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  1. Sand free beach mat!! https://seeyouwood.myshopify.com/products/only-today-65-off-sand-free-beach-mat
  2. Just thought I’d start a thread for weird stuff / new inventions etc....that pop up on the internet. This one got me thinking as many members constantly say I want to lose weight, stop smoking ect.....the shock bracelet may be a good and useful tool for that .... Anyway if you come across something new, helpful etc post it up in here.....remember though keep it clean!! https://www.wthr.com/article/amazon-selling-shock-bracelet-help-you-curb-bad-habits
  3. Habs

    Bears Pyrenees

    I haven’t been to this area for a few years, hopefully the dates align and I can make the next one!
  4. OK here's some footage of loop 2 (reverse loop 1 a bit quicker) Great day out and awesome crew for the day smashing out 100K in just over 4 hours!!!!
  5. Don’t worry mate, I’m already considering that
  6. Embrace the pain boys, let’s you know you’re alive!!! And you know you earned it!!!
  7. It was good to see you get out of your comfort zone a bit mate, it’ll definitely help you regain bike skill/fitness.......gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable, that’s how we grow!
  8. some footage from loop 1, ill edit and post loop 2 in the next few days
  9. Glad you enjoyed it mate!!! Agreed it was excellent being able to give the right wrist a good twist!
  10. That he did mate!
  11. How funny is it that on the level 2 ride we ended up with everyone much more capable, not a bad thing though as the group moved well. That said, I'll start my report now, Loaded up the day before, I really enjoy riding this loop so I was like a little kid on Christmas morning chomping at the bit to get there yesterday morning, the drive up to Bendigo was nice, again got to see a lot of wildlife along the way, a few deer this time and a rather intelligent fox, that displayed great road sense, waiting for my car to pass the proceeding to cross the road. Got my usual Maccas brekky and latte(love a latte!!) and soon enough was at the unload. Rider and Biggie were already there and 3/4 geared up, nice and early. Shortly thereafter, people started arriving a quick meet and greet and we were off, a full 10 minutes early. my advice to all was its only a level two " I'll ride not too fast or slow, but no pressure on anyone" ride at whatever pace you're comfortable with, and w'ell catch you on the breaks". Sound advice. I kept the group moving for around 30 or so minutes before the first stop, a quick check if all were ok and off again, to the next stop. By stop two which is atop a small technical climb, I thought wow!! We are making excellent time, as the goal was to do the 50K loop in 2.5hours. Once all were up, a quick boot check revealed I wasnt the only one that felt like I had a school of guppys swimming in my boots, Everyone had very very wet feet......We pressed on.....From here the pace was excellent again.....A couple more stops everyone suggesting they were happy at each point and soon enough we were back at the cars......First loop knocked over in 2 hours!!!! cracker!!! we too about 15-20 minutes of break, said goodbye to EGG and JOFO, both working on regaining bike fitness, Thanks EGGY for sweeping loop one......and we headed back out with Biggie volunteering for the sweep duties..... I'll reiterate we had a very capable group for the ride so we set a cracking pace on the reverse loop, as with the first loop, there was a lot, and I do mean a lot of water around which made for fun, much better than a few weeks ago as I'd rather ride in the grippy wet conditions than dust!! everyone handled the technical bits really well, a little play on a hill side whilst waiting for the group at one corner highlighted there is more good stuff to add in for the future....at the last stop we had a laugh at the pace we were moving with myself and others confirming we had got up into 4th gear in the tight stuff....from here on it was a "lets not stop till we get back to the cars" Rider had offered a BBQ and I was hungry at this point....So off we went.......Before I explain the next bit, I will say this week I took the little 250 4T berg out again, and felt the complete opposite to last week, it felt great.....and is an awesome little weapon for this type of ride!!!! Anyway we were moving pretty quick and something didn't feel right as I overshot a couple of corners, no big deal back on track, then I realize The adjustment screw on the front brake leaver had decided it loved this loop so much it jumped ship to become a permanent addition....didn't even say goodbye!!! this made the front brake useless, i decided "bugger it" keep going" soon after we were going so quick It got pretty dicey so I elected to replace the screw from my spares kit.....Just as the repair was complete the rest of the group had caught up to the front-runners and we were off again.....About 5-6k later back at the cars BBQ lunch thanks Rider and Biggie....and I was on the way home shortly there after..... Thanks to all for coming, great as always to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while and meet new members and it felt good that overall we smashed out 100K in just on 4 hours of riding!!! Well done to everyone......I'll try post some footage over the next few days Cheers peeps!!
