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  1. egg cr500

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    1 LG men's 1 size 12 ladies Thanks buddy
  2. egg cr500

    Eggs Tallarook August 25 2018

    Thanks man Haha thanks Marko nice vid and pics mate
  3. egg cr500

    Donnybrook social dinner

    Was a great night always a good night catching up with everyone outside of riding
  4. egg cr500

    Eggs Tallarook August 25 2018

    Nice pics riles Very enjoyable ride group was awesome to ride with thanks fellas
  5. Yeh about 30 min for us mate we got held up
  6. Looking forward to it
  7. Nice work not to late at all mate plenty of room will see you there
  8. Ok everyone will see you sat night
  9. Sorry mate thort i had it up on now will see you there List updated
  10. Ok folks Monday afternoon will be the day I ring through for final numbers if your on the list and cant make it please let me know
  11. Done mate first post updated