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  1. cruiser

    Word Association...

  2. cruiser

    Neerim the 11th Sunday funday!

    Anthony thanks for leading. Frank top job sweeping the rear all day. First to arrive. Not sure if it was the right spot. Wasn't long and in came Frank and Grant. A bit later on Anthony made an appearance. Then a massive horse float parked nearby. Thought this might be an issue but she and the horse were all cool with us starting and riding from there. Anthony sure knows Neerim well. The tracks leaving the unload spot were great. He showed us so much choice tracks I was having a ball. Then it happened.............I noticed a ribbon........I had to check it out...........And so they followed me.....oh well. Navigating by brail and ribbons what a hoot. lead us all the way to.............a dead end......But lots of choices so pick another trk and popped out onto the road about where Anthony wanted to be. This ride was every bit a 2+ ride. Was just what I wanted to check out the cooling ability of the new fan. Went up kunt hill as slow as the motor would go and all good. Was going to have another go but Anthony was on a mission so we pushed on. Anthony had the lunch spot all sorted with accommodation over looking the River. 5 star. even had specs of gold in the water for the Tourists. Cant wait for a rainy day when Anthony says, "Lets ride Neerim" it will be a level 3 loop if he jumps the speed up a notch. You would want to be on your game on this loop in the wet. Thanks blokes for a fun day on the bikes. My speedo says 79.2ks for the day Finishing the day off with a blast on bit of single that really had me smiling arriving back at the cars feeling like I had been for a ride. Well done Anthony on your first lead ride. Next time you post up you will have to cap this ride...... Till we ride again Cruiser
  3. cruiser

    Property Investment

    Mate just finished building a house in yarra valley. Broke 3 records. Time it took to sell 20 days. Sold $180000 above the other houses in the street. Forgot the other record. Sold to a young family. Agents preached doom and gloom told him not to expect much. Well there you go. Sold $740000
  4. cruiser

    Blackwood with Dylan

    In 25 words or less. what part did you enjoy the most. And you cant say "the riding part"
  5. cruiser

    Overheating Husky te300

    Tested the new fan out again today. From tracks with zero air flow. to hill climbs I did as slow as the motor would go without stalling. The hottest I could get the bike today was 98. Within seconds the motor was back down below 95. Very happy with the new fan. All water cooled dirt bikes should come off the production line with a fan fitted IMO. Even if it only needs to kick in once a year.
  6. cruiser

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Yeah speedy recovery. Getting too hot to ride anyway.
  7. cruiser

    Overheating Husky te300

    I seen what you done there. I just chose to overlook it.........................this time.
  8. cruiser

    Overheating Husky te300

    Looked at the jetting. ran it through its paces. listened to what everyone else is going through trying to tune a Makuni. Listened to what my engine was telling me. And have come to the conclusion.....The jetting is ok and not causing the bike to overheat.
  9. cruiser

    Overheating Husky te300

    Maybe a good chance of that Gypsy.
  10. cruiser

    Overheating Husky te300

    Just got back from just over 100ks of open trks hill climbs and scrub. The bike did not boil once today. Gave it plenty of opportunity to boil at the back blocks of Wesburn this morning on a steep rocky hill climb . But still couldn't make a cup of tea. Needless to say I was very impressed. The only mod i ended up doing. Putting on a tail tech fan.
  11. Good on ya mate you will enjoy going out with others every now and then.. Welcome aboard.......... Heads up.. Murdock knows Dindi very well.
  12. cruiser

    Overheating Husky te300

    Good point chris, ^this^ as the previous work may not of been done correctly. Motor has never been apart. Never had a coolant dump. So not much chance of developing an air pocket.
  13. cruiser

    Cruiser`s Big River ride

    Unfortunately, due to this loop not having been ridden since last year 44 gal trk has disappeared and become unrideable.