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  1. Super Wombat Ride Dylan

    Thanks Dylan for a terrific ride. And well done to sweeps Dale and Sean. That waterhole thing could catch on - came home from a days ride clean for once.
  2. A Day at Dindi.

    Nathan you are a trail God. Another fantastic ride on great tracks in perfect non dusty conditions. Thanks to nasty for sweeping all day and Cluffie for helping me push the machine up some slippery logs on the Rocky creek track. Still on a high, rides don't get much better. Oh and had a ride on Gypsy's 18 KTM 450 it is the real deal and amazingly nimble for a big4t.
  3. 2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    Morning Ride GoPro. 30 riders started. 27 Finished. About 38k of nice open trails.
  4. Great weekend - I will leave it to others to post a detailed ride review. Here is some GoPro of the afternoon ride. More video to follow.
  5. Avoca weekend rocks

    Thanks PeteV and guys - terrific weekend riding on great trails.

    A couple of things make a ride great. Top tracks, variety of terrain, good planning and backup. Thanks to Arbo and our support vehicles we had the lot. The other thing required is a great crew. We had that as well, a top fun bunch of people willing to tackle what is a long and at times tricky ride. As sweep I got to see the carnage as some riders new to sand riding tackled the terrain head on. As confidence rose, speed increased, it was a pleasure to watch. Thanks for the great photos Ric can you please be my stunt double and photographer on future rides.
  7. Trails in WA between Mt Adams and. Mt St Helens. Near Craggy peak. Several hours to Portland. You were closest though.....
  8. Oregon Motorcycle hire - Hood River Oregon. Doug McDonald. 2 of us with Doug. Great ride about 70K all 'legal' single.
  9. The ride was in Washington State. Craggy peak trail. 100s of miles of single put in by Forests Service for use by dirt bikes, mountain bikes and hikers. No licence or reg required, just an OHV sticker on the forks. Under snow for half the year. Mt St Helen not too far away. Will tell you all about it Up the desert Jman. Looking forward to it.
  10. Nope - right continent though - see Jman clue.
  11. Nope - not even lukewarm. But after this ride your high country rides will never be the same. Clue - not too far from a volcano that went bang in about 1980 killing 57 people.