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  1. Loved it. Thanks Nasty and guys. Everything was “just right” today.
  2. riles

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    To each his own and we all have our opinions on gear but I find eye safety to be way above lots of other items of protection. People often fuss over having the best/most expensive boots or helmet saying “they offer better protection” but forget about spending $50 or so on good/suitable goggles. I do wear normal Scott single lens goggles during summer and warmer weather. This time of year I get out my dual lens Scott goggles and wear them from start to finish of a ride. Im lucky in that I don’t sweat much or get hot though. Ive never had a problem with dual lens. On a freezing morning I can wait in group on a trail while someone has a hold up and my goggles wont fog up – unless it’s a long wait. The dual lens Scotts (cant speak of other brands) tend to scratch up easily on the inside so I don’t wipe the inside at all and just clean mud off the outside if needed. If I clean the lens at home its with a tissue and very lightly. That’s the only down side to them – aside from being relatively expensive. Anyway, Ive seen eye injuries on the trail that were not pretty and its because the rider was not wearing goggles. Im glad its been pointed out here and commented on.
  3. riles

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    Thanks 2T4me. (Hope you’ve pulled up ok). A good mix and a good day on the bikes with a friendly and capable crew. I only took one pic - having the first of many laughs. Look forward to the next one. Thanks
  4. Starting at the end of the day.... thanks Pudmud for the cold beer when we came back to the cars, very welcome and much appreciated. Thanks also to Crusty for bringing the group of 6 ( early finishers) back to the cars using your GPS and skill. 99% did an excellent job, as did all the sweeps. Very good ride, loop and group. Thoroughly enjoyed the day out. Thank you
  5. Gypsy, thanks for showing us around Lal Lal. It was an excellent mix of trails and a capable group. We had a top day with no dramas and very good conditions. The hill climbs were endless and you are the king of them. I’m glad Sink rode the 2 stroke even though he whinged about it. He seemed to find his mojo when he was chasing you. Nasty is at home on the TPI300, he rode well. Kmatts was in good form. Chris and Mark were also in good form although a hill climb flip from Mark left him a bit out of sorts. At one gnarly hill climb i opted to “find another way” and it worked out. The group was a bit surprised to see me coming to the top of the hill from the opposite way LOL. Thanks Bayerj for sweeping for the day, always good to ride with you. Gypsy gave us a bit of Historical information as we passed some of the old gold mines and a grave. The sand track at the end of the day, racing flat out, was like a mini Finke, lots of fun and smiles. Lal Lal has good terrain and interesting trails. I had a great ride today. Looking forward to the next one.
  6. riles

    chewton chewed us up

    You should speed up that video and play Benny Hill music
  7. riles

    The Dunes

    Thinking of going 42 pilot, nedh #4, 175 main, running 40:1 Bruce, I’ll give you my 2c. I would leave your pilot the same but go 1/8 turn in on your air screw. More importantly I’d run your proposed NEDH in clip 3 and run your 175 main. When I go to the sand I go a half clip richer on the needle and one size bigger on the main. The NEDH on clip 4 is 1.5 clips richer than your current settting and too much IMO. You don’t want it too blubbery and unrideable. In addition, As you know the H is also richer just off idle so that’s why I suggest not changing your pilot. I run the same engine and carb as you and that’s what I’d run at Robe.
  8. riles

    Finke 2018

    I went and spectated in 2015. I had a ball. It’s like a festival for petrol heads. Everywhere you go there are race bikes, cars, buggies then there are the adventure bike groups, American pick up trucks, blinged up Toyota cruisers, all sorts of mad max vehicles and a race on. You’ll have fun
  9. riles

    Ultra heavy duty tube PSI

    My opinion only. On your bike, weight and set up. 8.5psi. 9.5 if rocky. 11 in the front
  10. riles

    Goughs bay on a perfect day

    Thanks Gypsy, thanks guys. I hadn't been to Goughs bay before and it was a real eye opener. Like the others have said it had everything and was excellent. The group had no problems at all and we covered a lot of trail in good time. Im in next time.
  11. riles

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    Ill get this party started. Dusty you did an excellent job today. Your tracks, pace and mix of terrain was perfect for the day and group. We did lots of hill climbs (there was carnage) and interesting trails. The group didn't have any problems or hold ups. Nice to meet some new riders and see some familiar faces again. I really enjoy these rides and what this forum can bring given the right leader, group, location and conditions. Bayerj, always fun to ride with you. Thank you for going sweep the whole day. Good job. Here are some pics from me. (it was a competition between me and Marko for the best pics - and I saw him in all sorts of good possies with his camera in hand so he will get the win I suspect LOL)
  12. Thanks for the ride/lead Fab. I always enjoy Chewton. The relatively open bush allows for picking new lines and ways around if needed. I like that sort of riding. Always good to ride with you fellas. Noodles, keep experimenting with your Jetting, it’s close, those Mikunis are hard to get just right. Unusually I was not up to a full loop yesterday, I have an infection in my right eye and it got worse with the dust and time. No pics from me yesterday. I suspect Marko has some good ones. One of the highlights for me was catching Marko’s bike so it didn’t crash onto the rocks but I got pinned underneath it LOL. The track fairy was good company and a welcome lead back to the cars (and pub)
  13. riles

    Smokers Lounge

    Mick, In general Yes. They also run quite a lot more compression. 215psi compared to 165 ( KTM HUSKY 250 TE average). They are known for having a robust bottom end. You will notice the power band kicks in like a whack to the back of the head with a piece of 4b2. You’ll love it!