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  1. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    Hah!! Not pulled over by cops yet.
  2. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    City cruising
  3. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    3013 That is the number of days from when I picked up the Fatcat to today when it got PLATED at vicroads with full road registration. The process was as I originally stated. Any pre 89 vehicle can be registered. VASS was only $380 Rwc was $175 I can’t believe I only paid $1100 for it. You can’t but these things under $2500US anymore. My plan is to turn it into a trail clearing machine by carrying a chainsaw etc
  4. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    Honestly I think the big wheel Yamahas were superior.
  5. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    Mate I wish they were easier to get.
  6. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    Thanks dude Only taken me 8 years !!!
  7. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    The cat has of an hour ago a roadworthy!!!
  8. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    Well the Fatcat finally has its mod plate. After what seems like an enternity it will probably be fully road registered by end of November Next stop is a rwc and then vicroads at end of November.
  9. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    Just an update - fatcat been having a 7 year slumber. Should be on the road by xmas 2060
  10. 2021

    Eye Spy

    Looks awesome
  11. 2021

    Honda Fatcat

    The only person known to have one of the rare 'cats is RED1. But he's factory Honda and I aint a monkies asshole so I dont have the connections he has. I am red to the back teeth. Honda this and Honda that (as some of you have figured out...) So I figured I needed to get one. They were only made for 2 years!! Can you imagine a bike today being made for only 2 model runs? The cost must have been horrendous. Since seeing RED1's cat I thought why not get one myself. So a little while ago I go I had a friend in California find me one and just now the cat is is on the big boat sailing for Australia. (FATCATS were a US only bike in the 80s) Cost me sfa = $1400 aussie, so really a steal. They were sold in the US with enormous racks (not that you injest...) so it's be great for side swiping errant MVs who try to cut me off in Melbourne traffic... When "Le Cat" arrives I intend to get it road registered. It's got electric start and already has low seat height hi and low beam etc. Here's some pics of my cat at the port of LA in longbeach: Rear view of the cat: So in my effort to get it registered I need to get some brake lights hooked up. Now I have a shed load of Honda parts in the farm shed atm. Red1 would a XR600R ADR rear light setup work on the Cat? How could I set up a rear and front brake light switch system using Honda oem parts do you think? I'll bolt on the XR600R turn signals I have already. All I'll then need is the switch and wiring.