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  1. JOF062

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Oh FFS will some one pm me and i will name them... The idea of forums is to stop this sort of crap for members.
  2. Well that narrows it down... Fuel pump no pressure under a load? Huskys fuel pumps did have issues.
  3. JOF062

    Wesburn labour day.

    Yes it was very dusty and not a breath of wind meant we were spread out a bit but still good day. I thought the forest patrol was the coppers when they first pulled up just as we where about to cross the bitchy with some on rec reg The tracks later in the day well made up for the dust and all got through with no major offs. Thanks Adam for organizing mate and cheers to the guys for a good day.
  4. JOF062

    Fabs Gearshift Day

    Should have stayed for the last bit as the 50th turned out a bit of a fizzer and woke this morning with my virginity still intact.
  5. JOF062

    Fabs Gearshift Day

    I'm a gumby and proved it today big time. Forgot my wallet had to back track, Forgot my goggle inserts,Forgot to bring my balls. "Please leave your 8 and 10mm on your T-bar and kick the 310 slowly"
  6. JOF062

    A Day at Dindi.

    New lunch stop looks the goods boys... Is there a cooking grate inside that cooker?
  7. JOF062

    Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    Bit of a late start getting away 10.30 with 19 riders. 3 headed back to the cars at the 35km mark and the rest of us clicked up just over 50km at a 2pm finish. No injuries reported and no broken bikes although i am pretty sore in the upper body after 4 months off. Struggled early showing some pretty poor form but found my groove latter in the day on a great mix of tracks with a bit of everything thrown in. Race back to the cars topped off a great day so thanks to all and a special thanks to Ozzyla for posting up the ride and the boys that lead and swept all day.
  8. Got 250hrs out of my 12-350 with 13-50 gearing. Only replaced due to warped plates that made it very grabby unless it was up to temp. Had to work the clutch pretty hard in the tight stuff with the taller gearing and one of Dakotas rides at Cobaw killed it, Guessing it got too hot. Went with OEM clutch kit.
  9. JOF062

    Ogio flight vest

    Zips love silicone lube....
  10. JOF062

    Glorious Goldfields!

    $122.00 for a KTM (2017)
  11. JOF062

    chewton downs another good man

    Oh injuries suck.... Was John your plus 1 Steve?
  12. Thanks everyone for a great weekend... Pete,s post just about covers it. Matty on booze at 3am stoking the campfire then rode at 9am Didn't look too flash early! Thanks for the cheezels Macka. Brought home a memento with a dented header That 4x4 sideways jammed between 2 trees on the way down chinamans was interesting! Still having issues with camera when i think its on but its off so missed some epic moments...Bugger! Pete doing a pivot turn on a tight track with a sticky clutch cleaning up Gurney and pushing him off his bike in slow motion.... Ha Ha Ha Oh god talk about funny!
  13. JOF062

    Out West Sat June3

    Up Hills...Bush Bash...Down Hills... Bush Bash...Up Hills.....Bush Bash. Perfect weather and great traction as long as you had momentum on the new stuff. Covered 50km in 6hrs with plenty of breaks. Thanks Pete love that stuff.
  14. JOF062

    We had Coball

    Nath on a KTM
  15. JOF062

    We had Coball

    Thanks Fab/Steve for lead and sweep duty's, Didn't ride too bad for a change early on but fitness got me again. Tracks where in perfect condition with plenty of traction in most places. Hit the deck a few times and had a few bum puckering moments. Headed back to the cars early with Jazz as we both had functions on Saturday night, Didn't see hardly any flat roads as expected as the gps took us back via some nicely smashed out 4x4 tracks which was nice. Bike has some scares now but at least i didn't ding a rim like last time i rode the Cobaws, Broke a lug off a side cover and got some muffler grazes from rocks that don't look nice. Side cover for a 17 isn't even listed and would hate to think what it would cost, Guessing not $23. Will try some epoxy and see how it goes. Thanks to all for a great day. Uploading a small vid shortly.