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  1. Im glued to the TV each night watching this year’s coverage. Aside from the the car class I’m sick of Minis, turbo diesel Peugeot’s, and V6 Hilux’s. I’m going for the blokes in 7 litre V8 2WD buggies. They are doing well. “Serradori Racing Team is running South African Century Racing-built CR6 Buggies.The powerful Chevrolet 7.0-litre V8-powered two-wheel drive Buggy was a revelation at the last Dakar. Serradori managed to claim a stage win on his way to eighth overall and victory in the T1.3 class for two-wheel drive petrol vehicles. He tackled the Dakar on a
  2. Well said and written Toby. Thanks to Murdoch for organising and leading the day, preparation, hospitality. Star ride for 2020. The crew really chipped in and helped lots of people (many thanks from me) get through the first couple of hours. A few brave and skilled riders did the “log of death”. Swamp hill was good to watch the guns racing up. Well done to Gypsy and Toby for sweep duties. catering at the end of the day, thanks Murdoch. Also for Italian biscuits and coffee from Gypsy. Peroni beer never tasted so good, thanks Sabo. I had a tour of Cruisers caravan. Very nice job of e
  3. Fab, that’s a good summary. The size of the group wasn’t a problem. It adds to the fun I reckon. The couple of new members commented on “the friendly atmosphere “ which was good to hear. On a couple of longer tracks I waved the fast boys through and said go for it so I saw them banging bars and overtaking. Hoff and then Drew as sweep did an excellent job - as did others who helped out on a couple of hillclimbs. We’ll be doing this “Pepsi cola and Acetone loop” again soon.
  4. After the ride, Cruiser sat in his camping chair, surrounded by people eating, talking and drinking and joked “ I just came for the Christmas buffet”. We laughed and agreed it was a good way to finish off the ride and year. A few special mentions for the day to go with my pics Fab and Kbuxx for the Christmas decorations (with bells) and Fabs home made ginger beer Toys for winning the gangnham style race up the hill (with monos) We’ve named a rocky gully after Eric - for clearing it in style Habs and Eric for sweeping. - and Crusty for going back to get a lost Sweep
  5. Here’s how you start the day with Fab Here’s how you end it A big day for the first ride back for a lot of the crew. We started with a little KMatts warm up to get the eye in and the blood circulating. Fab then took us to a few technical sections, almost a bit much first thing in the morning and the call was made to get some km under our belt. Off we went through wombats finest, pace was up and the all Euro two strokes were on the pipe. Toys brought the only 4 stroke, a KTM 500 which, did you know, he can mono! Some great challenges throughout the day, very entertainin
  6. Ausberg. I hope your boy has a good step up to a full size bike. It’s always an exciting time for them (and you) My 2c is, the YZ125 would be a great step up bike. No worries at all. After a year or two he could then move on to a larger CC bike (2 or 4 stroke) with good experience and grounding. A 14 year old doesn’t “need” an electric start IMO. He’ll work it out. I bought my 13 year old a YZ125 and he rode it a couple of years and loved it. Trail rides (private property) pony express, WTMC club weekends. Never once did he say “I need an electric start”. It was
  7. Jealous!! It’s on my bucket list to ride in the USA, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve researched it. Will have to pick your brains when we travel again Bruce
  8. I don’t think we should be asking anyone about a rebate for rec reg not used during COVID-19. Why? because I think we are extremely lucky to be able to have rec reg in this state. There is/was discussion at government levels to get rid of it. I wouldn’t want to poke the bear (liberal or labour). The $90 we pay per year is a nice luxury we Victorians and Tasmanian’s have. In the big picture, like 2T4ME says, we will be paying for this period for many years to come. I think we should be thankful to have good health, a dirtbike and the ability ride it with our Dirtriderz friends in
  9. I’ve had two of those composite Husqvarnas and hundreds of hours, no problems (2015 and 2017). I once went over the bars, slowly, on a very steep downhill on a KTM 200. It landed upside down on a log and it cracked the alloy subframe. I paid someone to straighten it and do a dodgy weld repair. I never told Buzz that when I sold it to him last year....
  10. Cmarico, to explain the differences/similarities properly would take a bit of time. It’s not just a one sentence answer/explanation, plus we don’t know your jetting knowledge. The JD needles are a tried and proven alternative to OEM needles in both Keihin and Mikuni carbs (different shape needles though for each brand so you can’t interchange) and the NEC or RM Suzuki needles are for Keihin carbs only. Over on KTMtalk forum in the USA there is a current thread in the jetting forum that Is discussing exactly what you ask for and some of the jetting gurus are posting up good info. I s
  11. Buzz, they are in your shed, I sent you some when we rejeted your beta. Let me know when you’re ready to sort out your new Sherco. I can fit you into my busy COVID revised schedule LOL.
  12. That’s a great story and pics Phil66. Thanks for sharing. You gave it a really good going over. Good job with the electrics and radiator too.