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  1. Noods that's some of the best colour I've seen in year's
  2. Thanks to those who attended and a big Thanks to Simon for sweeping it was a lot dustier than I expected. Although we did get away a little later than expected due to someone being a little late , wonder who that could have been? Pud????? The only question was were was @TRAILZ, I stopped at the end of stairway to heaven to ask every one where he was and I'm pretty sure they were trying to tell me he's up in the top of the tree above them.
  3. Mine arrived today, warm comfortable and looks good. Thanks Fro!
  4. @Marko_FE250 I"ve got one of these on Order for the next time Trailz comes on a ride.
  5. 1 x L Black Orange please
  6. I purchased a S3 Products one for my 250EXC $330 and comes with 3 different inserts low , medium & high compression. https://www.s3parts.com/en/enduro works brilliantly!
  7. Bombardier 50 5 years old in my uncle's back yard lasted 3 corners and put it in the fence did not get back on a bike for another 22 years!
  8. Noodle, I see your point about the video we did start of very easily as we had a +1 1st time dirtriderz come along. We did hit some much harder trails latter in the day easily of lvl3 quality. to my surprise everyone managed with out too many dramas.
  9. I didn't think you were an elf I thought you were a log 🤣
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