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  1. Jaume Soler Movies - EKK Official - Burnside productions - Zona Enduro..
  2. HAHA, yes mate they are human - practice, practice, practice:) The channels, I have been watching are Enduro Life Media, Enduro DKA, Jaume Soler Movies, as well as RedBull. Keep drinking that Bourbon mate & enjoy:)
  3. Welcome aboard mate, hopefully catchup for a ride sometime:)
  4. Lighter then a 450 yes, have you considered an enduro bike? Ktm/Husky exc 250f or 3002t, Yamaha WRF or YZFX, Sherco??
  5. If it's the hill, I'm thinking of, would be a level 2. The Start of the track, is further up the road, on the LHS, you end up coming down that hill.
  6. Hi mate, you guy's were on the Suzuki's, one of you had a flat on Saturday? I was the guy on the Beta, the other 2 behind me was a Yamaha Husky.
  7. Welcome aboard mate, Creswick has mad trails, hill climbs, creek crossings etc. Was out there on Saturday just gone, let us know, if you want to ride out there?
  8. 3 Yamaha's on the front, not to be at though - clean ride by Morbidelli. Bagnaia with a broken leg for 2nd - wow, those Ducati's have some serious horse power:) Mir for 3rd, that last lap corner, on Rossi Awesome stuff! When was the last time you saw Suzuki on any podium - they seem to be a dying breed??
  9. Hi mate welcome aboard, not many rides at the moment unfortunately. When this is all over, check out the ride section, there should be heaps:) What sort of bike do you ride?
  10. Hi mate, i live in Ballarat as well, let me know, when you want to go for a spin..
  11. Thanks PJ awesome ride, nice to catch up with BearMX & the other guy's, Could not sleep, got to the meeting point, way to early LOL! New meeting spot, so rode a few of the tracks, to get back into the rythem. Marko was the 2nd to turn up, the others soon followed - meet & greet, Corner man was explained & off into the wilderness:) Thanks to Mr Pink, the human (Goggle maps) nice flowing tracks, quick break & told was getting harder from here on:) Almost completed the second loop, bike was running to rich/high in idle, had the clutch in & it was surging up
  12. Awesome mate, is that a Honda & what size?
  13. Hi mate, how's it all going, got a new bike i hear???