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  1. This is an example of the storm damage at Wombat - Old Blackwood Road near Yankee Road.
  2. Riding there (Blackwood end) twice weekly at present. Carrying a chain saw and clearing where required. Some logs too big and tracks blocked until we get a bigger chain saw in by foot or 4wd.
  3. Never ridden Golden Beach. Raced Stradbroke back in the 80s - Farmers gets whooped out pretty quick - Big Desert type sand. Lots of very fast long straights, here is a video a few years old - great drone footage. For old guys a team of 4 is great as you spend 3/4 of the race under the quick shade recovering.
  4. All the details are here. No lights or rego required. Great well run event on mainly sand trails. https://www.northwestvicmcc.com.au/racing/enduro/
  5. Wombat (Blackwood end). Lots of trees down - some now cleared. Still plenty of rideable loops with some detours now in place around some bigger downed logs. Some tighter tracks however are now impassable and you will not know till you get to the blockage. If you know the area well you will know an alternate route. Need to pre ride any organised rides - take a chain saw.
  6. Compressed air too dangerous - if it lets go risking injury or worse. The water kit is very effective and safe. If it leaks at either seal, water just trickles out so no harm. Then easy to adjust to get it sealed again for another go. The KTM kit also fits Beta pipes. Almost identical end diameters. These are before and after pics, Beta 300 (Arrow) and Beta X trainer.
  7. Erica Enduro Mylaps. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/
  8. There’s always one showoff.
  9. Good to see a few Dirtriderz at this terrific off road event run by the Dandenong MCC. Over 200km of trails including lots of DELWP approved tight trail with six challenging special tests on private land. Over 7 hours of riding. And possibly the oldest team ever to enter and finish a Victorian Enduro. Average age about 64. Thanks to Team Manager/Pit Crew bigpete.
  10. My ride buddy has a 2020 200rr Good bike - here is a 1st impression https://youtu.be/nchr9DFcn2I
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