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  1. brucektmguy

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Spot on - 300 is better for the technical hill climbs, creeks, logs - FX is a fire trail weapon and also good on downhills where it feels planted and precise. FX feels better in corners, but not by much but thats just a 4T thing - interestingly they weigh about the same. IMHO 300 overall does more hard stuff better, FX does the open stuff better. FX will prove to be more maintenance intensive, the 300 just had 1st top end at 7k - 240 hrs - was all still within spec.
  2. brucektmguy

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Was a superceded new 17 model and way cheaper (about 2k+) than an FE. I still have a 17 300 set up for tight stuff - so wanted a race bike for club days and ponys. The FX is great in the desert handles way better than any EXC I have had and works on an MX track. Its failings though are flaming out on real tight technical terrain, fan always going in the tight (battery risk & no kicker) if i had to have one bike only for all rides it would be a 300 2T. For a second fun bike the FX is a blast.
  3. brucektmguy

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    There was a track next to the creek sections overlooking it. So with some of the other riders only did parts of the creek. You could get in and out of the creek at some points. FX is still prone to stalling if revs come down just above idle - 300 much better in the tight techy stuff.
  4. brucektmguy

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Terrific and tricky at times - loved it. Well done Habs. You are the Goughs Guru. Also a great crew to ride with who were happy to help an old bloke when he had the odd “tits up” moment on his Husqy.
  5. brucektmguy

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Great for open sandy tracks and desert or fire trails but not suitable for tight trails above level 2. Flame outs, gearing wrong, suspension too hard, fuel range limited, If you keep to level 2 rides you could get by.
  6. brucektmguy

    Cobaw in search for Dakota`s tracks

    Thanks Marko - another great ride on fantastic and sometimes difficult trails. The rain and cold only added to the fun. Got to ride Gypsys new 300 TPI - very nice.
  7. brucektmguy

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    I think that one is about 8k long with no cross tracks.
  8. brucektmguy

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Not yet locked in but we could do a dirtriderz desert ride on the Melb Cup weekend - to do it properly a 4WD support vehicle and driver are needed.
  9. brucektmguy

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Here is some edited GoPro of the weekend - enjoy
  10. brucektmguy

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Great weekend of desert trails led by BearMX - After a slight mishap with Cogg's new KTM 450 (fried the clutch on a muddy lake-bed) It all went well. Here are some pics - GoPro to follow when editing completed. Thanks to BearMX, RWCFrank, Eagle & Coggs for a terrific weekend, great company, great banter and some gourmet camp oven food from Coggs.
  11. brucektmguy

    Otways fun with TurboTim 3 June 18

    Thanks to Noodle for organising this and many thanks to TurboTim and his crew for a cracker of a ride. 92 km all up. It was slippery in spots, lots of downhills, lots of uphills, many many logs (mostly wet and slippery) Fan on Husqy went nearly all day in the tight. Battery went flat - no kicker. Thanks to Daylan on his new GasGas 300 GP for swapping batteries for a while. (Lesson - take battery booster pack on future rides) Here is some GoPro - enjoy.
  12. brucektmguy

    Collarbone 2018

    R rated J man. He did not try it again though.
  13. brucektmguy

    Collarbone 2018

    Here is some edited GoPro from the weekend - interesting near miss at about 5m32s. Thanks again to Macca and crew for a great weekend.
  14. brucektmguy

    Collarbone 2018

    Still editing GoPro - what pain in the arse software.
  15. brucektmguy

    Collarbone 2018

    Great weekend. Well done Macka, support drivers and sweep TBRider. Here is some unedited GoPro footage, an edited version should follow in a few days.