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  1. Cruiser – and others. You bring up good points and I agree with them all. Glad you brought it up. Sweeping IMO is not to goof off at the back and take your time. I am often sweep on rides so I can speak from experience that the sweep needs to be competent at the level posted. Have at least a bit of knowledge about the area and loop to be ridden. Have some basic tools and know how to use them. A tow rope is a good idea but not a must. Ive found a good sweep also needs to be patient and not tailgate the last rider all the time. Give a bit of space. But at the same time give encouragement, help and keep any stragglers moving. At pinch points or really difficult spots, getting off the bike and helping the group through is the sign of an experienced or good sweep. I agree, just as important as the lead rider.
  2. Grand Final Holiday ride, Dirtriderz style. Aside from the excellent ride yesterday (photos to come) what I did notice was the camaraderie and smiles, everywhere. It showed in many ways. The turnout of people, the food that was brought, cooking gear and cooks, volunteers to lead rides (and sweep and help), broken down bikes and riders recovered, fireside banter and friends. Well done to Gypsy for organising this day. I managed a quick chat with all the lead riders. Buzz, Cruiser, Dustin, Coggs and Rider. Thanks fellas for sharing your day and trails. The level 3+ ride was exactly what was advertised. Good pace, No shortage of challenges. Plenty of hill climbs. Gypsy in particular was the perfect sweep and helped us all get through the loop. He fixed a flat tyre, pushed and pulled stuck bikes up and over things, however racing with Chewy took over his sweep duties at times LOL. Our group met up with Cruisers group mid morning at the top of swamp hill, they seemed to be traveling well too. The conditions were good. The standout level 3+ ride moments I can mention are Third gear hill. Ghostrider had a few attempts then when there was “no pressure” (cameras, spectators everywhere ) he made it and we all cheered Kmatts had a flat front which was quickly changed but I didn’t actually see Kmatts touch any part of his bike or tyre. All I saw was Gypsy swinging levers and tools Ha ha. The HUGE log crossing which Murdoch flew over but clipped a stump on the other side and his bike impaled itself on an overhanging branch (see pic) Lots of good riding in general A few pics of the gathering, cooking, feast and ride
  3. riles

    FABulous Dissa

    Thanks very much Fab. All smiles from me all day. The hills were good and everyone rode well. (Even the two repairs got home). Good ride.
  4. A dream trip for sure and thanks for the excellent photos and report Hummdinger.
  5. We ended up with 15 riders yesterday. No rain, a bit of fog and some sunshine towards the end. I want to thank the sweeps, Habs, Mess and Dann. Also to centralvic who, having got all ready to ride, got in his car and rescued Mess who had mistakenly gone to the wrong car park. While waiting for Mess/central Vic I took the group on a quick loop which was a bit harder than advertised but it got everyone warmed up. Back at the car park we regrouped, took the footy team photo then headed off. We had a Cobaw local join us and he offered to lead for a bit which was good but some of his trails were advanced/technical and perhaps a bit more than advertised! In any case during the day we did the usual “trials section”, some trails around the top carpark and fenceline track (where we ran into Babalu and friends) Conditions were good in general with plenty of traction. Cobaw is good like that in winter. Thanks Cruiser for making the long trip over to the West. It was good to meet and ride with some new Dirtriderz/faces yesterday, welcome and glad you joined us guys.
  6. Marko is now a seasoned drinker
  7. I have a sweet tooth!
  8. Thanks Mick for putting it on and showing us around. Very enjoyable. A few of pics from me including “what’s for lunch “. Pete finds the only bit of water in Neerim and gets stuck in it. Chains for tying the Suzuki on the trailer,
  9. I’m guessing there will be a few ride reports from this big Dirtriderz Goughs Bay weekend. Here’s one from Gypsy’s ride today Camping up there on Friday night was fun. A good fire with plenty of people to talk with. We were ready at 8am :Buzz44, Gypsy, Mick, Chewy, Pittman, Cluffie, me. Heaps of long trails, hill climbs, ridge lines, testing down hills, Gypsy gave us the lot. We met up with two of the other groups briefly during the day. Good day to be on the bikes up there. It’s spectacular. Thanks guys and all the camping/riding crew.
  10. Thanks for coming along guys. Good morning ride. We set off just before 8 and finished at 12.30. Technical, flowing, get lost a bit, then back on track, a good mix. 2 x Yamahas YZ125 & FX250, 1 Honda 450, 1 gas gas 300, Ktm200. Only one orange bike??? The strong winds and cooler than the city temperatures made for good conditions. Thanks Wishy for the help/GPS directions in getting back. Buzz I’m glad you rode the 200. A few pics.
  11. I’ll throw in my 2c here Biggie. Id be inclined to probe deeper and find out if the $100 is to clean and grease the swing arm bearings and head stem bearings properly. It sounds too cheap to me. Break it down from wheeling the bike in and back out.... take off back wheel, undo shock at the heim joint (clean it) take off frame guards, take out swing arm bolt, clean seals, pack with new grease, put back together, put wheel back on. That’s an hour or more. I’d say at least an hour and a half if you do it carefully and properly. Same for head stem bearings which can be fiddly to clean properly, the put it all back together (wheel, forks, fork protectors etc) including torqued bolts, align properly, handlebars and so on. It’s at least an hours job. A workshop charges close to $100 an hour. My point is ensure you’re getting the proper job otherwise it’s wasted money.
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