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  1. Harry's place was just what I needed to get away from the usual bump an grind. Was very happy with the slip and slide of the red clay that goes with the territory up this way. Today would of added another dimension with all the overnight rain and on/off rain today. The hill climb challenges were great fun. One hill seeing me go back down a bit for numerous goes whilst waiting for others to get through the snotty ruts near the bottom. Lots of shiny moments for me yesterday. Line selection not always being on point adding to the excitement as those with the better line sailing past with ease. Thanks Harry for your hospitality. The Noojee pub for dinner was a treat with Andy shouting us all a small glass of milky substance that we slammed down fast. Thanks for sweeping Stinky. Harry for leading us on some great 4x4 tracks. Good to meet new faces. catching up with the others I see regularly. Thoroughly enjoyed the time away. Good social event. Might even do it again one day. Till we ride again Cruiser
  2. I once bought a beta that didn't give me any love in the suspension. Perseverance and learn as you go. Eventually I got it to point it gave a good ride. Learnt a heap along the way. Started with the sag and went from there. Yes had to throw a few bucks at it. But would rather ride a tame bike with well set up suspension. Than an agressive motor with the suspension out of kink. Good luck with your joirney. A lot of the work you can do yourself. It only gets complex when you have done everything in your mechanical abilities anf you still want more.
  3. Good hill climb for sure. I always thought that was the finish line up there. Just as well it wasn't. You could be coming first. A few failed attempts could see you finish the race a lot further back in the pack.
  4. Good job well done Buzz. Congrats on the last photo. Tipping there would be quite a few riders who weren't eligible to get a photo taken under that banner.
  5. Thanks mate. Tony popped it in a big box, And posted my Armour. Sitting on the doorstep when I got home today. Above and beyond Tony. Cheers.
  6. Great reply buzz. I knew it was on the high end. Was thinking about this the other day when Bruce wanted to take us all out again on Sunday for about an hour. No one was up for it. But if we were in training. The choice is made for you. Would be nothing worse than going over under prepared.
  7. Well done Buzz and co for giving this a go. Can I ask you for a summary of what you have done/doing in preparation for this event and over what time period. Also, The costs/sacrifices you have encountered getting yourself and bike prepped. I'm sure you didn't just wake up one morning and decide to book your flight? Not because I will ever do this event. But to further appreciate the effort behind the scenes that goes into getting ready for an event like this.
  8. To date, all but one of my bikes was worth handing over the hard earned, for all the enjoyment it brings me. I'm sure if I was a surfer. I would have more money in the bank but.
  9. Great vid bear. I hear what you're saying. I see what you're doing. And it scared the pants off me just watching your front wheel do the sand dance. Awesome stuff mate.
  10. Unless you other blokes on this ride chime in and let us know your experience of the weekend. I am going to have to rename the thread to Cruisers Big Desert Ride. But we were Pete. I know the Vid did not do my speed justice. Last night I was watching a couple of Vids from others who have ridden the area. First vid clearly competent and monoing every where. The second Vid. They were planning on camping out after a long distance. 45ks later they were cooked and took the easier road back to where they started. So from what I accomplished on this tour. I am very happily sitting in between those two Vids. Actually quite pleased with how it all went. At one point in the ride. It was considered the furthest point from Yaapeet .(Not sure of distance) Sitting on a ridge with no means of any vehicle getting anywhere near us except another bike or helicopter. It was certainly not the place to be cramping up or having bike issues.
  11. You would of loved this ride Pete. Anyone thinking they aren't sure what to do to get bike fit...........This is the answer.
  12. Ok you asked for it. The Vid of the first 30 odd ks when I was at my least confidant. The battery on my camera doesn't last much longer. Needed to put the camera on the head of a more proficient rider. The camera deceptively does not show the Whoops to there full extent.
  13. I stopped a few times on the way home for a break. Getting in and out of the car like a geriatric. Wasnt sure whether I needed to go for a run or have a radox bath to loosen up when I got home....................The radox bath won.
  14. Pics of our short Fri arvo ride Cooking lunch to take with me on Saturdays ride.
  15. Big thanks to Bruce and Bear for running this ride. Arbo and Cam for your support. Bear and Tony for sweeping. To all the guys that turned up and made for a fun experience. I can now tick this off the bucket list. I can absolutely see the attraction to riding sand for high speed adrenalin riding. It would take a few more tours for me to become comfortable with that. On the way home. I had a strap break. Lucky the peg straps I added stopped the bike falling off the trailer. Tailendcharlie "Tony". What a legend. Brought the Urn. The water. The Tim Tams. The coffee.Tea and all of Yaapeets Hospitality. Thankyou very much mate for looking after us so well in your little town. A Pic of a Pub I past on the way home. I have some great memories in with my Son on one of our out back adventures. Till we ride again Cruiser
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