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  1. Some vids from today.
  2. Thanks Ian,Riles and Mike for running a very smooth ride. Offered Mike some relief from sweep duties about the half way point but he declined, But added... "Its keeping me check from doing stupid things and hurting myself". 10 mins later a frisky Geoff side swipes a stump and makes a mess of his toe. #$%& and that hurt,Thanks Riles for the drugs. Gee there was was very tired blokes in the car park at the end but all had big smiles and thats a sign of a good ride.
  3. Garmin Montana is what you need but more than your budget. The 610 would be the go. Has been around since 2011 and gets updated every 2 years or so but hasn't really changed spec wise, And for good reason coz it works. Spares can be found cheap on line if you smash it. Allow for the garmin rugged mount in your budget as well. FAQ...https://advrider.com/f/threads/garmin-montana-collected-wisdom-and-faqs.790308/ Forum...https://advrider.com/f/threads/garmin-montana.688775/
  4. JOF062

    WOMBAT 2+

    Oh i see what you did there.....
  5. JOF062

    WOMBAT 2+

    Just knew today was going to be great day when i made it 14km into the city without one red light. And then the car and bike fill coincided in perfect timing "Freaky". Unfortunately that didnt transform into any outstanding riding skills on my part. Really light misty rain on and off all day had most with googles off after the wipers ran out. Hit the deck 4 times in 20 mins trying to get out of one the of sisters and crashed on the chicken as well. "Sigh" Good news is i think i rode better after that. Thanks Andy for organising and the sweeps too... Good Stuff!
  6. No level 2 riders here today fellas! Thanks Habs for organising. Very nice swoopy loop mate with some tech stuff to it spice it up. Good Stuff! Trails were wet but traction was good. Just a perfect ride for me after 4 months off, I jumped ship at the end of the first loop.
  7. That's one very very comfortable shed.... One more please Harry.
  8. https://www.inoxmx.com/products/mx4-lanox-lanolin-lubricant/ Sell this at work and have been using it after a bike wash for 10 years. Works brilliantly. And not only does Lamb taste good but its good for my chain too
  9. Video started at 11 sec in so you will have to drag it back to the start.
  10. Nice drop of water overnight but don't think Tallarook got as much as Melbourne. We had issues early with 2 bikes with flat batteries one was good to go with a jump the other was only a maybe.. Then we had a broken gear lever bolt before we even left carpark. (ouch day ended) The group was better than a 2 so the pace was little quicker and some took a few diversions. I bailed at 50km. And the others went looking for the hard stuff. Top day thanks Bear for organizing.
  11. Found a genuine KTM skid plate today 2KM North of the unloading area at Corrolls Lane. If its yours PM me your bike model and if matches your a winner. If no takers for a month it will go to the for sale section cheap.
  12. Not really my first but the first one with a real clutch.... Owesome bike that surprised plenty in 74 Edit..Front number plate was different to that that one i had.
  13. Thats a good off to do that damage
  14. My 12 did it at about 30hrs but not as bad as that .. 17 looks good so far at 60hrs
  15. Had my GoPro 5 for a few years and don't use it all that often but after yesterdays ride and editing some footage i have come to the realization that my settings must wrong. Footage looked overexposed,lacked detail and was blurry with overblown colors although when stopped it did look quite acceptable. So today i went searching for some better settings and stumbled across a link in a MTB forum from a chap who has some very nice footage. Made some changes as recommend (not all) and have just got back from a test and it looks pretty dam good guys compared to the basically stock settings i was using before. If you own a GoPro 4 or 5 you might want to take a look and even if you have later or earlier model he gives some great insight into settings.
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