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  1. Swan for me only because I use to get good deals as the misses worked for PS. Never had to claim and that's when you know how good they are. We use to open a new policy every year to get a better deal but now don't bother.
  2. Lithium or Lead Acid batteries?
  3. Or has been known to show and not ride... Mmm no odds for that.
  4. Oh its a lunchtime 5/1 I'm guessing😀
  5. So who won? Did it look like this?
  6. Just a heads up a guy on facebook has posted he found barbwire across a track at Tallarook on Saturday.
  7. Top day early start and finish love it, Home and cleaned up before dinner. Covered 50 odd km. All the whoops had water in the bottom so the deep ones made for some interesting moments and wet feet. No big offs but everyone had a drop or two. Expecting to see the boys on more rides in the future👍 Thanks Fellas
  8. Awesome mate well done..... Local knowledge got it done.
  9. Have been running SSB lithium since (Walks) offered me one to be a tester for my 12 350 back in the day. Have never needed to charge one despite some lengthy spells of more than 3 months after injury's, Wouldn't bother with lead anymore.
  10. Got a Airoh Aviator 2.2 The Good..Super Light,Great Air flow,Pads have kept their shape(200hrs) The Bad...Very Expensive (When its in bits for cleaning its seems way way over priced) Goggle fitment. Would i buy another one.....Yep it fits my head.
  11. Check the ride site mate... Rider has given you his spot.:D

  12. Toby has finished the stage... Some others stopped as well
  13. Everyone on time is always good thing on a 13c summer morning, A few tech issues with gear got sorted and we where away. Started as a free ride no real loop set till some old 2016 data popped up on screen that looked ok unfortunately the east/west data was out by 30 plus metres so we missed a few turns and where found bush bashing looking for tracks that where not there. Finished up at about 80km for late lunch beer to wash dust down (Thanks Macca) Good crew good time no damage!
  14. Some vids from today.
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