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  1. Sherco TPI?..hmm why would they bother. Price will go up, weight goes up, reliability goes down. Amazing if true. Wait and see. Meanwhile this is what the French national E3 champion thinks of TPI. switch on English subs.
  2. Do you mean oil injection? Like the current Beta RRs.
  3. They probably won’t - the next gen of new tech is battery/electric and not 40 year old oil Injection.
  4. turn English subtitles on good punchy review
  5. Review of the 2021 Beta 200RR - looking good.
  6. Thanks Phil and crew for a great day out. Now I have seen Dindi in the dry, what a difference. Go Pro edit - enjoy.
  7. Power valve - check its opening and closing. Easy to stuff up on reassembly.
  8. Beta Australia just release an update on the Race Editions... 2021 RR RACING MODELS PRICING ANNOUNCED Further to the successful launch of the 2021 Racing models last month, Beta Motorcycles Australia is pleased to confirm retail pricing for the range as follows: 2 Stroke Models RR 125 2T Racing $12,995- RR 200 2T Racing $14,195- (new model) RR 250 2T Racing $14,495- RR 300 2T Racing $14,795- 4 Stroke Models RR 350 4T Racing EFI $14,995- RR 390 4T Racing EFI $15,295- RR 430 4T Racing EFI $15,495- RR 480 4T Racing EFI $15,695- Note – Retail Prices are
  9. Bacchus Marsh MX club (Maddingley not Parwan) $300 annual membership. Ride all day every day apparently. Nunawading MX club similar. Clubs are non profit.
  10. The website for this track is up and running. They are accepting bookings for 1hr 45 min ride sessions (Fri to Sun) at $35 per session for adults. Seems a bit steep given this is on public land and track build was funded by ratepayers. cf Parwan which is 100% private ($55 per day 3 tracks) What do others think? Is this a ripoff?
  11. Not yet opened but track finished and opening due any day. Announcements expected Mon 19 Oct. Facebook pages at or updates. Might see you there.
  12. Never came close to getting 95-100k from standard tank. Usually 80k or so. They run rich and thirsty. Float level good - went from N2ZW to NEDW to NECJ still poor economy. Larger tank last resort.