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  1. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    I didn't think you were an elf I thought you were a log 🤣
  2. Summer merchandise

    Navy silver L
  3. Summer merchandise

    Bucket hat for me
  4. As requested - Another Annual shirt order

    1 x L please Geffro
  5. Whipsticks/Bungal 20th May

    Great ride fella's looking forward to the next one I only have 1 question where was Trailz ????
  6. E.O.I dirtriderZ T Shirt Order

    2 x Large Black Please
  7. Hey Mate, got your message - check my latest post - we're hoping to round up a few blokes for tomorrow - call me 0407-970-792 if you're keen.



  8. CRF250X to 200 EXC thoughts.

    On mine the Jetting i run a #158 main a N1EH needle 2nd clip and a #35 pilot idle mixture screw 1 turn out NGK BR8EG plug Also i run 14 / 46 gearing 14/45 is standard A good synthetic oil Motul / Motorex at 50:1 and you should get 50 - 60 hrs out of a plug which gives me an easy 100K plus rage out of a tank If you have any more questions let me know
  9. Thanks for the ride , was good to be on a well organized ride with very little stopping Vince sorry about the puddle i did try to miss it. looking forward to the next ride.
  10. CRF250X to 200 EXC thoughts.

    I rode 300 2T and 250 2T for years I now have a late model 200exc cannot wipe the smile of my face every time i ride does not matter the terrain or type of track either S/T , technical , hills or fast open does it all with ease
  11. I'd be interested in joining in for a ride

    1. PeteV


      Sorry Ive only just got home Ive been out and the Mrs get cranky if I play on my phone while we visit older friends.



    2. Bear


      All good mate


      I've organized to meet a couple of mates to meet at paddy's swamp unloading area if that's your starting point .

      If not catch you on the next one