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  1. Smokers Lounge

    I’ve been out heaps too. I don’t mind the hot weather. My 2014 KTM 200 clocked up 210 hours so I gave it another 100 hour birthday = new top end, clean and grease the swing arm bearings, front sprocket seal, clean and grease head stem bearings, new tyres and bled the brakes. Still feels tight and rides perfectly. Very pleased with this little smoker.
  2. Mounting garmin 62s

    I’ve started using a GPS. I got a Garmin for Christmas! It seems to be a fairly solid mount, had it do a few rides now and it’s taken a few hits from bushes. It pushes back out of the way if hit firmly. It’s a good unit and I’ve had fun using it. I mount it on the right because my AER forks have an airvalve right where the mount goes over the fork top. Where it is doesn’t snag the throttle cable and is easy to read. Ill be keen to drill a hole or two and safety wire it to the bike though .
  3. Dakar 2018

    When I was watching tonight’s coverage I thought it looked like a Finke stage. So I wasn’t surprised to see Toby Price riding well and to a stage win. Good job. If he rides well tomorrow it means a well deserved Podium finish. Yes, Cluffie, I was going for Yamaha’s likeable and very capable sand rider Van Beveren. Such a shame he broke his collar bone in that big fall. That’s the Dakar! Tomorrow nights final stage will be good.
  4. Dakar 2018

    Its a very interesting year for both cars and bikes. Im enjoying the coverage (and carnage). I’m hoping Toby Price finishes well or even wins the bikes but I think the French Yamaha’s look the business and will take it.
  5. Lal lal

    Cobraone, let me pay you a well deserved compliment. You put on a good ride. Conditions were great, no dramas or hold ups and we did a good mix of trails with challenges thrown in here and there. I had a ball. Thanks guys
  6. Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    a few more pics of the great ride, conditions and crew
  7. Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    Thanks Dakota. You never disappoint. The Cobaw King for sure. I had a ball. ( I had a nana nap when I got home!!) thanks Guys.
  8. Otway Magic

    Yes, what Brownballs and Cujo said. (Good summary of the hospitality too BB). Very enjoyable couple of nights at Wye river and thanks to RattFinke for the offer and Matt for having an uncanny knack of finding your way around the hills.
  9. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Ohh! I didn't realise that had happened. Sorry to hear that.
  10. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Great photos and report everyone. Sink, your latest choice of bike is showing us you now have Style and Taste!
  11. Stockmans rally weekend

    You got me too Knossy,. Great photo. Thank you.
  12. Cruiser`s Big River ride

    The riding was great on both days but the socialising and camping was equally as enjoyable. Got there Friday arvo at 4. Say hello to the Dirtriderz crew. I head off for a quick ride by myself, in the rain, in my gumboots and full wet weather gear, I get a bit lost, eventually find my way back before dark, still raining. Puddingz to make, dimmies to steam, beers to drink, lots of good talk. Scotland's big veranda was perfect given the conditions. Noodles and red dingo came in later that night. Listening to the rain ALL night I'm thinking I might not ride Saturday. Cruiser, I'm so glad I did. It was excellent and thanks to you, Dann and Rob (excellent job as sweep Rob) for sorting out the tracks. The 44 Gallon track was my favourite. Toysrus and I decided that we should include in the ride report that we rode through a snow storm/blizzard and we had to sow 5EXC fingers back exaggeration! Saturday evening, i checked in/scrutinered for the rally then checked over the bike. More Puddingz to make, plus some savoury rice. I like camp cooking, it's relaxing. 5EXC made some delicious chicken, beef, potatoes and corn on the cob. Appreciative hungry riders/campers, we all had a feast. Sunday morning, I pushed my bike over to the start early and I think this is the secret to a hassle free stockmans as I was in the first 10 bikes away. Before the start we had a gathering at the camp with Geoffro, Geoffyboy, Egg and a few other day trippers. The 80km first loop was great. Got back in good time. fuelled up and went out and did loop two. Lots of it we had done with Cruiser the day before which made me smile. Here are a few snaps from me. Thanks again Cruiser and to all the campsite party goers and riders
  13. Enfield 10 sept

    Thanks Scottland for taking us around today. When you mix some open trails, good conditions with confident and experienced riders (I'll let DazzRMX and the Zebra fight it out about well mannered?) it's a recipe for a fun/fast day on the bikes. The tighter trails after lunch were the icing on the cake. Husky310, you're right. My first ride out on the recently cleaned up old Honda 450 was a hit. It was better than I expected. It did make some funny noises beneath me (chain slap and I don't know what else) but it ran fine, comfortable and very balanced. The road trip up and back with Kmatts was enjoyable too. Keen to to do it again soon. (I didn't take many photos today, a few snaps on my phone)
  14. Spring Hill - the rivalry ride

    And only 2 Japanese bikes, the rest were Austrian or Betas