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  1. lez

    Hoffs Dissapointment.

    How'd ya go riles, get him sorted?
  2. lez

    Hoffs Dissapointment.

    Thanks for the ride today gents, big thanks to the majenta and the boys who swept. As above some new stuff some old and lots of dust. Happy to get out and amongst it.
  3. lez

    82 it 175

    Sadly the old girl spends most of its time in the corner of the shed. Lucky to get ridden twice a year but never fails to start with fresh fuel and a few kicks. Engine performs really well and easy to see why these where the rage back in the day. It normally just get flogged as a extra bike down the farm or a relative to learn on. I might sell it an buy a 80cc mxer for a bit of old time fun until the kids are older but its to good a bike tell move on for the price they sell for.
  4. lez

    Forma boots sale

    Only the one colour in the enduro version as above. I got the same. Plenty of colours in the mx version. The bloke said the only difference is the sole has a different pattern.
  5. Hey guys just a heads up. Forma boots are have a sale on all old stock, display boots ect until the 10th of this month. They are now in the factory estate behind team moto and amx epping. Picked ul a set of predator enduros for $280. The model down are $180. They also have plenty of road and dual purpose stuff super cheap.
  6. lez

    Property Investment

    Like I said I know stuff all about property but with a young family I'm always thinking about the future. I cannot think of anything in the world that is cheaper now than it was in years gone by. I grow up around Thomastown and recently a house sold for over 1 mill, if you asked me 10yrs ago I would have told you, your dreaming a house in that area would get anywhere near that. People want to be close to cities and all the activities that go a long with them.
  7. lez

    Property Investment

    Sorry to jump in guys, I definitely know more about footy than real estate but have been looking into the market for a investment/rental. Prices in my area have sky rocketed and I'm finding it hard to justify paying twice as much for a house half the size of mine. I'm in the mernda/Doreen area and with train station finally coming in the min house price would be around 400k for a tin shed. So in saying that I've been looking at other options in different locations, similar to above a villa/town house in Noosa qld can be snapped up for under 400k in prime locations. They get rented out and looked after by a house keeper of sort. It sounds similar to the air BnB setup and I would have access to it for curtain periods of the year.
  8. Nah not registered. Il have to dig out some pics
  9. IV got an early 80's it175 in the shed I plan to clean up one day. It only comes out 1 or 2 times a year when I camp at a family farm and always fires up straight away. Always surprised at how well the motor goes, easy to see why they where so loved back in the day.
  10. lez

    Seat step ups or humps?

    Main reason to stop sliding back on hill climbs and when I'm knackered and the front wheel wants to say hello.
  11. Hey guys, I'm thinking of shaving down my seat and leaving a little step up at the rear or adding a hump to help keep me forward on the bike. I'm leaning toward shaving the seat as I'm not the tallest but don't wanna butcher it and it feels like shit. Anyone had any experience with them? Love or hate them
  12. lez

    Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    Great conditions for a top ride. Thanks Dakota for showing us around and everyone on the ride. Just about every type of terrain big ass boulders, sand, loose rocks, soggy mud u name it had it. Lots of log hopping and hill climbs and to finish off with some faster flowing stuff was sweet(although I couldn't hold on so well). Only 50odd k's but not a meter wasted.
  13. lez

    Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    If my forearms still didn't hurt I'd post more of a comment. Top ride with top bunch off blokes. Thanks to everyone involved.
  14. Just ordered a heap of spare bits. Even an 18 model magura clutch master cylinder to replace my 15 one for $90.