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  1. [mention=4169]Tripitaka[/mention] you never cease to make me laugh! [emoji28] A good wintery day on the bikes. The wettest coldest for me in a long time with 2 sets of gloves, everything thru from my flight vest to underwear soaked. By the time we hit the cars a 3rd change of gloves was not going to cut it. In fact I was thinking my fingers were on the verge of frost bite. But I knew it was just water and wind out there. Haha! The 150 girls[mention=5011]Kelly85M84[/mention] and[mention=6194]Seza89[/mention] were having a great time running in and familiarizing themselves with their new bikes. So cool! Kelly has lowered her bike so it was interesting to watch her handling as she mucked about. The little CRF was a stomper smashing the puddles and yes that 500EXC was a bit of entertainment. [mention=4169]Tripitaka[/mention] had a good ride hitting everything that was presented and second guessing bits and pieces on her recent rebuild. The adventurous log tracks were fun It is always good fun getting out there with the ladies and I look forward to next time [emoji1690]
  2. Yes Torpedo 7 wheels and I actually have 2013 plastics as the 2012 are now extinct [emoji16]
  3. Woohoo!@Seza89 Can't wait to see how you and@Kelly85M84 like those 150's!
  4. My old trusty 2012 300EXC with a Slaven's racing Kangaroo Kit (designed by Robbie Maddison's dad). https://slavensracing.com/shop/slavens-kangaroo-250300-cylinder-kits/
  5. Yewwww all set! Looking forward to it ladies.
  6. I'm looking forward to this. Lets keep an eye on the weather as the week progresses
  7. Oh I can't forget the headlight incident either! Saw you a bit caught up in the trees and the damage after at a cornerman stop with Badger! Your poor bike copped a day.
  8. What a great day on the bikes! It was good to have a mix of people made up in the groups.. it worked well together I enjoyed getting on it a bit.. the conditions were prime on lap 1 and for once I felt like I could still give lap 2 a good crack as well.. usually I fatigue out hard in lap 2 so endurance was good [emoji108] Lap 2 had a bit of dust if you were up behind close. @Bad Badger takes out the downage of the day.. from just a good section I felt in sync behind & was following him along a ridge, until suddenly as we approached the cornermen I saw that bike down in a very odd spot and he jumped up like a superstar! The new play sections were great fun and it was great to watch a bit of action. Thanks to the leads and sweeps of the day.
  9. I'm keen. Can sweep the group.
  10. Hey @The One Demon Previous Ariel club member here. I remember property #2 as being great fun! I am glad you have joined the best crew in SA with access to some good spots. Without a club over there the riding is quite limited. Rock on with ya videos mate [emoji1690]
  11. I'm a L2+ when fit and healthy. I ride wherever there is a ride on! I am not afraid to camp. My recent rides have been @ Rushworth, Cobaw, Dissa, Tallarook, Bendigo, Whipstix/Ballan Myrtleford and Beechworth
  12. Welcome to Dirtriderz Liz! +1 on what[mention=4806]Andy350[/mention] said! Whipstix/Ballan would be a great ride this weekend. There are a few ladies we have been trying to get some rides together lately. 3 of us were out at Cobaw on the weekend and had a good time. Keep an eye on the Chikz forum section as well
  13. BenG you bloody hero. Well done [emoji171]
  14. A great day on the bikes yesterday with some spills and thrills had. Both[mention=1194]riles[/mention] and[mention=2901]RIDER[/mention] lead us around some great tracks l! After lunch towards the end I peeled off back to camp with a few others for drink-o-clock and got to have a ride on Riles' KTM. A different ride but I like it! I am glad I had the tick of approval on my bike too Riles as I love my little blue baby and we know you are a jetting pro! [mention=6387]Qbanger[/mention] sodiered on with the guys for some more fun with a large incline in which he boiled his YZ with from what I hear surrounded by an epic steam cloud! He also flattened the exhaust at the header at some point on a log so it's time for a new pipe It was a bit of fun trying to track down[mention=326]splints[/mention] and[mention=4169]Tripitaka[/mention] throughout the day but it appears that we rode around each other and were never able to meet until the end of the ride[emoji28] Thanks to[mention=652]fab[/mention] for sweeping, helping and[mention=887]Dann[/mention] and[mention=5603]eric_705[/mention] helping me in a situation or 2. Sat night around the fire was great. It was not as cold as expected which was pleasant enough with a shower or two later on in the night. Finally, thanks[mention=2901]RIDER[/mention] for putting on a great weekend. We had a ball. I can't wait to get some more bike fitness up now we are able to get out there again.
  15. Lools like a good day out. Well done@Kelly85M84 and crew
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