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  1. Dan

    Gidday John

    Do you still have the Body Armour for sale?



  2. It was unfortunate but bound to happen. My +1 got pinned no lic and no reg. Around $700 of fines. I've been telling him for a long time to get it sorted.. Anyway was a great morning thanks again knuxx for organising. Hopefully ill see you out there soon with a licensed and registered +1!
  3. John

    2T Float Sticky

    I'll check to make sure its all in right after i give it a good clean out.
  4. John

    2T Float Sticky

    Ok thanks mate. This calls for a work bench tidy up i think..
  5. Hey guys quick question about carby floats. This is the 4th time the float had been stuck open. The usual knock doesn't free it up. i haven't pulled it apart yet, just wondering if it needs regular adjusting or is it only a case of muck stuck in there. Cheers.