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  1. Not a whole lot of changes for 2020, as compared to 2019. But I think it might be time to upgrade from the 2017 300 SER, which is approaching the 300 hour mark.
  2. IanM


    Welcome Chippa. Was good to meet you. There are plenty of rides on.
  3. Thank Pepperjack for putting this on. It was a ride the just grew and grew. 22 riderz! Far more than I am normally Ok with. Usually with numbers like that there are breakdowns, injuries and any number of hold ups. I am happy to say there was none of those worth noting. We won't talk about Andy350's little drop BEFORE the ride started. Hope the thumb is OK! I didn't do the afternoon loop, even though it was in the general area I prefer to ride in. I had to save a bit of energy to do it today. Andy, as usual the bbq was top notch and very welcome. Thanks to Stinky and Bad Badger for sweeping. In the position I was, I did not get to see any of the action in the pack. As sweep you get to see some of it. Loved hearing about one of the sweeps bikes doing 360's on the ground. Is that a new technique for digging badger holes? Sorry to hear about the headlight on the mighty Sherco Frank. And Trails, that was bad luck with the helmet. I had heard of that before, but never actually been there when it has happened.
  4. Off topic, but I remember that fire. Kuller and I were there that weekend. Up till then I didn't think it could happen
  5. Thanks to Ross for putting this ride on. I know a lot of planning went into it. Thanks also to the Shepparton crew for helping, and especially Geoff for doing the BBQ lunch. The video is up to the usual standard Andy. Part 4 was interesting. I wondered how the hell you got in there? It had all happened by the time I got there, so I only saw the bike getting dragged back out. So, I now know where Bad Badger got his user name from! This ride seemed to be received well by everyone. Whenever I caught up with the group, there was plenty of banter and happy faces. There were parts of the ride that suited everyone. And parts that tested a few out, which is generally not a bad thing, as long as it is not too hard. The tracks were varied and no one got hurt. For such a large group, I didn't have much to do as sweep. Good luck to Michael, Jaydon and Geoff on their epic ride up Cape York, to the Tip. It is one ride that probably has to be ticked off everyone's list. Till next time.
  6. Matt, I replied while I was there but it seems it didn't get through. Comms are very sketchy at best. Anyhow I am home now. I was at the Toro Gold mine in eastern Senegal, in the Kedougou region. It was an Aussie project (Aussies are world renowned for making big holes) so it is possibly the same mine. There are a few gold mines in the area though.
  7. To keep the global theme going - just logged on from Dakar in Senegal. I needed to see what was happening back home, get my Dirtriderz fix, and plan what I might be able to do on the weekend. I am leaving here this evening. I was going to put a Dirtriderz sticker on a Dakar sign and post that up, but there is a soldier with an automatic weapon every few hundred meters along the road outside the Hotel.
  8. Did you take the Berg or the smoker?
  9. Good Videos Andy. Your Uncles place is a lot of fun.
  10. I have not done a ride report before. After this epic ride it is time someone kicked it off. I arrived before 8:00 AM at the bakery in Healesville on Friday the 19th. It is always a lottery how long it will take going along the ring road from Werribee to that area. Surprisingly everything flowed well and I was actually early. Next to arrive was Bigsy on the 1190, then I think DaveD with the Beemer 800. Everyone else then began arriving. The leader Pepperjack on the mighty 1290, Katman with his F800 GS, then Stu300 with his Husky 701 also to report Keyfinance (SWM Super Dual) had lost his phone and was going home to look for it. Soon enough we were all there and ready to leave. The ride was explained and the cornerman system adopted. It is easy to lose people on these longer rides when everyone gets separated. We travelled via Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd to Rawson, then on to have lunch at Walhalla. From there to Heyfield for fuel, and then a very quick blast up to Licola. After a brief stop we hit the road, doing a fair bit of dirt to end up back on Walhalla Rd and then down to Woods Point. My riding buddies have an unwritten rule that we are not to pass the Kevington Pub without having a beer, so I talked everyone into a quick refreshment stop. Then it was quickly onwards to the first motel at Mansfield before dark. Weather for the next day was very doubtful. We decided to see how it was going to pan out before we left in the morning. by the weather forecasts and the radar, it looked like we would get drenched if we continued on, especially if we headed north as originally planned. Saturday became a rest day in Mansfield, while the weather passed over. About 2:00 PM Katman left us to go to Paynesville to attend to commitments he had. I suspect going over Hotham would have been damn cold and possibly very wet. Sunday was looking much better. We geared up and got ready to leave. there may have been a couple of sore heads from the night before. This was when my troubles began. The Tiger refused to run. It either flooded or the fuel I got in Heyfield on Friday was crook. (I was the only one who got 91, which this model Tiger is OK to use) While I pulled it down Bigsy, Stu300 and Keyfinance did a quick run up to Whitfield and back. The Tiger ran when I was able to block the fuel line and spray some Aerostart down the inlet trumpets. With the Tiger operational again, and everyone back, we set off after probably 12ish. Headed towards Jamieson and across Mt Terrible. I was in my element over Terrible, I much prefer the off-road stuff to the bitumen. Then it was down the other side to blast along Big River Road, which was a lot of high-speed fun. We next stopped at Marysville for a bite to eat at the Bakery. As we left Bigsy found he had a flat front tyre. We changed that in the Main street and continued on. As we were changing the tube we booked into the Warburton Pub. This required a trip down the Acheron Way. I have not been on that road for a very long time, and never on a bike. It is a good road to do! The night at the Warburton Pub was not one of the best. It is pretty run down. Meals were average at best. We geared up and left after 8:00 AM Monday and headed to breakfast. Stu300 departed the group. I believe we went via Gembrook, Bunyip State Park and Neerim. Not sure of the order that occurred. It was not areas I am familiar with. Somewhere in the Neerim area Pepperjack hit something and badly dented his front rim. It soon went flat. That wheel has a radial tyre, so a can of foam sealant was tried to seal it up. after a few km and another pump up, it was decided that was a fail. We stopped and put a tube in. All good and then back on the road. We fuelled up at Labertouche and had a bite to eat and considered where to go next. DaveD and Keyfinance headed back home from there. Pepperjack and I went to Warragul to get another tube, just in case. We then rode the length of the Grand Ridge Road, down Tarra Valley Road and on to Port Albert. We stayed at Yarram. Tuesday we went back a sort of similar way to the preceding day. We just took different roads. Mainly via Albert River Road, Budgeree Road and into Boolarra. From there to lunch at Mirboo North. Did a little detour there, because I know the area, then along the Strezlecki Hwy to Leongatha, on to Korumburra, then into the twisties again, coming out on the Princes Hwy at Drouin. I was home by about 3:00 PM. All up 1320 KM and 21.22 hours of motor time. Thanks to Ian (Pepperjack) for organising this. I doubt people realise how much goes into planning and a having back up plans for bad weather. Also thanks to all who came and made it a memorable ride.
  11. That was very inventive Zeppa. We will see how they go on Saturday. It should be a good test.
  12. The Tiger triple is a sweet motor. Not in the same power league as the 1290 though. I don't want to be tempted to join the orange horde, but we will do a swap on the upcoming 4 dayer though.
  13. It will be interesting to see what you end up with Michael. I was too scared to ride the big KTM. I might have liked it too much!
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