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  1. love the old XR's I had a few over the years. absolutely bullet proof
  2. Don’t know mate, get on the old internet as ask Mr.Google, I’m sure you’ll find the answers you seek
  3. Oakley Air Brakes mate, every part on them is replaceable, lense quality is excellent and they’re extremely durable Cost is up there but well worth the coin in my mind.
  4. Not to be silly you should also consider the 250 models, they’re great agile bikes make excellent power and just so much fun to ride....don’t be put off by the 259 capacity as the bikes are far more capable than most riders anyway Food for thought!
  5. Most people that lead rides get to know who is and isn’t reliable for ride attendance and can message any riders of concern privately, no need to “name and shame” or convey a concern publicly. Shit happens at times and people have to pull out for whatever reasons.....nobody should feel anxiety around having to say you’re out......for me personally if I can’t attend I just post up and say “I’m out” no need to justify with a reason to anybody....it is poor form though to take a spot and then simply not show up. So if anyone can’t attend a ride they’re meant to just post up!!!! As per the threa
  6. The 350 is an excellent bike to choose as I came off a DRZ years ago to a Beta 350RR ——can’t go wrong in that capacity range....just go for it and don’t procrastinate
  7. Just wanting to know if anyone has a new one and their thoughts on this bike please? Cheers
  8. https://www.relive.cc/view/vPv4GnjZrRq
  9. So I’ve had to pull out of a few rides lately due to various things taking priority like sick little bubbas etc... Anyway so it’s been about 6weeks or so since I had a ride , I started to think, do I need this bike anymore? Maybe I should sell it?, I’m not riding enough and it’s becoming an ornament etc... So today I finally made it to a tide, lucky as I was leading, started with a list of 20 and ended up with 7 (Life gets in the way so no judgements here!) A quick meet n greet , ride talk and off we went, conditions were perfect, moist, cool and
  10. G’day MickyZ and welcome Sounds like you’ve had an interesting 10years Check out the organised rides section, heaps of rides on offer and people to ride with. Pay particular to the Black Dog ride as there’s heaps of rides at differing levels over a few days in March! Cheers and catch you on a ride sometime
  11. Habs

    Vid's by HABS

    yesterdays ride after the downpour at Goughs Bay https://youtu.be/4kY3YT8Ey4A
  12. G’day mate and welcome You don’t need to be invited, as gypsy has said, check out the organised rides section, best to start at L2 and find your feet from there. When you see a ride that you’d like to join simply post up and say “in please” Good luck and hope to catch you on a ride sometime
  13. Good stuff mate, keep us updated as to the long term wear of the mousse
  14. Very solid feedback there, thanks mate
  15. What tyres are you running with them just out of curiosity?