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  1. Finally got on the bike after getting my suspension done prior to lockdown. Wow what a difference. Confidence at an all time high. Super plush without bottoming out, ate up everything Dissa could throw at it. 👍
  2. I've used a BBQ to heat up cases in the past. Not sure I want to take my chances with the misses putting them in the oven.
  3. JD dont give specs on the needles, a JD red for one bike is more than likely completely different to JD red for another. As mentioned above, if the JD kit suits your bike it should be close enough.
  4. 100% Agreed, I picked up my beta during the week and seen your sherco. First time I've seen one in person for awhile and a nice bit of kit. First time meeting Darren and i can say hes a top bloke, he has plenty of work on but still had time for a chat (not all bike related) and didn't rush me out the door. You can tell he is passionate about what he does and has a wealth of knowledge. He had springs to suit my weight so didn't charge me the full quoted price as the job came in cheaper. Not many places around theses days that would do that. 100% would go back even before riding
  5. https://www.graysonline.com/automotive-trucks-and-marine/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/motor-cycles?motor-cycle-type=off-road Stumbled across these old timers during my ISO bordom. I enjoy looking at old models in good condition, gets the mind going as to what they would have been like to ride way back then.
  6. Know that I think of it, there was a bike wrecker in my area growing up that got shut down because someone traded a fairly new dirtbike in that was stolen. He obviously didnt check the vin, the police took the bike and he had to shut because he was out of pocket and couldn't cover the cost.
  7. My mate had the very same thing happen to him but with a kx250. It's was like 7-8 years after and he got it back. I suspect mx bikes would never show up again because many don't go down the road of getting registered. Even if someone got pulled over on a stolen bike in the bush I doubt the police run vin checks on every bike that gets stopped. Very lucky
  8. Seems Kawasaki have release XC models with the usual mods inc electric start, 18" wheel and hydraulic clutch. Although it wouldn't be up to the modern day purpose built enduro bikes, the thought of my younger days thrashing a kx through the bush is appealing. https://motocrossactionmag.com/all-new-2021-kawasaki-kx250xc-kx450xc-off-road-model-dirt-bikes/
  9. Seen this on the tsp facebook page
  10. I recently watch a video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ARiemann1 (cant remember which video) where he coats the tube with rubber grease to stop pinch flats with low pressures. Seemed to make sense when he showed how the tube slips between his fingers when trying to pinch it. Anyone else do or heard of this?
  11. First ride out in God knows how long and sqeezed into the level 3. Before the ride I was hoping it would be slow going due to the numbers but the grouped moved really well. Really good bunch of riders all happy to be out and about doing what we love. Tracks started off with some id seen before which helped me get back into it. I was traveling along well as we went through andersons garden. Plenty of singles, small hills and creek sections. Until it was mention we are going DOWN SWAMP HILL. After afew uncertain faces from afew and some advice from cruiser some of the group went around to meet u
  12. How'd ya go riles, get him sorted?
  13. Thanks for the ride today gents, big thanks to the majenta and the boys who swept. As above some new stuff some old and lots of dust. Happy to get out and amongst it.
  14. Sadly the old girl spends most of its time in the corner of the shed. Lucky to get ridden twice a year but never fails to start with fresh fuel and a few kicks. Engine performs really well and easy to see why these where the rage back in the day. It normally just get flogged as a extra bike down the farm or a relative to learn on. I might sell it an buy a 80cc mxer for a bit of old time fun until the kids are older but its to good a bike tell move on for the price they sell for.