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  1. Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    would love a Diavel. Nearly bought one last year. They are on the wish list.
  2. running on empty at Dindi

    great to hear Dann. Here's to a quick recovery and no complications.
  3. running on empty at Dindi

    wow some serious damage there marko.
  4. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Update. So, besides my normal routine of Hydration and Magnesium tablets Which still seems to allow cramping after a ride. Today I made an addition. Rubbed Rapigel on my quads, calves and elbows before the ride and again after the ride when I got home.. So far so good. No cramping. This is a pleasing result. And will let you know if the cramps return whilst using this stuff.
  5. running on empty at Dindi

    Raining this morning as I set off. But was not going to let that ruin a ride. Six of us turned up and the drizzle stopped as we arrived at the unloading spot. we were quickly underway with Husky310 at the lead and Cujo sweep. A great mix of tracks and the day was going great. Dann got hooked up on some logs. Hurting his knee we took him back to the car and got him loaded up and on his way. Back out down to 5. Some more great tracks then we popped out where I said I would show them the Maze trk. I call it the maze trk because the 3 times i have been there i have gotten disorientated and lost the trk for a bit coming out in a different area. Anyway, today was no different. Took a right instead of left and we were climbing up the back of erzberg. Was a great climb and now I think I have finally figured this trk out. It is worthy contender to be a staple part of the next Buxton/Murrindindi loop. Got to the Hut and was on reserve. We had done about 75ks at this stage. Determined not to let a lack of juice spoil the fun we pushed on hitting a number of great trks. Rode up Cruiser trk today. Was a bit disappointed to see it had been chopped and changed to make it easier to negotiate Got within a 1k of the cars and I had tipped the fuel from one side to the other a couple of times and was now down to a couple of spoonfuls in the bottom of the tank. Needed to negotiate a creek with a steep embankment. Didn't want to run out there so Sabo and Cujo gave me enough juice to get me over the line With 95ks done by 2:30pm I had a great ride really needed what was dished out today. A bit dusty in parts despite the rain. Thanks for coming and sharing the day blokes. Hope its not serious Dann. Thanks for leading Nath and Cujo for sweeping. till we ride again cruiser
  6. Another Shoulder Injury

    I was back at work in 5 months. lighter duties at first. Was determined not to undo all the good work. The physio and Doc both said a number of patients come back for surgery cause they push the envelope too early. So I was patient and let it run its course.
  7. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    I also have been using Rapigel. I have found it so good. I haven't had to use it nearly as often. Mind you I have been off the bike for 3 weeks But generally need this sort of stuff for lower back, elbows and wrists through the week at work. After initial use it was relief straight away. Gave some to my Mum for pain relief of Arthritis in her hand. She rang me to say it was doing better. So horse and dog gel has got the thumbs up from me.
  8. Another Shoulder Injury

    Yep my arms turned into pencils. I joined the Gym as soon as I was allowed to lift stuff. I remember grabbing the 2kg weight and putting it down again. 1kg was where I was at for bicep curls....... Loved watching my progress over the next 3mths. Got stronger and stronger. The other day I was at work Threw a bag of cement over the shoulder. As I started to walk I realized...all was good. she was back to normal. That put a smile on my face.
  9. What's the itinerary for Sunday.?? Address and start time?
  10. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Is ice-cream a reason for my leg camps? I like ice cream probably have a spoon full most days. Could it be throwing the calcium/potassium balance out of whack? More food for thought. Bananas aren't that great so it seems.
  11. Tips on adjusting KTM spokes

    no idea the one that fits out of a selection of spoke tensioner adapters
  12. Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    Ill need to work on those "low" bits.. Looks like an avg score of 140bpm over the day. Not too shabby for a days workout.
  13. Tips on adjusting KTM spokes

    I check the spokes for tension and possible bends/brakes after/before every ride. Generally don't have to do anything. Once in a while may have to nip up a spoke. Had to replace a broken spoke after stockmans. Just run a screwdriver or spanner over your spokes. A dull sound may indicate a loose spoke. takes a few seconds to check.
  14. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Talking to my Mum about this today. She also claims it to be beneficial. So I went out and bought some this morning. The pharmacist only concern was to wash my hands so as to not get it in my eyes.....Apparently it will sting. Will let you know how goes.
  15. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    The fact that it is for animal treatment only does not deter you??