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  1. Keep in mind. A tyre I would run on a 2st. could be ripped to shreds pretty smartly on a 450 4st.
  2. Try 13/52. I found 50 on the rear was too tall for me. PV 2 turns out from flush. But will check and get back to you. Not sure if I haven't turned it in 1/4 of a turn since then.
  3. Must be a reason you have to scream up a hill in 1st. Doesn't sound right. I have never touched my Mikuni. Run it at 50:1 Red spring PV 2 turns JD kit. Use second and third for all hill climbs. tractor or on pace. Hasn't missed a beat. Is this not normal for Mikuni? Thought I better add 13t and 52t
  4. The last update was 12 days ago. So its old news. But it does say till further notice. so would be safer to check the listed parks out before venturing to those destinations
  5. Surprised the Gaerne are more narrow than the Sidi. I used to buy the Gaerne because my foot would not fit in the Sidi?
  6. Stop talking about riding....I havent finished my project yet. It may never be finished if we start riding again.
  7. Top shelf stuff eh? Drinking Victorians best I see. No lemon needed.
  8. Gone to buy more stickers. hahahahahaha
  9. Good question Splints. I noticed a permanent frown line has appeared. Tipping this will be the first thing to evacuate once we can ride again. Dont care where it is actually. Thats if they let us travel further than 150k from our home base.
  10. Love the back door setup bushy. I like clean look
  11. Happy birthday Noodle.
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