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  1. From what I've read they have the same mapping
  2. I got the 250xc. First TPI and loving it. It's the perfect bike for me can do both the track and bush with minimal suspension changes needed. Having the option of changing the pressure in the air fork makes it pretty versatile. Has anyone else picked up their 21's yet???
  3. They told me there was no manual when I picked up my 21 but when I opened the box of goodies there was a manual to my surprise. Might only be the exc models that don't have them
  4. 1hr 45min isn't very long if your with kids and also want to ride. You also have to book specific tracks . I would need to book kids track and intermediate and hope they are available at the same time. Not very family friendly
  5. Just got a call from TeamMoto my 2021 250xc will be ready by the end of the week. The wait is finally over