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  1. I’ll take 7 singlets mate - black XL Cheers
  2. Remote controlled dirtbikes !!! https://ena.store/products/new-1-4-scale-mx400-remote-control-2-4ghz-electric-rtr-brushless-off-road-motorcycle
  3. Glad to hear so far that everyone enjoyed the loops(s) Next one will probably be 6-8 weeks away - I need to spend some time reacquainting myself with my favourite ride destination.
  4. Cheers mate, glad you made the right decision to call it quits after loop one and not push on. Recover well, remember every scar is another story you can tell people.
  5. Had an excellent day out today, ended up with I think about 16 starters for loop 1 and 10 finishers for loop 2 . Although posted at L2 the riders in attendance were competent and we were able to move a bit quicker, which saw us smack out loop 1 in just on 2 hours, with loop 2 similar although it rained got a tad greasy, I got yet another flat[emoji79].....might some merrit in Cluffie’s previous comments to me regarding starcross and tubeliss system....might have to try a different rear tire and see what’s what!!! A few decided to call it quits with “man flu”, night shift last night, a cut/grazed arm(not bad but it would have hurt) I heard some boiled rear brakes etc.... But all in all was great to meet new members and see some I haven’t seen for a while. I enjoy putting on this ride and seem to always get a few takers, I’ll look to put it on again in 6-8weeks or thereabouts. Thanks to the boys that swept and thanks for everyone for coming out and having a great day on the bikes. 100k ride all done with no major issues!!! I didn’t see much as I was leading so hopefully others can chime in and share their experience/perception of the day. Anyways cheers people....until next we ride!!!
  6. https://chitpea.top/products/best-electric-motorcycle
  7. https://www.affairscurve.top/collections/riding/products/standing-atv
  8. This tyre inflator could actually be handy for the dirtbikes https://hongshop.store/products/tire-inflatable-pump
  9. Good luck Buzz, hope you smash it over there mate. Looking forward to doing more rides with you guys when you return, last Saturdays was fun!!!!
  10. MAte, I've tries many different tyres over the years wuth tubes/tubeliss, even the dunlops and others Iincl Shinko. That said I'm very happy with the Starcross and tubeliss rear, If they puncture its a quick fix, If i want to or ride it flat all day.......More traction!!
  11. Great report guys!!! Looks like lots of fun always had by all....maybe next year I’ll be able to participate!!
  12. Food for thought indeed, it’s the third flat I’ve got over time with that set up, maybe something in it, mousse I’m not sure on, never used them. I’d need some more technical advice on what to get etc....as I like a squishy rear tyre
  13. Hahahahaha cheers Cluffie, I was just hoping for the best all day long....a few more rides and I’ll be more competent . The poor little 250, I was clearly trying to kill it but it just kept on giving......it goes in for rebuild on Wednesday
  14. Hahahah it’s great when it goes to plan!!
  15. OK so I found some time today and got some footage edited. Hopefully you all enjoy!!
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