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    Recent Reefton Spur outing
  2. As per Dustys comments here I’ve had Tristan(Twisti3s) do work on multiple bikes and I can only speak positively of the standard and quality of the work and service provided. From smaller things to rebuilds all work done on time every time with additional checks to ensure the bikes were always 100% Give the guys at Moto Melbourne a go... Cheers
  3. Not good at all....everyone has been off the bikes for so long gotta take it real easy and ensure bike maintenance is 100% that said freak accidents do happen Hope whoever it was recovers well and doesn’t have lasting issues
  4. Not good at all, what happened?
  5. Here's my video version of the Dindi ISOFREEDOM ride... Once again had a great day out and look forward to the next ride soon!!
  6. Thanks to Phill for putting on a ride so soon out of lockdown.... I usually work Mondays but what the hell, forest was open, we could travel more than 25K (without a reason) and my barely run in 21 Husky 300i was begging to be ridden!!! Given my last ride was I think June it was a nice ride and track mix/selection for the day allowing people to start working on actual ride fitness.. I was loving my new bike, It just felt "Right" allowing me to feel very confident on the "dirty lines" and to tackle pretty much every log i could find... Short end of day stint myself, Bruce an
  7. Mate well done!!! That is a cracking run pace you’re at!! I wish I could do that, my frame ain’t built for distance running !!
  8. Yeah, I’ve been working on cardio and regaining a better fitness level, started August 21 and down 14kg so far with a goal of 8 more to go. Strength has definitely dropped too....I’m starting weighted sets with core holds etc... but I don’t have any heavy weights at home either
  9. Hi all just curious how people are going whilst locked down in terms of fitness etc... I’ve been busy with 2 kids (one 22 months old and one 6 mo the old) but have been managing to walk on average 8k 6 days per week and utilise some exercise equipment I have at home I’ve made good friends with the exercise bike, treadmill, stepper and now a rower(got delivered yesterday) Not able to ride so working on fitness and muscle use for when we can all ride again. Was hoping others may share what they’ve been doing whilst not riding on this front? Cheers people
  10. Hahaha I can’t guarantee no Rocket mans
  11. Yeah, just wanted peoples experiences with newer models
  12. I’ve never had any issues with my bergs