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  1. What a blast this place was From joining in the very early days. Watching it grow and become a huge part of my social calender. I will miss the interaction i have with the place deeply. Cruiser.
  2. cruiser


    2016 12 months after his heart attack. Rupert lead beginners over the same loop. Rupert is front and center of this photo.
  3. cruiser


    It's a hill you ride often Splints when you lead riders around the now infamous loop at Big River. Damige constructed that loop for beginers a number of years ago when we ran a Big River camp. Unfortunately while damige was leading that ride he suffered a heart attack after climbing the hill on Foleys F/L Rd. He had to be helicoptered out. The hill was forever known as "heart attack hill" from that moment on.
  4. cruiser


    A number of you would remember the bloke that ran beginner rides all around Narbethon. Quite a few would have cut there teeth in on a damige level 1 ride. Damige was a fellow I met through riding bikes Have known him and his family for a number of years now. We talked on the phone and caught up regularly when he was riding a lot. Life got busy. we didn't catchup as often. But still had each other to call and say geday, usually on the way to work stuck in traffic. Blew me away to find out he had cancer that was spreading. Rupert aka damige. Passed away. I will miss him. My heart goes out to Jodie, Aaron and Kala. He will be surely missed. Damige is the fellow that we named a well known hill after on a Big River ride a while back. He loved his family. He loved his fishing. He loved 4x4. He loved his riding. So sad to hear a fellow rider go down before his time.
  5. Talla is the bloke to talk to. If he isn't riding. Chances are he knows someone that is. Otways is a minefield. There is right and wrong tracks. Depending on the day. Riders have been known to have to leave bikes in gullies and walk out.😎 Needless to say. Some great riding down that way.
  6. Don't really need/want money. A couple of days a year by the majority. A few weekends a year by a few. That would really lighten the work load. That and getting off the bike every now an then while on a ride to clear debris rather than always tracking around it.
  7. Jetwave 145 Extreme. Cutting the paint off an old wrought iron table. This thing will cut the embedded graphics out of your plastics. Bought it back in 2006 second hand for about $400. Have been known to use it for 8 hrs a day for days on end. It didn't always look like this. It fell off the roof and smashed all the plastic casing. So I made a frame for it. It's a bit temperamental. Can't be left on if your not using it. It will wind slowly till it trips a fuse on your house. Other than that I take it with me everywhere I need high pressure water.
  8. I've never been lucky enough to v be able to wash my bike and gear for $4.00 Buy the best your money can afford and use it for years.
  9. So.... how impressed are you with the new bike?
  10. I will give it a crack. No promises. If everything else fails bring it down to dodgy bros welding and fabrication.
  11. And you will do it with a smile on the dial. Good on ya. You have a grit your teeth and go for it attitude that will help you get the most out of this experience long after the event is over.
  12. Foot placed further forward will help you pivot around it.. When I tried it. I thought just getting the front end up would do it. But spent my time chasing after my bike because I didn't give that foot placement to pivot around.
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