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  1. Hi mate, i live in Ballarat as well, let me know, when you want to go for a spin..
  2. Thanks PJ awesome ride, nice to catch up with BearMX & the other guy's, Could not sleep, got to the meeting point, way to early LOL! New meeting spot, so rode a few of the tracks, to get back into the rythem. Marko was the 2nd to turn up, the others soon followed - meet & greet, Corner man was explained & off into the wilderness:) Thanks to Mr Pink, the human (Goggle maps) nice flowing tracks, quick break & told was getting harder from here on:) Almost completed the second loop, bike was running to rich/high in idle, had the clutch in & it was surging up & down, in the rev range??
  3. Awesome mate, is that a Honda & what size?
  4. MOJO

    Just a thought.

    Hi mate, how's it all going, got a new bike i hear???
  5. Welcome, Suspension guru hay! - do you work with, any big teams/names over there??
  6. I was there, he was in a lot of pain - poor bugger - Daniel called the ambo's, - we all did what we could - for the time - puff the magic dragon, on a green stick arrived - all o.k afterwords, still in pain - but in excellent hands.
  7. looks & SOUNDS Awesome GUY'S - A good hard ride, followed by good food & Wild Turkey:) I've always liked the Otways - so green - so lush, i remember the 1st time, i was down there, with u guy's - had a blast. Next one maybe guy's hint, hint lol!
  8. Yep good ride, 1st to arrive - followed by 3002t & Mr Speedo & Kershy. Warmed up, with some nice & twisty tracks - came across a camper, in the pine's & one stuck Commodore down a 4x4 track - the things you see - out the bush LOL!! One rider, basically ran out of fuel - not far into it! - we doubled back to cars - to see him off - killed our riding time a bit!!! Back to 3 - rock solid pace - game on - the narrow - twisty - rocks & gullies - level 2 - awaited us - with welcoming arms
  9. MOJO


    Hello Kate - another Ballarat Local Awesome - Welcome to Dirtriderz - always had a soft spot for CRF'S - Nice Bikes.
  10. Awesome day, on the bikes - as mentioned 2 - 10 minute shower's. 1st heavy shower, hit us just as we did our 1st creek crossing - gotta love crossing creeks - waist height - in the middle of a downpour !! Lunch break, was had - basking in sunlight - slowly drying off - in green pastures. Goat track was a blast, found a cave - to explore next time..
  11. Welcome Tom - it's Joe from Aus Post - you made it - welcome to the darkside mate LOL! When your back, at work - will hook up with some rides with ya
  12. Welcome aboard, nice new toy - awesome riding, out your way - Carroll's lane, the pine's etc. - Catch u in the Wombat slop - soon!:)
  13. Hi there mate, Ballarat here - as above, keep an eye out, on the organise ride section. Cobra & I ride, often ride together - see u on the trails, soonish..
  14. Carls Dinner, at Chewton - part river bed, filled with bluestone rocks & you ride underneath a bridge?
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