the ride, and the platter with dips, cheese etc after the ride. · Rider who provided
  8. I think I am thawed out enough to reply to this now. It did get a little uncomfortable later in the ride, which was a shame. The morning was remarkably good. Better than the day before. Thanks to Andy for putting this on, leading the ride, and the BBQ. Thanks Dale for providing the bread and Badger for the sweep duties and beers. Everyone had a go at everything today. There were a few challenges provided by the conditions. That shiny red clay is treacherous when Wombat is wet. I do need to report that there are probably only a couple of extra Badger holes in the tracks from today. I
  9. Not a whole lot of changes for 2020, as compared to 2019. But I think it might be time to upgrade from the 2017 300 SER, which is approaching the 300 hour mark.
  10. Welcome Chippa. Was good to meet you. There are plenty of rides on.
  11. Thank Pepperjack for putting this on. It was a ride the just grew and grew. 22 riderz! Far more than I am normally Ok with. Usually with numbers like that there are breakdowns, injuries and any number of hold ups. I am happy to say there was none of those worth noting. We won't talk about Andy350's little drop BEFORE the ride started. Hope the thumb is OK! I didn't do the afternoon loop, even though it was in the general area I prefer to ride in. I had to save a bit of energy to do it today. Andy, as usual the bbq was top notch and very welcome. Thanks to Stinky and Bad Badger f
  12. Off topic, but I remember that fire. Kuller and I were there that weekend. Up till then I didn't think it could happen