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  1. PInes will win. They have more mongrel in them.
  2. Putting my name down for this ride. didnt know what to expect. Except, I thought. If Riles is leading then its going to be great. The rain from the previous day sure made the trks come to life. Plenty of 2 wheel sliding. The ride saw its fair share of carnage. Bikes banging into each other on down hills that you couldnt stop on. And bikes banging into each other on uphills as carnage unfolded. Had my fair share of gumby moments on the red clay. But the few shiny moments made up for them and i had a really enjoyable ride. Thanks Riles for offering your time and knowledge of Womb
  3. This weekend really wasn't my baby. But was really happy to be able to help out by leading a level 3 ride round the area. Over the past year. The gates have gone up and bridges been rebuilt. Accommodating the inevitable logging that is taking place and will continue to scrap quite a few great riding areas of Big River. Tracks we were able to include last year couldn't be included this year. So the track preparation for what was left began. This had its own challenges. Seemed as soon as we had some areas ready for riding. New trees would come down and create a new work load to open an
  4. Yeah! best of luck blokes. Relax and let your training shine on the day.
  5. Thanks for posting this ride Dusty. I rolled up to the ride not firing on all 4 cylinders. I blamed having people over on Saturday night, Over eating and a few beers. Towards the end of the ride. My fitness level had dropped off to zero and I wasn't coping too well at all. Drank the camel back completely dry. Gave the last creek run a miss. The tracks we did do were great. And I loved mixing it up with a talent that turned up for this ride. Some of the tracks I had only had the chance to ride down. So was great to mix it up and get to ride up them. Did get a bit warm during the ride
  6. Loved your vid.. Thanks for sharing
  7. Went out with ol mate Dann yesterday for a play on the hills. Apart from that we checked out anything that resembled a trk. This led us into lots of uncharted areas of dissa I have never come across before. At one stage we were totally disorientated. Thinking we had traveled well outside the scope of dissa boundaries. Decided to ride up to the top of a hill to see if we could see any land marks we recognized. As we rounded the crest. It was here we realized we were at the top of Hamburger 1. Hahaha how bad are we at navigating. Lol. Some of the tracks were very off camber and hadn'
  8. Lol. You were fine Dusty. Welcome anytime.🍻
  9. I was looking over an old ride report of Warburton in the wet back in 2011 There is a vid from Dale on page 4 that makes our day look dry. hahaha
  10. Thanks Mate......All I can say is.................. Its ok to Age............Don't get old. Catch you on the trails soon Yeah??
  11. Thanks blokes for coming out and helping an ol man really enjoy a day out on the bikes. With the onset of rain that hit the mountain. I knew we were in for some fun time on the trails. And it didn't disappoint. We slipped and slid our way round the trails for approx 3 hrs on our way to the Pub. Small inclines proving my undoing as I failed to get the rear tyre to hook up on the clay. Others had better luck and rode these sections like they had spikes coming out of their tyres. Giving the Sisters a miss was a good decision this morning. Was enough just to stand up on small inclin