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  1. Here’s a section of unedited RMX goodness!!!
  2. Also mate I forgot to say thanks for the post ride Beer!! Awesome Stuff!!
  3. Bugger mate!!! No wonder it hurt!! See you back on a ride when you’re “off the bench!”
  4. Well, my day started super early at 4:30am when someone woke up wanting to play.....no more sleep for me!!!! Once I realised no more sleep was actually a thing I got up got ready and headed off. After about 1hr 45 drive stopping for the obligatory Maccas coffee and brekkie I got to the unload point just after 7.....I posted a start time of 9:30am!!!! So what the hell, geared up, crank up the 99 RMX 250 and get a few k’s in. I ended up Riding for about an hour before the actual ride was to start. When I arrived back at the unload I was a little disappointed with DAZZRMX , as he brought his Beta!!!and my older rmx was on its own today!! A quick meet n greet, a lost rider as per CV’s post, all sorted and we were off, 2 minutes later all stopped as Biggies mate too a nasty tumble resulting in some makeshift repaired From this point the group flowed well and all obstacles conquered (remember its only a level 2 ride) Great trails and I was getting happier and happier with the old Suzuki!!! 4 hours later back at the cars, quick bite and back out again for 6of us. Much quicker pace this time (in reverse) and what took us 4 hours in the morning onlyntook 2 hours in the afternoon. Thanks to Stef for leading and to DAZZRMX for loop 2 sweep allowing me to have a bit more of a go on the rmx. I’ll post footage when edited, but overall and successful day on the trails. Until next time!!!
  5. Well I’ve added you to the list and Pm mate, the rest is up to you. Hopefully we’ll see you Sunday
  6. Cool, stop wondering and start doing mate. Jump on the ride
  7. come along. Youll be fine.
  8. Hi and welcome, if you can ride a bike(road or dirt) you may want to consider a L2 ride also, keep an eye out for suitable ones. I have one on in Bendigo this Sunday.
  9. Happy Birthday mate!

  10. Gotta watch those stick that attack bikes and riders! They definitely have a way of ending rides and damaging bikes.
  11. Habs

    Vid's by HABS

    Its been a while, but I managed to get out midweek for some much needed practice!
  12. Looks like a lot of fun Pete. I hope to join one of your rides in the future
  13. Some footage, its been a while so my rendering is a bit off....Better on the next one.
  14. Keep at it mate, practice makes (never perfect) better than before! Anyway follow the link to the rider grading level video and there are also more detailed descriptions to read. Rider Grading Video Levels 1 - 3 https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=19190&share_tid=11653&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Edirtriderz%2Ecom%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F11653-Rider-Grading-Video-Levels-1---3&share_type=t
  15. Go with the “body armour” defence, it s tried, tested and works a treat....even if we have to keep telling ourselves that!!!
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