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  1. Hi all anyone been riding lately ???
  2. Hey I’m in rushworth, lots f riding out here, where do you normally ride!
  3. Hi all The Sawmill rally is on on the 18 of November this year, id really love to do it but don’t want to do it solo, anyone thinking about doing it this year ?? Katie
  4. Is anyone going to this ??? I’m so shattered that I have to go back to work the Tuesday before this, some times I hate FIFO life, but mostly I love it I have 2 and a half weeks off if anyone is up for a ride I’m in central vic
  5. Hi, im looking for some riding buddies in northern Victoria, I’m in rushworth plenty of state Forrest where I am, but if anyone has any good spots they know would love to meet for a ride
  6. Hi Daisy, & Kelly Tallarook isn't too far from me too far from me, I would love to join you on this ride but I am lacking in transport in the form of a car, probably wont have one for 3 weeks (lucky i'm at work for 2 of these), but please if you are doing any rides in the future I am keen as to get out riding with some new people!!, I'll try to look on here more often, I do forget about it sometimes. happy riding
  7. Ballan is a bit over 2 hours drive from me, is that where you have been riding?
  8. Has anyone had any experience with these types of carriers!!!, pros and cons i'm looking at getting one for the back of my new car (either a mazda CX-5 or a Hyundi tucson) the tow ball weight on these cars is only 140-150KG so i'm also curious of their approximate weight, as i need to make sure this and my KTM wont be over weight
  9. Hi ladies, I'm based up in Rushworth at the moment, which is about an hour north east of bendigo, and im always keen for a ride, im riding a KTM 350, id say I'm probably a level 2. I am off work untill the 23rd of this month if your keen for a ride between now and then, I can travel to meet you somewhere, pending i get a new car this week as i just sold my ute. I'm always looking for someone to ride with, i'd love to join up with you if your riding any time soon Katie
  10. Hi ladies I haven't been on here for a while, i also haven't been on a proper ride in a while, I am living just north of Bendigo if anyone is keen for a ride out this side of Melbourne shout out Katie
  11. This ride was great, thanks for putting it on Greasa, was good to get out for my first dirt riderz ride and meet everyone thanks
  12. That sounds good, I Live about 15 mins from Hazelwood. I work FIFO so hopefully it will work out with my time off, if not ill wait for the next one, ill be sure to check back in the ride section in the coming weeks
  13. Hi every one, I haven't been on the forum for ages I've been riding in northern Vic near Rushworth this weekend, but I'm actually based in Gippsland most of the time would be awesome to go for a ride with anyone from east of Melb or in the gippsland area