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  2. Great day out for the girls Cost $30
  3. Pre ride hazelwood for GFA 2-4-17's been a few moons between rides for me, and what a thrill it was to do it again. as always on these rides the camaraderie is A1 and memories are made. thanks bill for your patient sweeping and greasa for your dedication to,the cause.
  4. Voltaren is definitly not the same. Voltaren is highly suspect as a medicine TRAUMEEL has been shown to,be very effective and has no dangerous side effects
  5. Using GOOD creams can also speed up healing. Proper function of working parts allows rebuilding to be progressive rather than one step forward two steps back as can happen when we are keen and over do it. highly recommend.
  6. Ozzylas Gembrook level 1 + ride

    Thank u....those names don't ring a has been to long! years ago ( I am talking 10 yrs) we used to go that way on the way to the toolshed
  7. Ozzylas Gembrook level 1 + ride

    Nash creek is a different one
  8. Ozzylas Gembrook level 1 + ride

    Just after the unloading area, when u cross the little bridge and the camping ground is on the right, what is the name of the track on the left.? it has been opened again after being closed for years.........?
  9. A4DE Map of Tasmania

    oh...get well soon.......and congrats. on finishing , yr injury would hurt a whole more if u did not finish
  10. Biggies Bali Ride

    Biggie what was the temperature like up near the volcano? Cooler than the lowlands? How many were in yr group?
  11. I'm Back :)

    I don't know u Mess, but when I meet u I will give u a kick up the bum with a boot on and see how u like it Old bags have feelings too ya know
  12. Anyone Crossing The Simpson Soon?

    The intended date was to.leave vic next week.....Leigh creek, Odonata track, mt dare and then the French line..... Want to do SIMPSON W - E..... Dates are flexible and route flexible apart from SIMPSON crossing direction
  13. Our travel mates for the Simpson Desert trip had an emergency and can't make it. Anyone else going that we can tag along with? In. 4 WD......not 2 wheels.......this
  14. Mt Buller Polar Expedition With Mbma

    Love the music with the vid...spesh Jimi Hendrix!