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  1. My ride buddy has a 2020 200rr Good bike - here is a 1st impression
  2. Had a 2016 250FX as a 2nd bike. With a Yamaha supplied lighting kit and rec reg. was about 11k new. Best bang for your buck at the time. Agree with Gypsy - not ideal in slow technical trails (like any 4T) but great in more open trails. KYB suspension was top notch. It’s basically a YZ MXer but with 6 speed WR gearing, 18 inch rear wheel, slightly detuned MX engine and e start. Mine was very reliable. Weaknesses on big long hills where you would soon be down to 1st gear and sand/desert where lack of top end keeps you from floating on top of the sand at speed. Position of air cleaner is
  3. Anyone interested in this quick survey - takes minutes and you go in the draw for a prize.
  4. This post on the TPI FB forum is a beaut - posted in last week or so. Another recent post
  5. Rob - Join the FB forum - KTM Husqvarna Gas Gas TPI, the litany of TPI problems & issues is there to see. Best avoid. Or if you feel lucky..
  6. RIP kenda ibex - fitted new Metzler at Big River ride.
  7. Great weekend - I will leave detailed reports to others and post these pics including some from the Sat L3 ride for a start. GoPro edit on the way. Big thanks to Andy, Murdoch & those who prepped trails, leads/sweeps, DJ Badger. Well done.
  8. Ridden both the 250 & 300 2T 2021 Sherco - the models with the KYB. They are very impressive. Handle great with good strong torque off the bottom - come with well set up Keihin carbs. Not many 2021 Betas around to ride so cannot comment. My 2020 Beta now has about 170 hours up. About to do 1st top end. Would get another Beta race edition if there was any available.
  9. Another terrific Dirtriderz Xmas Ride. Go Pro edit - and some pics enjoy.
  10. Sherco TPI?..hmm why would they bother. Price will go up, weight goes up, reliability goes down. Amazing if true. Wait and see. Meanwhile this is what the French national E3 champion thinks of TPI. switch on English subs.
  11. Do you mean oil injection? Like the current Beta RRs.