  12. Cool bike, I was looking a while back at a stealth bomber. What range does it get!
  13. You did mate, but heal up quick!! What type of electric mountain bike?
  14. hahahaha Cheers mate, I wish I had footage of that bit but the gopro wasnt cooperating so I missed that section.......I really was missing my 300 on the ride. That said with that hill I reckon one has to committ to it fully
  15. Must have been that raw 2 Stroke power causing Fab to lose control!!
  16. Indeed they do mate. I felt like a beginner all over again!!
  17. Well, firstly thanks to Dusty for putting on yet another great cruisy level 3 Dissa ride, just what I needed as I'm slowly, very slowly working on regaining my riding abilities!! Secondly thanks to Noodle and Dan for the sweep duties. I had planned to come along to the ride and use the 300 for the day but ended up on my little 250 4T Berg. I had decided to change out the starter motor and Bendix, all seemed well in the garage until it "Popped" and sent case fragments everywhere, MotoGC now have it to fix....That meant I was giving the little 250 4t a run. I felt like a total Gumby, dont get me wrong, its a great little bike, but I really haven't spent enough time on it to ride it well and get a "good feel" for it. I was very slow on down hills as the brakes are almost too good but I found the more technical uphills excellent.... The missing gear lever was a weird one and I didn't enjoy the walk down or back up the hill but was thankful we found it, most enjoyed the extended break at that point and others got some quick bike maintenance in at that point also. Third Gear Hill for me was fun, with a general conses that "Up is Up" implemented and applauded!!!! My first attempt saw the little Berg getting good pace and solid traction, then a rock right on my line!!! I decided in the split second I had to go straight over it....Like I had a choice anyway!!! That ended with me and the bike deflecting sideways and me having a chuckle as I endeavored to release my leg from under the bike, pick it up and head back down to go again. I waited my turn and hit it again, again good pace and traction, my plan was to hit the middle line through the trees(my preferred line for this hill on other occasions) as I looked ahead I saw two other bikes blocking and I had to head far left, it worked out well though as I made it to the top....The hill was far better than a few weeks ago as the bit of moisture in my opinion made it a bit more grippy!! The brief discussion on Swamp Hill - Yay or Nay, made way for a YAY with the mention of a "secret" or little known far left line thats smooth as a babys bottom and easy for everyone to get up........well it required 20% of swamp hill to be climbed first, then meander our way across the off camber crap to get to it, a mission in itself, I was filled with....lets call it regret at this point but pressed on......The others saw us doing this and I think thought "Bugger that" and made the climb up swamp hill.....Probably a smarter choice in hindsight......We finally go to to elusive smooth line and I had two attempts and failed.......It really was at this point that I was missing my 300 with tubeliss, zero - 2 PSI and a new rear tyre......The little berg did well on both attempts but I lost the line and momentum and failed.....This required another Off camber trek to the main track to get back to the top.....I am thankful to Magenta for assisting me in this as he kept helping me out, moving obstacles and ensured I didn't die!!! The group as a whole rode really well, BenG a standout making everything look exceptionally easy....Impressive and inspiring mate....Well done. As always, great to be out on the trails with a great group of riders having a few laughs and just enjoying the outdoors!!! I'll hopefully edit some footage and post some in a few days I hope in a couple of months to be much improved and less of a gumby!!!!! Until next time!!!! Cheers people!!!
  18. Have a read people, it’s pretty self explanatory in this thread. It’s not nor ever will be an exact match as people interpret things differently. It’s really a guide and then the onus is on the riders and leaders to ask questions and confirm understandings etc... Please Read. Ride Level Grading and the + https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=19190&share_tid=12318&url=https://www.dirtriderz.com/index.php?/topic/12318-Please-Read%2E--Ride-Level-Grading-and-the-%2B&share_type=t
  19. Here’s a section of unedited RMX goodness!!!
  20. Also mate I forgot to say thanks for the post ride Beer!! Awesome Stuff!!
  21. Bugger mate!!! No wonder it hurt!! See you back on a ride when you’re “off the bench!”
  22. Well, my day started super early at 4:30am when someone woke up wanting to play.....no more sleep for me!!!! Once I realised no more sleep was actually a thing I got up got ready and headed off. After about 1hr 45 drive stopping for the obligatory Maccas coffee and brekkie I got to the unload point just after 7.....I posted a start time of 9:30am!!!! So what the hell, geared up, crank up the 99 RMX 250 and get a few k’s in. I ended up Riding for about an hour before the actual ride was to start. When I arrived back at the unload I was a little disappointed with DAZZRMX , as he brought his Beta!!!and my older rmx was on its own today!! A quick meet n greet, a lost rider as per CV’s post, all sorted and we were off, 2 minutes later all stopped as Biggies mate too a nasty tumble resulting in some makeshift repaired From this point the group flowed well and all obstacles conquered (remember its only a level 2 ride) Great trails and I was getting happier and happier with the old Suzuki!!! 4 hours later back at the cars, quick bite and back out again for 6of us. Much quicker pace this time (in reverse) and what took us 4 hours in the morning onlyntook 2 hours in the afternoon. Thanks to Stef for leading and to DAZZRMX for loop 2 sweep allowing me to have a bit more of a go on the rmx. I’ll post footage when edited, but overall and successful day on the trails. Until next time!!!
  23. Well I’ve added you to the list and Pm mate, the rest is up to you. Hopefully we’ll see you Sunday
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