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  1. Fantastic report and pics guys, glad to see the tracks getting bikes on them. Oh, I cannot wait until I can ride again, particularly up there!!! Happy you guys had an awesome ride!!!
  2. Habs

    Wet boots

    I’ve got a similar one and I just leave the hair dryer on a very low setting and low fan speed. After 2 years it still works fine
  3. How good was that slippery little hill bit? it sure caught a few off guard....I reckon I was waiting 3 corners away for 30 minutes
  4. You’re very welcome mate, was good to have new members attend and do well on the ride. If you’re keen jump on the September 15 ride
  5. It’s all totally awesome up there mate
  6. No mate, we were on the opposite side of the bay all day, hopefully scope that one out on the 29th
  7. Heres a better quality render of the footage, i wasnt happy with the first one
  8. G'day all, Just thought Id post up about my explore ride in Goughs bay yesterday. I've been riding this area for a while now and thought in preparation for the L4 september 15th ride i'd like to make it different and somewhat harder in places. (Buzz, Mev and Gypsy I think you'll like it!!!) So I posted an explore ride and ended up through DirtriderZ and other friends with 11 keen riders to help explore. No plan, just literally ride around and look for interesting stuff..... We I'm pleased to report that after seeing the temperature in Goughs bay on the drive in drop to minus five degrees the day could not have been better, it was cool not cold, moist not wet and some in the pack reported dust???? IN WINTER???? well I never saw that so didn't bother me at all. we rode such a great mix of terrain all over the Bay, with some 80K(or there abouts) racked up by the end and we barely even saw my normal loop...... The chatter from the guys gave me the impression they were impressed and happy with the ride, even though there was no plan, I had little to no idea what was around the next bend, over the next hill etc.... Well it all worked out, got great footage (I've deliberately not included the first 30% of the ride as I'm keeping that as a surprise for the brave souls that come up in September.....Trust me when I say it'll be worth the drive)of the day and apologies for the slightly longer video edit....Too much good stuff I had to leave in..... great to ride with such a good crew and meet some new people. Well hope you enjoy the vid and hopefully catch a few of you on a ride in the future
  9. Habs

    Vid's by HABS

    I just love riding at this place!!!
  10. Revised edit as I stuffed the first one up, missed a whole section. Enjoy:
  11. As per my commitment, here is some of my edited footage of the ride, its hard to decide what to keep and what not to as theres always heaps of good stuff, my camera angle was a bit high so I'll readjust it for the next ride. Again, was a great day out with plenty of fun!! sorry stuffed up the edit, im redoing it now, will post again later tonight
  12. Thanks to Phil for putting on the ride and to the sweeps, it was a well organised and planned ride that took in some great terrain and skill set application,several of which I failed at as I don’t ever recall my bike sliding out from under me so many times in a single day before. I had an excellent day, tried out a new GoPro so I’ll edit some footage soon and post up a video to form the rest on my report Cheers people !!
  13. A slightly longer version, playing around with iPhone editing