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  1. Been carrying a fold up saw for a few years now, don't use often but has come in very handy several times.
  2. I wanted 672 but Noodles already has it so I'll have 674
  3. I have that mount, indestructible but does protrude a bit and takes some mucking around to get in a good position on the bars. But good flexibility unlike some of the other mounts. Get the shorter arm length. The roller bar at the bottom of the GPS holder has a habit of coming loose and falling off, I've replaced it with new longer screw and lock nut and no further problems. There is a post somewhere else on that fix. I've also got a cord attached to the unit which I loop around the bars when I install it. Only ever came of the GPS holder once for me, and that was because I didn't
  4. I'm heading up there next week to do exactly that, 7 days of heaven on an organised tour. Can't come soon enough. Meeting the missus on return for a week in Port Douglas.
  5. I got the dual lens for the 100% over the counter at AMX, from memory around $20-25. They had clear and grey tinted, and maybe the yellow one as well, but I got clear.
  6. I have the same goggles, and bought new dual pane lens, no more fog. And I sweat heaps. Single lens sweats up all the time
  7. The few models were in a table below on the website, were all road bikes (assume higher powered), no motocross bikes. You may have a point there, even though the same authority makes you make the changes and it doesn't affect performance (could be argued it makes the bike slower)!!!!
  8. Don't think that is correct, any bike up to 260cc (with a few high end road bike exemptions) is automatically LAMS approved according to VicRoads website Motorcycles with engine capacities of 0-260cc inclusive, in their standard manufacturer form are automatically approved under Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) with the exception of a few models
  9. Got some fronts last week, great service, in my hands two days after they were ordered ......and got another DirtriderZ sticker included as well
  10. From what I understand, the accuracy in the forest is better, google "garmin 64 v 64s" and it comes up with a few other things.
  11. Make sure you get the 64s, better for what we do than the 64 i believe.