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  1. Macca. My advise is to never be too concerned about buying local to your vicinity. I have bought bikes from Queensland. My 250 husky was bought in Geelong. Passed many local husky dealers to get the right bike. With the right after sales service. IMO. When you buy from a shop. The bike is only as good as the shops after sales service it provides. And yes I used to travel to Geelong for the servicing of the husky for the first year anyway.
  2. Had a great time at Starglen. Loved the Saturday arvo ride with Noods and Cluffie. Spent a fair bit of time riding by myself on Sunday exploring the property. Then again on Monday up at the pine plantation behind Starglen. This was good fun scooting around finding some fun stuff to play on. Hopefully next year we can encourage some more higher level riders along to join in on the fun. I rode 180ks over the 3 days. Till we ride again. Cruiser
  3. Great report blokes. Looks like I better have my weet bix before doing this ride...
  4. Up there with one of the best weekends away in a long time. and I go away quite a bit.
  5. rolling over that one would not be an option. fairly high up to be on the back wheel and launch into the scrub. I like this game. will take a couple of Red Bulls I think.
  6. I am so glad the ride report is having the desired effect and riders are showing interest in attending Pete's Mt Cole rides. You know you don't want to miss out next time.
  7. Saturday night and when only Pete and I were left to tend the fire. Thats when I started to notice just how tired I was. Dinner was easy, homemade chicken soup. A few beers later and reminiscing the days events. I took myself off to bed at 10:30pm. Woke the next morning just after 7am. feeling fresh and alive again. Suited up to get on the Level 3 ride planned for the day. I watched the young guns file in eager for their day on the bike. Was happy to sweep yet again. Make sure all got through the ride with minimal trouble. A few had trouble on the first climb out of the carpark. But settled into the ride nicely as the day went on. This ride was so different from the day before. A lot more flowy type trails. It still had all the technical rocky hill climbs complete with car sized boulders to get up and over while climbing a formidable hill. Plenty of logs to negotiate. and rock faces to scramble up and over. The riders on this ride were not short of talent and everyone was doing really well. Even if I did get to ride a 150 up a bit of one hill. Starting the ride approx 9:30 back at the cars just after 3:30pm. 80ks under the belt. Was a great day on the bikes. This ride is just short of a 4hr drive for me to get to. But I know if i lived within 2hrs of Mt Cole. It would be my new most visited mountain. Back at camp and time to pack up. Pete makes me a coffee while I start the task. helps me put away the last of it and the weekend is done. Leaving around 4:30pm getting home a bit after 8pm. unload and set the vehicle up for work the next morning. Climb into bed around 11pm. tracks going every which way in my mind. reliving the whole event again. Pete, you have done an amazing job getting to know Mt Cole like you do and linking it all up to customize rides for those willing to follow you around. All I can say is. There will def be a next time. Pics to come Till we ride again Cruiser.
  8. Been wanting to get back to Mt Cole for a long time now. When I finally made the decision to join this ride I couldn't get there fast enough. Friday morning, threw the tools off the car loaded up with the bare necessities. Heading off just after lunch. Arriving about 4:30pm. I decided the first thing to get off was the bike and go check the local surroundings out. Dressed only in my jeans and T shirt, Boots and helmet. Didn't have to go far to find plenty of fun stuff to play on for about 30min. Set up camp and tool the bike, excited for the days to follow. Pete arrives. throws the bike off his trailer and goes collects enough wood to last the night. We had some great belly laugh moments and probably drank a bit much and stayed up too late...... But it was just what I needed to wind down from a hectic week. Slept the best in ages. Waking at 7:30am. kettle on and waiting to see who would arrive to take on the day with us. On the bikes with the first of the hill climbs 100m from camp. Saturday 3+Ride The tracks throughout the day were reasonably new highlighted by nothing but a ribbon hanging nearby. Quite often going straight up the side of a mountain strewn with loose rocks, boulders , logs and everything in between. This went on for approx the first 4hrs of the ride. Then on one such track mounting 2 rocks doing a hard left hander round a pointy uprooted stump. I over stretched my back muscles and this put a little dampener on my ride. Many more boulders and rocky hill climbs later and it was getting worse. Opted to sit tight for a bit while nugget and pete went on to conquer more boulders and rocks for about 20min. The back feeling better we pushed on changing the dynamics of the ride a bit and road our asses off getting back to the cars at nearly 5pm. I have to say this was probably one of the more technical rides I have done in quite a while....I was feeling a little bit under prepared and soft. But if it had been anything less. I would of been disappointed. Well its a start......stay tuned for Sunday.
  9. Happy to honour Ron's request. Is there a map showing the boundaries of this property. A quick google search only shows Warragul Rocks as a must do rock climbing destination.
  10. I would rather hear the bikes...im old and will end up turning the vid down if it has music on it.
  11. Thanks very much Geoffro and team. A very welcome and timely prize. I ripped my seat cover and my pants doing the reccy ride the day before this ride, Going over the bars was only funny to those who saw my stack, witnessing my pain. lol. thanks again.
  12. may be set to private. video is unavailable
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