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  1. Another great day of moto therapy! It was a nice laid back social day, with no pressure. It is good to hear that everyone else enjoyed the day too Thanks Tracey, Arbo, Mark and Bear!
  2. I just run a carbon fibre pipe guard on my KTM, I have banged up a few pipes over the years with no guard at all! Now I am getting into a few logs and technical stuff I really like the Force bashplate on the YZ.. may pop one on the KTM too. It gives me a bit less of a worry with what damage will be found when my bike is washed by the live in mechanic [emoji28]
  3. Good pace right there Habs!
  4. So very sad to hear Miranda. Thinking of you and those who knew Tara at this time. I agree with the importance of making the most of time here, trying to be active and enjoying life [emoji171]
  5. Bike #1 2020 YZ250X TSP CNC cylinder head, high compression has just been installed today. We have test rode it this this morning, it sure feels like there's more power everywhere.. as they say! A spill from the TSP site: 'Our standard design for YZ250 models but also can be fitted to YZ250X models if you are chasing a big increase in power. Requires 98 RON fuel. Squish clearance is much tighter than stock. Power delivery is much smoother and broader than a stock YZ250. Gives a very large boost to power everywhere when fitted to a YZ250X. Gives much better fuel economy' Bike#2 Also pictur
  6. Great fun with the crew in a beautiful area. It's been 16 years since I was last there as a crazy 17 year old on her DRZ and it was special to be back there with some of those same people! Qbanger and I made the journey over on Saturday am, driving into the sun the whole way. When we arrived to find out how much it had rained over night we were pleased we spent Friday night in our own bed! I still can not get over the weather on Sat.. the middle of summer and there was fog and a constant drizzle. We truly were soaked to the bone by the time we hit the pub. Many laughs throughout the day were
  7. Broken collarbone and a hit to the head. So glad it was not worse
  8. Merry Christmas to all the Dirtriderz crew. Thanks for all the adventures of 2020!
  9. Haha @2t4me no Chux could save your air filter from the dust at hand hahaha! Thanks for co-ordinating ride and BBQ things [emoji2]
  10. If you didn't wake up this morning with lungs full of dust and some dirt still up your nose you weren't there.. or you were[mention=1186]Bear[/mention] the lead! A good Friday night around the fire with a few early arrivals. Saturday was a fun day out with the crew.. a few thrills on one particular hill was very entertaining! Finishing off with a BBQ was great! Way to top off the day. Thanks to all involved.