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  1. A couple of cable ties on the frame helps to hold the plate in place untill you get the screws in.
  2. Looks like a quality ride!
  3. Saw you trundling out as we were riding in today DG.
  4. Loved the ride. Was a bit of everything thrown in the mix. A culinary delight of steep unforgiving hill climbs out of the abyss. Pretty sure everyone's bars hit the ground at some point today. which did keep it real. The line up for this event was too good to pass up on. And the blokes didn't let me down with the action packed fun and adventure out on the Trails. Worked out during the ride that the avg age of blokes attending this ride was just over 50 years old. Thanks Fab for doing a bang up job of following a GPS. A skill I will never aquire. Thanks to Riles for sweeping ma
  5. Second all that info and more. Runs a very transparent and up front business. Only too happy to do what he can to get you riding on the weekend.
  6. Thats a fairly advanced concept you got going there Macca. Did you start on an 8hr time block for eating then fasting? Working your way down to 2 hrs over time? I have studied this method a bit. and like the idea. Just feeling that fasting for effectively 22hrs in the day may be a bit extreme for heavy work/ride routine. How are your blood sugars holding up?.....When I say that, generally will let you know through your energy levels?
  7. Start the night before. Good load up of both carbs and protein. Get a good sleep. At least 6-7hrs. Morning 2 glasses of water. One with a dash of apple cider vinegar. One Magneisium and One Glucosamine Tablet. Washed down with a coffee. 2 x toast Vegemite and peanut butter. Eaten on the way to a ride with 2 coffees. Directly before ride. 4 Weet-Bix with milk. On the ride. salad roll or egg and bacon (home Made). Camel bak holds 3 litres. even on the gnarliest of rides generally more water than I drink Coffee on the way home another magneisium tablet. T
  8. Yeah. Liked the idea of a gate. Hated the idea of having to get out of the car to open and close it. Especially if it is raining. So the automation was a little treat for not smoking....and a no brainer if i was ever going to actually use them.
  9. Still off the smokes. Its been over 40 days since I decided to give them away. Had a few slip ups in that time. 8 smokes within that time. The longest stretch without a smoke is the current time frame of 16 days. Could of easily caved last night. Put it down to just a bit bored. Went out and bought a pizza. Haven't had one of those for a quite a few months. So was like a little treat for not having a smoke. Counting the savings and this week I automated my new front gate with some of those savings. So all in all its been a positive move. And gaining a few achievement
  10. I think the bloke has to buy a bike if not yours. someones bike. Buyer beware and do your checks. So if you really don't need it. you could sell it too him at a reduced rate. If Insurance has already paid you for the bike. Albeit, maybe not as much as it was worth/cost you. You could sell it too him for the difference. Every one wins. You walk away a good bloke. .one smiling 13 yr old. And a dad who dodged a bullet.
  11. Looks great mate. And no over spray in your garage.
  12. I'm thinking about a career change. Just watched the safety Vid............I'm in. Havent had such a good laugh in a long time.