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  1. jono1973


    Good luck have a ball.
  2. jono1973

    Cobaw in search for Dakota`s tracks

    Thanks marko great loop great bunch of blokes.
  3. jono1973

    Wombat forest

  4. Anyone done the head and carby slide mod by TSP what did u think did it improve bottom end and fuel economy.
  5. jono1973

    Cobaw - Oh, its mildly moist today

    Thanks for the ride fab can't wait to do it again.
  6. jono1973

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    Thanks for the ride had a blast.
  7. jono1973

    Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    Thanks Marko had a ball .
  8. Thanks for the ride had a ball.
  9. jono1973

    Tips on adjusting KTM spokes

    Ive got a spare ktm spoke tool pm me your details and ill send it to u
  10. jono1973

    2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Rode today done 70 k didnt hit reserve bike is very smooth feels a bit different to the 16 very happy .
  11. jono1973

    2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Next weekend got the all clear from the physio will let u no cant wait
  12. jono1973

    Show Us Your Bike

    Couple of photos of the new weapon before I scratch it
  13. jono1973

    2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Picking her up this arvo
  14. jono1973

    2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Pick it up Wednesday night mods tyres heavy-duty tubes disc guard v force reeds acro pipe rad guard bash plate pipe guard 13/51 sprocket black triple clamps ktm jetting pictures to come.springs and a revalve.
  15. jono1973

    2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Not yet shoudnt be far away