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  1. If it doesn't clash with goughs Bay. Or is Easter after then... lost track of time. Usually have to wait till someone tells me these things.
  2. Any of these dickheads caught with anything remotely looking like these spikes on their possession ie in the car . Better have a rock solid reason for carrying them. And even then their names recorded for alibi checking if further instances like this happen. I will make sure the trip to court is worth it if i see them in the act.
  3. Should only take you 3 cans to do the job. The other 3 is to sit back and admire your mechanical skills.
  4. Will post updates as they come available. needless to say I am very pissed off at the moment.
  5. I have just returned from a meeting at Warburton CFA regarding the latest fires in the upper yarra Valley area. As we speak all roads to Big River are closed. Last Friday, a lighting strike caused a small fire out at Lake Mountain. Which was smouldering at the Cambarville Junction when I rode the area last Sunday. Since then 3 more lighting strikes created 3 fires which have merged into one fire in the Reefton area. This created spot fires in the water catchment areas which are under control. The fire is in watch and Act mode at the moment. Most of the fires are in inaccessible areas. The help of air support is putting a dint in these fires but wont put them out. Currently 6 firefighting helicopters are in use. 5 CFA tankers, 3 D6 Dozers, 1 D4 Dozer, 1 D7 Dozer, 1 Harvester, 2 Excavators, 9 Slipons, 2 Unimogs and 3 Ops Vehicles. Considering these fires are only 1/4 the size of Gippsland fires. Significant force is been applied to control the fire swiftly. My Thoughts. We need rain. The chances of another lighting strike is high. The bush is very dry. Without rain. It would be foolhardy to ride the bush. The roads are closed. Even by some miracle the fires are contained tomorrow. The clean up and management could go on for days. It is with much regret that all Big River rides I have currently posted will be postponed till Easter. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Cruiser
  6. My first tubliss tyre change. I am quietly impressed with myself. Yes I am running new rubber on the weekend. Need every thing I can get.
  7. hey Missmudd. you def need to look up Tootimid. level 1+. Aspires to be a crusty demon She is a ride hog. Rides so often she turns small trails into fire trails.
  8. I haven't but that's what I did. Put all your adr gear on. Get the roady. Then take it all off and go riding.except your lights of course. May even need to put the rear fender extension on.
  9. probably need to supply a RWC. Have all the lights and indicators on the bike including horn. Dot Tyres and a mirror.
  10. Bubalu you are quite the rider mate. You are very modest about your abilities. I will be looking you up for hill climbing lessons I think. I don't think we are going to get any real rain soon. Keep up the good work gypsy
  11. My 08 husky was the worst. I could go through a set of wheel bearing every week with my endeavors to clean it properly with a pressure washer. purely user error cleaning too hard around the bearing areas.
  12. After killing wheel bearings faster than a bog hole. . I now only use a garden hose for spraying my bike. It never gets real clean. But I'm happy with that. could always sponge it down if I wanted to. Spray on your favorite soap Leave on for about 15min Hose off. Air compressor to get rid of trapped water. Then I am ready to service the bike.
  13. I need to get on these rides. I suck at hill climbs. 37ks? its like a talla ride all over again lol
  14. Gave it a lot of thought Ben. But I only had the remnants of a summer tyre on and needed to save all that extra energy spent for todays ride up Big River. After big River is finished with. Then you will see my muppet head popping up on your rides more often.
  15. Was thinking about you blokes out in the rain yesterday. Sounds like a solid effort needed to be put in for this ride. Well done. Did you get a chance to feel how cold it got after the rain. Sounds like you were doing trks that would keep you fairly warm.