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  1. A good weekend with plenty of laughs and camp fire fun. There was a fun hill near camp which some of us conquered on Saturday, following a bit of carnage up there on our earlier ride on Friday night. The three of us met up after the steeper section, excited to see where it went only to find a dead end! Saturday afternoon I had my bike on it's stand at the top of a steep incline as I was down the hill giving a few pointers on how to tackle a down hill. Suddenly I hear a vehicle and look up to a dark young guy handling my bike! I ran up the hill yelling "Hey that's my bike" and asked him and
  2. Sending love and positive vibes Mick! We are thinking of you buddy [emoji171]
  3. An interesting read guys.. I also take magnesium in the days leading up to and day of the ride. Ride day consists of: Bacon and eggs or egg and veg fritatta for breakfast at home.. or sometimes we would grab bacon and egg roll on the way instead Energy gels and muesli bars mid ride Sandwiches/rolls (if I remember to carry them in my flight vest) for the man and I for lunch. Finally, a post ride beverage at the car! Serious carb day for us [emoji28]
  4. Good work Cruiser! Keep persevering bud!
  5. 3hunge maintenance.. with some new & other donor bits from my partner[mention=6387]Qbanger[/mention]'s bike.. it's twin. - Lowered F & R suspension.. an at home kit - Top end rebuild - Head light globe - Torpedo 7 F & R wheels (newer than mine) - Overbored carb - Force accessories bash plate - New chain & sprockets - SX Ignition.. cranks awesome. - Brake and clutch covers - VFORCE 4 reeds - Plastics kit To come:- - New seat cover fitment - Handle grips Spent the afternoon running it in around home. The bike is approx 30mm lower now and handling OK. It will be better
  6. Thanks Rossco and Michael for what felt like the last hoorah! We had a great day, to escape the reality of impending restrictions, wondering what would come next as we thoroughly enjoyed the great terrain and views. Our thoughts were with the Melburnians. We are all in this together [emoji170]
  7. Ouch@Ruger rest up buddy
  8. [mention=4169]Tripitaka[/mention] you never cease to make me laugh! [emoji28] A good wintery day on the bikes. The wettest coldest for me in a long time with 2 sets of gloves, everything thru from my flight vest to underwear soaked. By the time we hit the cars a 3rd change of gloves was not going to cut it. In fact I was thinking my fingers were on the verge of frost bite. But I knew it was just water and wind out there. Haha! The 150 girls[mention=5011]Kelly85M84[/mention] and[mention=6194]Seza89[/mention] were having a great time running in and familiarizing themselves with their new bik
  9. Yes Torpedo 7 wheels and I actually have 2013 plastics as the 2012 are now extinct [emoji16]
  10. Woohoo!@Seza89 Can't wait to see how you and@Kelly85M84 like those 150's!
  11. My old trusty 2012 300EXC with a Slaven's racing Kangaroo Kit (designed by Robbie Maddison's dad).