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  1. Heal up and good luck with the recovery JT
  2. Thanks to Cluffie for organizing the ride and Tiny for leading parts, thanks to everyone that swept for the day . So I've been off the bike for almost 7 months and it was great to get back out there on what I thought was a relatively cruisey level 3 ride. Between Cluffie and Tiny the mix of terrain was excellent and I was feeling great on the bike. The group flowed well however we did start with 11 and ended with 6, most looked really satisfied with the day and a couple looked absolutely spent. I only managed a couple of photos and I'll post them up shortly.... Overall a great day out, met some new people and as always for a great cause and great to get out on this bike after such a long break. until next time!!!
  3. Mo-tow (or similar generic carriers)

    Really simple and easy to set up and take down etc...My advice is if you're thinking about it and can afford it, then grab one, you wont regret it
  4. Mo-tow (or similar generic carriers)

    I think the one I have is standard mate
  5. The Walking Dead

    Hahaha I love that show, I'm also up to date on FTWD and Z Nation. I also up to date with the Walking Dead comics!!!
  6. Hydration

    I vote for the flight vest. Bought one last week and used it for the first time, felt way better than any backpack I've had previously and the myriad of pockets let's you store gear better for ease of access should you need it. Yes it's a bit expensive at almost $200 but I think well Worth it
  7. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=19190&share_tid=15218&url=http://www.dirtriderz.com/index.php?/topic/15218-Grand-Final-lvl3%2B-Dissa&share_type=t
  8. Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    We'll all I can say is wow!!!!! What a great loop Buzz has put together, it's a cracker. So thanks Buzz for leading and I'm glad that after soo many time trying to get on the ride the stars finally aligned !! Great bunch of riders to head out with and tackle the terrain, awesome mix of fire trail, overgrown fire trail and hilly 4wd tracks. I particularly liked the hill with the skeleton of a failed 4by attempt. Great climbs and I was happy with my ascent on 3rd gear hill, had it dialled in perfectly for that one.....swamp hill got the better of me and I gave up electing to take the chicken track to save energy.....the really wet tracks were awesome full of slippery rocks and logs and ledges, lots of spent looks on riders as we all persevered. The goat track is ridiculous and I got smacked with a rather severe quad cramp half way through holding up the group which for me felt like an eternity, thanks Dan for some salt!!!! Thanks to Gypsy for the organising and keeping up all entertained in the lead up with great banter, thanks to BayerJ for sweeping all day and not complaining at all. Also was great to see the people on the 2+ ride all looking satisfied after the ride and kudos to the BBQ and beer people, all fantastic blokes and great community attitudes. Andersons garden camp area I reckon had 40 cars parked in it with campers almost on top of each other(not in a good way) and heaps of cars everywhere !!! Overall I had a great day, wish I rode better but hey that's how it went!! Thanks again to all leads sweeps, organisers and food and beverage people. Until next time!!! Cheers [emoji482]
  9. I'll post it after the grand final. (Remember I said to keep the last weekend in October free!)
  10. Greendale For Two

    Hahahaha heap sweep duties were really challenging on this ride - was getting held up everywhere!!! Thanks Fab for putting on a "long shot" ride - perfect day for it and allowed me to run in the new top end. The loop you've put together is really good and I'd encourage others to get on it next time you run it - if I'm available on the day I'll definitely come along. Some stuff I'd never ridden before was great - the track fairy section was excellent - and some play hills were also lots of fun - sketchy on the down slope though!!! Anyway had a good day out!! Cheers [emoji482]
  11. My next door neighbour repairs all types of devices and specialises in car stereos ect ...if you want the number let me know
  12. Mo-tow (or similar generic carriers)

    I've had both and currently use a Rack n roll carrier. It's far superior to a Mo-tow and more secure for the bike. If you can afford it - get the Rack n Roll