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  1. I’ll share a couple - circa 1980-81 - I was 16 first one is me on my Suzuki PE175. I couldn’t mono (still can’t) but for the camera I popped some first gear ones. Note the full safety gear. The hill in the background on the right is Knox’s quarry where the Leongatha hill climb was held. second pic is from the Leongatha newspaper 1980 and it’s of me in that hill climb - on our farm bike - a Honda XL100 (I think brother Stephen had it bored out to a 150) For contrast, here is a pic of that same hillclimb from I think the last year it was held, 2013.
  2. Habs, someone I ride with just got a 2022 300f factory. I had a good go on it at Tallarook recently. I liked everything about it. Suspension, motor, brakes, ergos, it was all spot on. If I was in the market I’d buy one. Mind you I’m still a bit shy of the boutique brands. If it had Yamaha written on it I’d have it already LOL. A change is as good as a holiday so I reckon you should go for it.
  3. Jono, you already know my thoughts - and that is both will be good bikes for your son. The KTM would be a bit better all round enduro bike, particularly the gearbox - but I still give the nod to the Yamaha. There are not many 125x out there and I dont know any other Dirtriderz member with one. As I suggested they are not hugely different from a regular YZ. A side stand, some gearing and rec rego (if needed) on a regular YZ could be considered. No respring/revalve required or changing the 19 inch wheel either. Its all fine as is (unless hes extremely light)
  4. I haven’t done a TPI top end but Ive done a few late model 300s over the past 12 months. KTM sell a pretty good value kit for about $275. Comes with everything you need even exhaust O rings. (Or TSP) As ohmygewd said you may want new coolant (I just reuse it) and I usually treat it to a new spark plug and muffler repack. (My choice is always a B piston after the first) A shop charges $100 an hour and will probably do it in 4 or 5 hours plus parts. (I’m guessing a bit). I take 6 sometimes 8 at home. Over two nights is good because then it’s a 2 bottle job. Im slow and measure everything: compression, gasket thickness, ring gaps and so on. Those piston C clips are still a challenge. After stabbing myself in the thumb with a small screwdriver trying to get the second one in many times I bought a bag of Slavens EZI clips just for KTM 250/300 top ends. Hope it goes well sporto
  5. I use these. They don’t fog up easily and last ages. I don’t bother with dual lens although I have a set to use if it’s really wet or cold and slow riding. FYI The inner lens on the Scott dual lens scratches very easily. scotts seem to fit me and I just keep going back to them.
  6. Im glued to the TV each night watching this year’s coverage. Aside from the bikes.......in the car class I’m sick of Minis, turbo diesel Peugeot’s, and V6 Hilux’s. I’m going for the blokes in 7 litre V8 2WD buggies. They are doing well. “Serradori Racing Team is running South African Century Racing-built CR6 Buggies.The powerful Chevrolet 7.0-litre V8-powered two-wheel drive Buggy was a revelation at the last Dakar. Serradori managed to claim a stage win on his way to eighth overall and victory in the T1.3 class for two-wheel drive petrol vehicles. He tackled the Dakar on a motorcycle on three occasions before switching to four wheel competition”.
  7. Ausberg. I hope your boy has a good step up to a full size bike. It’s always an exciting time for them (and you) My 2c is, the YZ125 would be a great step up bike. No worries at all. After a year or two he could then move on to a larger CC bike (2 or 4 stroke) with good experience and grounding. A 14 year old doesn’t “need” an electric start IMO. He’ll work it out. I bought my 13 year old a YZ125 and he rode it a couple of years and loved it. Trail rides (private property) pony express, WTMC club weekends. Never once did he say “I need an electric start”. It was light weight, reliable and a great bike. I rec regoed it. FYI it’s still going (must be over 500 hours now) and a dirtriderz member bought it for his 14 year old grandson! The 125X is nice but not a necessity. The stock YZ with a side stand, a larger rear sprocket is fine (and lights if you rec rego it) No need for any suspension or engine mods at all. The X comes with all that but you pay for it. In any case any small bore two stroke on your list is going to be fun and a good step up. A scenic pic of my 13 year old on his YZ125 (at Yea, in 2011)
  8. Jealous!! It’s on my bucket list to ride in the USA, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve researched it. Will have to pick your brains when we travel again Bruce
  9. I don’t think we should be asking anyone about a rebate for rec reg not used during COVID-19. Why? because I think we are extremely lucky to be able to have rec reg in this state. There is/was discussion at government levels to get rid of it. I wouldn’t want to poke the bear (liberal or labour). The $90 we pay per year is a nice luxury we Victorians and Tasmanian’s have. In the big picture, like 2T4ME says, we will be paying for this period for many years to come. I think we should be thankful to have good health, a dirtbike and the ability ride it with our Dirtriderz friends in lots of good places in Victoria. To get a rec reg rebate for 6 or 7 months = $40 to $50. Most spend that on a new riding top or a bit of bling. Let it go and concentrate on other more important issues of this period.
  10. I’ve had two of those composite Husqvarnas and hundreds of hours, no problems (2015 and 2017). I once went over the bars, slowly, on a very steep downhill on a KTM 200. It landed upside down on a log and it cracked the alloy subframe. I paid someone to straighten it and do a dodgy weld repair. I never told Buzz that when I sold it to him last year....
  11. Cmarico, to explain the differences/similarities properly would take a bit of time. It’s not just a one sentence answer/explanation, plus we don’t know your jetting knowledge. The JD needles are a tried and proven alternative to OEM needles in both Keihin and Mikuni carbs (different shape needles though for each brand so you can’t interchange) and the NEC or RM Suzuki needles are for Keihin carbs only. Over on KTMtalk forum in the USA there is a current thread in the jetting forum that Is discussing exactly what you ask for and some of the jetting gurus are posting up good info. I suggest you have a look and read. Then jet your carby and come ride with us carby blokes
  12. Buzz, they are in your shed, I sent you some when we rejeted your beta. Let me know when you’re ready to sort out your new Sherco. I can fit you into my busy COVID revised schedule LOL.
  13. That’s a great story and pics Phil66. Thanks for sharing. You gave it a really good going over. Good job with the electrics and radiator too.
  14. Steviewonder, I’ve got the smaller style one. Not exactly the same but very similar. It’s branded 4enduro. They probably all come out of the same Chinese factory. Had it for about 6 years now. I use it all the time. Like the others have said it’s good for the price. Two things to note. I don’t use the footpeg holders it comes with. I usually work in the same spot in my garage so when I’ve raised the bike up to working height Ive set up a ratchet strap from the ceiling truss to the middle of the handlebars to hold it up and stable when you start taking wheels and forks, even swingarm off. After a couple of years the hydraulic oil started to seep out. I top it up now and again - must get around to fixing it, but it still works fine and a rag at the base soaks up a tablespoon or so of oil every 6 months. You can raise it to a seated working position or a standing working position. It’s very handy and makes maintenance easier.
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