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  1. cruiser


    looks like a great day on the bike. Seeing your tyres covered in mud reminded me of big River with 4" mud stuck to tyres. bike is back together in time for the next one.
  2. cruiser

    Peak hour traffic

    how the hell do you fracture them?
  3. cruiser

    Peak hour traffic

    Cars that do 10ks under the limit in single lane then speed up 10ks over the limit in double lanes (especially on hills). Only to slow back down to 10ks under the limit when back to single lane. If you are one of those ****heads. Just maintain your speed. We can all get past you safely and you you can go your merry way oblivious to the fact that you are not driving safely as you think you are. You are the cause of drivers trying to overtake you in unsafe situations.
  4. cruiser

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    love it greasa nothing like throwing a new bike around
  5. cruiser

    New brake pads for beta 300

    I have some brand new Motor Tech pads for sale to suit your Beta if your interested. $20
  6. cruiser

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    Had to be there man. I didn't get anything this time.
  7. cruiser

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    Have to say....If you had your name down to attend this ride today. And the only thing that stopped you from joining in was the weather. ?? YOU REALLY MISSED OUT. Just saying
  8. cruiser

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    Thanks Gypsy. I hadnt even had a chance to tool it for today's ride and I am already loving it. Haven't felt this comfortable on a bike since the wr250 husky.
  9. cruiser

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    During the week I prepped the Beta for yet another day on the trails. On Saturday it got sold. Lucky on Friday I bought the next Cruiser mobile. But it was not prepped for riding. Saturday night got home and was going over some of the things on this bike. Rear tyre was crap. So broke out the grinder and squared up the 5mm knobbies and today it got me round everything except a couple of hills with the bloody root step ups. On the way to the ride today was thinking I was not going to make it. Patrol gone over the edge of the road last night and young guns trying to retrieve it holding up the traffic with winches and vehicles. But the crowd got them to take a break while we all crawled past. Some of the tracks today were great. I could feel the grin stretching right across my face. A couple of fun bar bashing moments with Huski going up snotty red clay hills. And mixing it up with some of the riders was a hoot as I was yeah haring all over the mountain today. Had a play on a play hill. But after a couple of go's . It was pretty clear my rear was not up to the challenge with this muppet on board. So will save that hill for another day. The sweeps on this ride could give out lessons on how to sweep. They did a bang up job. They were knowledgeable, capable, able and willing to do what needed to be done. Well done to the sweeps. Greasa you have come a long way Man... Was fun tailing you on some of those tighter trks. Good to meet up with some familiar faces. And the new additions to dirtriderz made for a great crew today. OH best tell you what I rode today. Yep finally got the 2017 Husqvarna te300. Gelled with it straight away. I am loving this bike. A few minor changes and we willl be good to go. Till we ride again Cruiser
  10. Ok I might say something. If I was traveling in a group and the leader of the group parked his trailer in an area that was handy. Why the hell not....Its not like you would be expecting the leader to go anywhere without you following. On a different angle. Unless I was driving a prime mover with 60ft of trailer behind me. I would of gone about 3 ft before I realized something wasn't right out the back. not gone some distance down the road.... But I wasn't there so have no idea on the circumstances.
  11. IT doesnt matter what business you are into. That Business will come across those that Feel they pulled the short straw and didn't have a great experience. Nothng you say Toecutter will change the experience felt at the time. Regardless of the countless good times you and people you may know have had. Been in Business since I finished my apprenticeship. If there is one thing I have learnt over all those years. Its.......... "You cannot tell someone how to feel. You can only soften the blow." Coming on here to declare your good times and make others out to be liars only adds fuel and does nothing to soften the blow.
  12. cruiser

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Sounds like a Beta i know
  13. cruiser

    Hide and seek @ Bears Pyrenees

    Great report and a fun day by the sounds. I generally use the Buddie system for big beginner rides. But no reason it cant be implmented on all rides. Don't have to make a field day of it. Just make note of one rider each time you stop.
  14. cruiser

    What are you watching on TV

    Blokes world featuring Erzberg at the moment
  15. cruiser

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    happy birthday dazzrmx. Didnt you just have a birthday not that long ago...... Oh well as long as your aging faster than me its all good. Catch you having a seniors moment out on the trk some time.