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  1. Andersons Garden Clonbinane VIC 3658 https://goo.gl/maps/ejcfxfTaS7XyYXe78
  2. Thanks Dusty for Putting in yet another “Cruisy” L3 Dissa ride. Always fun and jovial with just the right amount of challenge thrown in. I was humming and haaing about coming along and last minute decided to bite the bullet and go for a ride. My favourite little 4T 250 is in the shop atm getting some pre ride love and prep ahead of next weeks ride so that left my recently rebuilt 22 year old RMX250 getting the call up. I replaced the carby last week with an Airstriker PWK 38 and hadn’t quite got the idle right.....my first 15 minutes we’re sheer frustration with me Almost pulling the pin early but......adjusted the idle a couple of times and the stalling seemed to stop and made for a much happier rider: A little while in and I started to find my mojo with the bike and was impressed by how it went on the loop. I did “rocket man” it once on third gear as I was trying a different line...not to good...back down and back up, up is up!!! The creeks were fun, although I accused Dusty of not telling me I’d get wet feet, he did remind me it was in the ride post.....I knew this but just wanted to whinge a bit.... Some good hills, great selection of tracks, We came across a group on what looked almost like farm bikes in the creek to ladder one guy on his 450 motocrosser overheated it on the way down and his mates were busy scooping up creek water to put into the radiator....must have been the tracksuit and work boots he was wearing to ride that caused the issues. Anyway, it was an excellent day out, the RMX preformed surprisingly well and I didn’t really fall off(flipping doesn’t count!!). Great to ride with a good bunch!!! Looking forward to the next outing!!! Didn’t get many photos, but I did get video, vill try to edit and post later in the week Cheers peeps
  3. Sounds like a really challenging day was had lads!!
  4. Mmm, that just over half of what I’ve been quoted by another mob Thanks [emoji1317]
  5. How much did they charge for the graphics kit mate?
  6. Cheers for the info. I reckon we’ll have something sorted pretty quickly
  7. Hi all, Long shot here I know, but, I’m wondering if anyone has any gps track info they’re willing to share of the rubicon area? My mate just bought a property in the Taggerty/Thornton area and we’d like to see if we can map out a loop from there. Hopefully someone’s nice enough to share Thanks
  8. Great jackets and worth the $$
  9. I didn’t gel with how it got it’s power down, jetted well, green spring etc, but it was still too aggressive when compared with my KTM 300. Suspension was too stiff and I found it bounced and deflected a lot and was just not enjoyable to ride - wide open fire trail it was exceptionally quick but that’s dangerous and no fun!
  10. 98 RMX 250 - Happy[emoji4] 2002 KTM exc 250 6 days - happy [emoji4] 2012 Berg TE300 happy [emoji4] 2015 ktm exc300 - Happy [emoji4] 2015 husky TE 300 - Not happy [emoji35]
  11. 1 XL for me 1 SML for the lady Both black Sending payment now
  12. Correct Riles, wellsford Your turn
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