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  1. Thanks geoffro looks like I joined the wrong dirtriderz league. Im in thw right league now
  2. Will adeilade v8s been the same weekend have a negative effect on crowd numbers do ypu think?
  3. I'll sign up and pay tonight!
  4. New Track Fencing.

    Reminds me of WRC footage of the 90's.
  5. Maps Programs For Android

    I have Ozi on a Tablet for the 4x4 great program and the free vic maps are pretty detailed. Only negative is you can easily enter waypoints manually. What are you going to use it for the bike or something else? Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 2
  6. Respoke Rims

    Ended up taking it to Litefoot, Ended up ordering a new rim as the one I had was stuffed (most holes were stretchered). Scottie's was my first call but he said the bloke that does it was away so took it to Litefoot.
  7. I thought I would re post this from a 4x4 forum I am on: I know this is probably not the first time people have heard a warning like this but it is a good reminder to everyone to be careful.
  8. Respoke Rims

    Does anyone know a good place in Melbourne to respoke a rim? I am not really that confident in doing it myself