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  1. The chinese do not do MX - no tracks, no proper bikes to hire...so the US held the event in Colorado. Still officially part of the Chengdu Games - weird ....
  2. Mission accomplished - World Police & Fire Games - Gold Medal over 60s 1 hr Cross Country. It was a breeze compared to one of Gypsy’s rides. Off to the US open tennis.
  3. 4th overall in the MX over 60s (3rd and 4th) GP (1 hr cross country) tomorrow https://youtu.be/Tt3HIDWfFT0
  4. Currently at the World Police and Fire Games. Lakewood, Colorado. Practice day for the MX. A mile above sea level - its 33C, 60 yo rider on a KTM 450 SXF and the jumps are as tall as small office buildings. What could possibly go wrong?.....
  5. Great report and pics Cruiser - covered about 50k Friday and 198K on Sat (for those who did the full ride) Great bunch of blokes to ride with - thanks to Arbo & Cam for manning the support truck. BearMX and Tailendcharlie for sweeping. Keep the pics and videos coming.
  6. Visiting son in Shenzhen where he works. Yangtse River cruise, hiking the Great Wall. Etc. Back in a month when I will be hanging out for a ride....
  7. Well bugger me - with sites like FB, Google, redditt, etc banned in china, logged straight into dirtriderz to post this. Dirtriderz goes global.
  8. Is it noisier? And how is it removed? Might try this. With the fan fitted mine doesn’t cook anymore. Still not great for tight technical stuff, wants to flame out.
  9. Thanks to BearMX and his multimeter the recurring problem - starter turns but no fuel pump or spark, seems to be fixed. Fault was grit in the connector to the voltage regulator.
  10. See the advice already given above - KTM top end kit from KTM.
  11. Another great ride - Thanks Macka and support crew. here are some pics.
  12. dealer measured and within spec. 60-1 Castrol TTS.
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