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  1. cruiser

    Ogio Flight Vests

    Good bit of gear. Good even spread of your gear. With a back pack the pull on my shoulders was huge . The flight vest tends to have the weight push down instead of back which is much better weight distribution to me. Sure, it doesn't allow for as much air flow as a back pack. But the even distribution of the weight makes up for that. Bought mine 2 years ago.....Will never go back to a back pack.
  2. cruiser

    Ktm 300 power valve

    Thanks for the share Matty.
  3. cruiser

    Ktm 300 power valve

    Anyone on here been experimenting with the PV springs.? I have been running the yellow spring on 1.5 turns for a handfull of rides Running 13/50 gearing. Had an on track tune turn the pv 2 turns on my last ride which improved torque output. This weekend going to try the red spring at 2 turns with the same gearing. Be interested into who else has this setup and how your bike felt and handled in the tight stuff and hill climbs.
  4. cruiser

    Looking for a rec reg kit on my crf250r

    Have you thought about selling the 250r and buying the 250x?? seems a lot of work and worry for the type of riding you are hoping to do on the bike.
  5. cruiser

    new guy

    yeah welcome Freethie. I'm sure we can organize a ride for you to stretch the legs of your 450
  6. rec reg needs a lights, stop light, horn, mirror. The minimum you may get away with in the bush will be a working head light, tail light. Not saying you don't need everything else. If you at least have your licence, Rec reg and associated accessories. They may overlook weather the bike is lam approved.
  7. cruiser


    I have an 8 person 3 area tent. cost $249 middle area is for changing and all things muddy. End rooms for sleeping. Takes me 20min to set up and fits on the back seat of the car. Love it. Rain Hail or shine it is great to be able to stand up. Ok..... The wind can be an issue. But yet to let me down with keeping me dry.
  8. cruiser

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    nice hoodie, thanks for the effort.
  9. cruiser

    Father’s Day Dissa

    Had a blast yesterday. Thanks 2t4me for hosting yet again another cracker of a ride out at Dissa. I thought the ride flowed not too badly considering the level of the ride and the caliber of riderz that attended. I tried to stay out of the way of the Guns and get around anyone that looked like they were struggling on hills. Seemed to work for most of the time. Only one incident where Petern stopped in a stinky puddle towards the end of the ride and proceeded to spray a couple of us that had stopped right behind him. Would of been nice not to have had that. The lunch time stop saw us doing our best to get wet wood to burn and then proceed to smoke my socks. Loved all the tracks. Gave the big hills a miss. But I do find the chicken trk that goes round Swamp hill to be a treat. Love that rutted out piece of road. Big thanks goes to Gypsy for doing the hard yards down the back of the pack. After lunch the ride flowed a bit better and Gypsy got to have a bit more of a play. Anyway 2t, for an unfit bastard, you host a good ride. till we ride again Crusher
  10. cruiser

    Eggs Tallarook August 25 2018

    so wanted to go on this ride . Looks like really missed out. Bloody work....... Well done Egg.
  11. cruiser

    Thanks to the Ride Leaders and Sweeps

    Yeah I will get in on this. @Husky310 Is a great leader mixing up the trails so its a different ride every time you go out with him @2t4me Also a champion of leaders. catering for the masses on dirtriderz @rob Is my favorite sweep. track knowledge anda helping hand when you need it most @Greasa15 Showing his salts down Hazelwood way with countless hours of reco work to put some great tracks together for many different levels.
  12. cruiser

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    Totally understand this concept and I fully agree with you on this. And yes Kyneton was a commitment and a long way from me. Dirt works is up the road.
  13. cruiser

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    Geelong is too far for some...................Noodle hit the nail on the head when he says he will drop his bike off IF he can find a few minutes one morning. And that is the point. The time involved to drive somewhere during office hours make a simple exercise an effort. I understand this because I used to drive to Geelong to get my bike serviced by Road and River. But it became totally impractical and quite a challenge to get there and back so had to find someone closer. I drove to Kyneton to get my forks done. Cost me a day plus, hanging around for them to be finished. Its not simply the fact that they are only an hour or so up the road.
  14. cruiser

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    I went to dirt works. Then drove to Kyneton and got Anthony at Choice to fix them.
  15. Cobaw about 30 riders 2 to a corner was sitting on a corner long enough to wait...........light fire wait............dry socks wait.........