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  1. Thanks to Murdoch for leading and the sweeps had a blast.
  2. Thanks marko had a blast.
  3. Thanks rider and Pete for a great day and great tracks .
  4. Hi Jono just letting you know that their is another chap coming from Murchison if you want to hook up with him let me know? He lives out on the basin and will be heading to violet town from there. Ross.

    1. jono1973


      Thanks anyway need my car after the ride. 

    2. Ross Coops
  5. Thanks marko great loop great bunch of blokes.
  6. Anyone done the head and carby slide mod by TSP what did u think did it improve bottom end and fuel economy.
  7. Thanks for the ride fab can't wait to do it again.
  8. Thanks for the ride had a blast.
  9. Ive got a spare ktm spoke tool pm me your details and ill send it to u
  10. Rode today done 70 k didnt hit reserve bike is very smooth feels a bit different to the 16 very happy .