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  1. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Thanks Trails 50 all over again
  2. Not Good to hear Bruce. made me go out and check the garage.
  3. Mt Dissa Beta Buzz Style!

    Love it
  4. Dissa feel the burn!!!!!

    2t4me ran a fun ride out at Dissa on Sunday. My day started with a trailer flat which got me changing a rear before the ride happened. This was excellent timing. Generally worn out tubes will go flat 10 min into the ride. Which is a total pain. Had not been on the beta for three weeks. Was going a bit insane. Nephew wanted a blapp so jumped on board for some bike time fun. Was loving the terrain. Been dry, the dust was up there. The ride flowed reasonably well till the fitness levels started to show as not been qute at the level they should be for a level 3 ride. Albeit a cruisy ride. Lots of stuff was left out. With the rests needed, covering approx 40ks over a 5hr period. I was just happy to be out on the bike instead of working on the house for a change. And some rest moments had me riding around aimlessly waiting for some to catch there breath or get rid of arm pump etc. The creek was dry. So was able to scoot through there with little effort. Jumping off rocks that would generally give you front wheel slide out in the wet. Was a lot of fun. Swept the first half of the ride with 99percent chasing the rear on the second half of the ride. Can be a little bit frustrating when people say they know corner man then just dont follow it??? Was a hoot of a day. Thanks for taking the time Dustin. Till we ride again. Cruiser.
  5. Yep when out doing track work i really miss my 4x4


    1. cruiser


      made for a great ride today:D

      Even if it is still on a beta:P

  6. Slide day - Broadford

    great write up mate. felt like i was there watching you.
  7. New guy from the Sunshine coast.

    nice first post Jay. Was up that way a couple of years ago 4x4. When I am financial. would love to ride around Beerburrum.Got some great terrain round there.
  8. Four Word Game

    But never wash it
  9. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    At 54 years old just need to get a bike that can keep up. .......or at least stay up right Except for an issue with my foot. I feel pretty good and look forward to finishing my renos . Then I can get back out doing what I love. Braaap
  10. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Cheers Tootimid . working hard on the anti aging potions.
  11. Toby I ran my 2008 wr250 husky on 91 from new right up till I had the squish done which changed the compression. The bike then ran better on 95. It would run on 98. But it didnt make any noticable difference so in my mind wasnt necssary. This bike did over 14000 hard ks using lower octane fuels.
  12. A Day at Dindi.

    Good to see the new lunch spot been used. glad that cruiser track still has some fun about it. So the maze trk in reverse eh??? that would be cool. Such a good loop.
  13. Four Word Game

    on a dirty beta
  14. I used to cramp badly. On the way home and getting off the couch after a ride. Whatever water you are drinking each day.....................Double it and buy good quality magnesium tablets. Havent cramped since.
  15. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    happy birthday Gypsy. I went out did 24ks in my 2 hr time slot, done by 12. It actually does put a smile on the dial Glad your enjoying the new bike.