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  1. mOtOcHiCk

    Ogio Flight Vests

    Top buy! I love mine. Pockets are great for all a lady would need in easy to reach spots! Haha but most importantly weight is spread across the body instead of straining on the neck, shoulders and back.
  2. mOtOcHiCk


    Hi all, In the last week or so we lost a fellow rider here in SA to the black dog. He was a wealthy businessman and always had a great time with many adventures on the bike. We were all very shocked and saddened. I truely hope that anyone reading this who is having any thoughts along these lines knows that even an acquaintance out on a ride would listen if there was just some way that the person could just speak up. Show a sign of struggle and somehow branch out to someone. Somewhere. Easier said than done I guess.
  3. I've sponsored her too. She is a go'er!
  4. mOtOcHiCk

    Did Santa bring you any bike related presents ?

    Slavens Racing 300 Kangaroo kit and new plastics! Feeling a little bit spoilt. Sent from my SM-G850Y using Tapatalk
  5. Hi Fro - can I get a Medium ladies in Black please.
  6. I'd be up for another one.
  7. mOtOcHiCk

    Ok girls where have you been riding lately?

    Hey girls, I live in SA. On boxing day I took myself to a local ride park. It has enduro tracks, a MX and SX track. Had a great day out hit some decent jumps and a rather large tabletop which was a little nerve racking.
  8. Looks fantastic guys! A few friends and I have been talking about doing Tas next year. Good to see your great adventures, looks like it's gotta be done!
  9. mOtOcHiCk

    Condolences to a fellow dirtbikers family and friends

    Thinking of James at this difficult time.
  10. mOtOcHiCk

    Two Stroke Performance

    My BF has used him too for awesome CR500 mods. Took the bike all the way there from SA. Highly recommend.