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  1. The best advise I can give to people with short stature. When you need to stop or dab a foot. Move your ass to one side of the seat. This will help give you a bit more reach with your foot.
  2. Ahhhhh! "Done" as in lowered. I think heaps of people have had various degrees of success when it comes to lowering the bikes geometry. Personally. Have never done it.
  3. Geday Trailz, When you say "done". What are you hoping to achieve? Is the bike deflecting badly, Or harsh on rough terrain? Does it dive in the crn. Not sure how it effects the lower level of the pipe. My 2c. Springs in front forks and rear shock are set to your weight static sag is in spec. Sag is set to you fully loaded. For the type of riding you do. is there something else you are looking for out of your suspension?
  4. could of used that chainsaw carrier yesterday. We used a hand chainsaw in parts....hard work.
  5. I would do it all again in a heart beat. Lets see what Toolangi brings tomorrow.
  6. A question was raised during the week about Kinglake. So thought I would venture out that way today to see for myself what its like after the storms. Was 3d this morning and think it got as high as 4d. The drizzle was on and off as was the fog. Kinglake trks were as slippery as kinglake can deliver in the rain. Trees were down everywhere. Some trks every 5mt. I havent been to kinglake in a long time. So was def a explore ride and investigate every trk we could find. With Rob on board no trk was left unturned as we came upon them. Trees were down but never did we think about turning back. Finding ways over or around kept us going in the one direction to complete the loop. Going down one particularly steep rutted out slippery trk. I was thinking this could be the trk that brings us undone. Would be very tough if we needed to get back up. Then there is was. The biggest tree blocking the trk. Inland we went, forging a trk down the side of a mountain. Got to the bottom. and you guessed it. The way out was only mildly better. What an adventure what a ride. But unless you like logs and detours. Give Kinglake a miss. Some pics. Either of us going around fallen trees or showing the trees blocking the trks.
  7. What a wonderfully good way to see a fellow rider out to take on the next phase of there life. As said by Ratfink. Too many long term riders of the Forum just seem to slip off the scene as life moves them onwards and upwards. So was great we were actually able to be a small part of Cujo's move onwards, with a last hoorah on the bikes. Was great to see riders of years gone by and rode with regularly turn out for the event. Making the ride more a reunion for me than a send off.. I rode the rear all day like a shepherd boy. Along with Riles, We picked up the stragglers and maintained order. The first of the slippery climbs saw Riles and I thinking we had to walk up the hill to help with the conditions. But in true dirtriderz spirit. The better riders already had that covered with the help of a tow or push to keep the group moving. The tracks chosen for the day were spot on. And I hope while Cujo is up Nth he remembers and reminisces about the great trks Vic has to offer. My bike was in the shop all week getting a couple of gremlins looked at. Picking it up after work on Friday night I looked at the rear tyre and thought. Hmmmmm......Maybe should have changed that. But Dissa seems to be one of those places that creates grip after rain. So while I was expecting the worse out of my tyre. I now think it is good for a few more rides. hahaha. Cujo all the best for the future. Look forward to your planned trips back down to Vic. Thanks to the Ride leaders. And Riles for been an excellent sweep. Too all my fellow riders of the day. Good work for making the ride such a fun day for me. Till we ride again Cruiser
  8. Geday Chippa, Was up at Neerim just recently after the storms. You will find it Business as usual at Neerim.
  9. https://www.dirtriderz.com/forum/23-ride-reports/ All of these places for yourself and mates.. For your kids. You have a number of choice. Parwon MX trk out near Bacchus Marsh, Starglen Lodge Up near Bonnie Doon, to name a couple of places for them. If they aren't licenced.
  10. I could feel it in my bones that this ride was going to go off like a frog in a sock.... So Glad for all of you it was a cracker of a ride. So spewing my bike wasn't ready in time to go with you.
  11. Happy birthday Noodle. Missing you out on the trails.
  12. Was a great way to spend a Saturday. Exploring fairly new to me, the other parts of dissa. Loving the creeks and steep trks that flowed from one Valley to the next. Everyone giving Swamp hill a damn fine crack. 'Justforfun" making Swamp Hill his bitch on his madden tour to Dissa. Buzz showing us some great lines going straight up to the clouds. Thanks Dusty for a great day out. I too, was very disappointment on rounding the crn to see the cars. could of kept going for sure. till we ride again Cruiser
  13. PInes will win. They have more mongrel in them.
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