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  1. This weekend we have had 4 x tyre changes, 3 x airfilter's cleaned plus 1 x oil change. Ready for the post lockdown ride
  2. Good work! Looks like a therapeutical day.
  3. This isn't good to hear Tracey, but you know where I am, always keen for a catchup regardless of riding or not. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Tallarook rides this year! [emoji482]
  4. Awesome Andy! Must go and buy a copy [emoji171]
  5. Happy Birthday Dazz 🍾🍺🥂
  6. @Seza89 might be able to teach you a thing or two!
  7. Try the lowering kit! I have one on my 300.. same as you have got I think. It gives me alot more confidence being closer to the ground and I just avoid landing on the front wheel over erosion mounds hahaha!
  8. Thanks Cobraone! Yes apparently that hill was one that he did last time. Looks very mean I agree.
  9. A great ride on the bikes with Bear showing us the best of the Pyrenees! What an absolute legend he is. It just so happened to be my birthday too. I had the first spill with a nice slide out in a puddle.. thanks to an off camber lip among storm debris, followed by[mention=6387]Qbanger[/mention] later on down a slick 4wd track. A few roos here and there also kept[mention=1186]Bear[/mention] on his toes. Bruising/swelling just below the knee for me and sore ribs for Q. We will see how he pulls up tomorrow. We found a decent newish steep track that we all eventually lost traction on. We had to bail back down. It was good to view that Ridge and see how big it really was from another area later. Sometimes small groups are good, and with the 3 of us we covered quite a bit of ground.. 74kms. Hope to catch up with Melb peeps soon [emoji171]
  10. +1 great vid Bassman Happy Birthday buddy.
  11. Another day on the bike with Dirtriderz... We had good fun as always. It was great to see the perseverance of[mention=6589]Chelsea[/mention][mention=6679]donniedarko[/mention] and Renee. With plenty of recent bike time and the challenges you have experienced, those skills you are gaining are building! Keep at it! Thanks[mention=1617]Tracey[/mention] Pepstar[mention=6190]Goodie[/mention] and[mention=1186]Bear[/mention] for creating the environment for the step up riders to thrive! Good to see some other people keen for a day out [emoji869] I can't wait for it to rain, we desperately need some moisture on the ground. Bring on winter!
  12. 100%! Almost every bush wizz on the side of the track is rushed and takes a bit to get organised after hahahhaha
  13. Definitely rip those bloody things out. I have a rattly bash plate atn Mick, great idea
  14. @cobraone a great post. @Bad Badger I feel like we are starting a grieving period mate! We were thinking of you today and hope you get back on the bike soon +1 on a shout out to our fellow injured riders. Mototherapy is just the best therapy.
  15. Rest up mate and wishing you a speedy recovery.
  16. Well done on your first ride in the dirt! Welcome to Dirtriderz [emoji108]
  17. Yewwww I will be stoked to see you on a new bike [emoji108]
  18. A big thanks to Tracey and Mr Fox for organising and leading/sweeping a great day out. Thanks Luke and Bear for all your help sweeping and marking hazards along the way. It was so good to see some regulars building and improving on their skills so rapidly. There were plenty of laughs and banter as always plus the scenic spots to absorb along the way.
  19. Definitely take care, get it in quick.
  20. My partner carried one on his back.
  21. Remember some bits can be spares for your 300... I know what it is like to be attached to a bike but later on this will be just water under the bridge for you.
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