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  1. Hah!! Not pulled over by cops yet.
  2. 3013 That is the number of days from when I picked up the Fatcat to today when it got PLATED at vicroads with full road registration. The process was as I originally stated. Any pre 89 vehicle can be registered. VASS was only $380 Rwc was $175 I can’t believe I only paid $1100 for it. You can’t but these things under $2500US anymore. My plan is to turn it into a trail clearing machine by carrying a chainsaw etc
  3. Honestly I think the big wheel Yamahas were superior.
  4. Mate I wish they were easier to get.
  5. Thanks dude Only taken me 8 years !!!
  6. The cat has of an hour ago a roadworthy!!!
  7. Well the Fatcat finally has its mod plate. After what seems like an enternity it will probably be fully road registered by end of November Next stop is a rwc and then vicroads at end of November.
  8. Just an update - fatcat been having a 7 year slumber. Should be on the road by xmas 2060