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  1. 1 x L Grey Original please
  2. Thanks to all that came along and enjoyed the 2+ ride, I hope everyone enjoyed the ride, I tried to cater it to make it as enjoyable as I could given the dusty conditions. Thanks to @BushyBrows DBT & @brucektmguy for sweeping & those that stopped and helped fellow riders at different times through out the ride in true DirtriderZ spirit. Thanks @2t4me for the behind the scenes organisation. as well as everyone else that contributed to the after ride catch up 👍 Also for a big shout out to @Geoffro and the rest of the mods & admins , all of your hard work behind the sce
  3. Thanks @Britto for putting on my favourite ride. so much punting through the Welshford again still have a grin from ear to ear. Thanks to @egg cr500 for sweeping and everyone else for making it such a good fun ride.
  4. @Ruger more time on the pegs mate make a huge difference to your confidence, definitely jump on Britto's Bendigo L2 ride it will do wonders for you.
  5. You ride a 150 ktm or used to?

  6. No , no & no NW Vic if that helps