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  1. Who would have thought Hypothermia could be so much fun.? It was cold (6 degrees in Trentham) and very wet. Six brave riders turned up led by Marko. Jono, Crusty350, KBuxx, Cujo (thanks for volunteering to sweep) and Bruce. The rains fell and the goggles came off. One ripper hill, now very wet held the group up briefly whilst bikes were dragged and pushed. Flowing gullies and wet tight trails followed. At the 50k mark Jono, Kbuxx and Cujo called it quits. Perhaps they were the smart ones? Marko, Crusty & I soldiered on for a further 30 k. The rains continued, the ruts & creeks filled up. At times it was like water skiing, the pace was a cracker with hills a plenty. We were all wet to the skin and most probably hypothermia was setting in. But boy it was fun. 80k in total. Thanks to Marko for putting this on, he has a great knowledge of the area. And Cujo for sweeping the first leg. I think Marko took some pics so we can see what drowned rats on dirt bikes look like.
  2. Kenda vs Stockmans Rally

    Thornton is just up the road and has a very nice caravan park with lots of unpowered sites and good toilet/shower facilities. Short walk to the pub across the road for meals etc.. Usually there are forum members camped there and sometimes a Sat ride is available. Alternatively just past the rally start area which gets blocked off for rally officials etc ( few 100 M along) there is a camping area,. Fills up with rally entrants, unsure of facilities available. If there is no rain then the Kenda is a bit flat, dusty and dull for hard core off roaders who will spend the day threading past slower infrequent riders and finish 2 loops pretty quickly. For the occasional or unfit rider it is good. The 2nd loop is entirely optional, you can stop and have a break whenever and doing it with a group eg dirtriderz can be a lot of fun. The atmosphere is great at these types of events, meet new riders, catch up with old trail buddies. Have a go, nothing to lose. If there is a heap of rain I might join in.
  3. No sign of it - the idiots that took it will never be able to register it, legally sell it or take it to a dealer for any work. Probably strip it for parts. Full CCTV video of the theft occuring and car used is with police so a couple of shitheads should expect their door to come crashing in at any time.
  4. Correction Poor mans Husqy My bad, of course its a Husaberg
  5. Another great weekend in the Big Desert. Led by Arbo (CRFX 450) with riders Jman (TE 250 Husqy) , BearMX (KTM SXF 350) FarmerBrown(Beta 300 RR) & BruceKTMguy ( KTM EXC 300) trusty support 4WD driver Arthur. On Friday afternoon there was time for a quick 60k run to the north of Lake Albacutya led by Bruce with BearMX and Farmerbrown. It was dry and a bit dusty in spots, the dust was not an issue on the sandier tracks. All settled down for an early night and up at dawn. Just after 7 am Saturday all 5 riders headed out for an epic 384 km desert run. 3 fuel stops with cold drinks and lunch, lots of sand, whoops, big sandy berms and a pretty much empty desert. Had some time on FarmerBrowns 17 300 RR Beta, very stable in sand and a very worthy desert sled. Bears SXF 350 was also good fun, heaps of revy torque. Some time after 4.30 pm suntanned, sandblasted and fairly shagged returned to base at Yaapeet. Pub dinner at Rainbow. Thanks to Arbo and support driver Arthur. The next chapter in this Big Desert saga will be on the Queens Birthday long weekend 8/9/10 June. Clear your diaries and the ride will be posted shortly.
  6. Some mongrels have stolen my bike and gear from my garage overnight. Husqy is near new and has rec reg 7507-I. VIN VPKUCP432HM299614 Also stole my Yamaha gear bag containing all my riding gear as shown in pics. Distinctive Australian colours. keep an eye out for the bike and gear please - if sighted ring police.
  7. Cool as a chilled cucumber - just shrugged it off. And he is not insured......
  8. Old mate parked at Wombat today (start point well known to Dirtriderz - cnr Greenhills Rd and Blackwood Ridge Rd) came back from riding in the afternoon to find a fallen tree limb had crushed the roof, smashed in windscreen and drivers door. No wind, perhaps the dry spell is the cause. Be careful where you park. It might be shady but could also lead to these monster limbs falling on your head.
  9. Rec reg

    Hi Haydza,. you are correct in that the area between the extremities of the river banks is classed as NSW. vic recreg is not valid In NSW - NSW police could charge you with riding unregistered. so there is a risk. on the other hand. NSW police do not normally patrol the Vic side (although as dual sworn special constables they have full vic police powers) Vic police would be unlikely to book you if you are complying with vic rec reg - they would need to prosecute this in NSW you will still retain TAC coverage in the event of injury/treatment. hope this assists.
  10. Street trackers

    Better still, how about this Indian 1200 flat tracker - only limited availability in US - maybe one day in Oz - can only dream
  11. Thermo fan

    My 17 EXC 300 set to come on at 99 and shut off at 96. Under pressure the boiling point is well over 100 so 99 is good. Fan gets busy in tight gnarly Otways type stuff but not enough to flatten the battery. Werribee KTM recommends the 99/96 setting (they fitted the fan from new). Now done 6500 km/230 Hrs no problems with overheating at this setting.
  12. BackPacks/Hydration

    + 1 for the Camelback mule. When Rays outdoors has a sale can be purchased for less than $100. The bladder and mouthpiece are tough and 3 litre min is a must. You can always underfill in colder months. Here is one on ebay for $110. Holds my tools and room for lunch as well.....they come in orange if you are a KTM fanboy.
  13. "show us your belly button" tour of greendale.

    Yes - new FX 350, lots of fun. I have the 300 for tight technical stuff eg Otways, but the FX is a great machine for more open trails like the High Country where it will be shortly tested.
  14. "show us your belly button" tour of greendale.

    Thanks Kmatt and Marko, ripper ride at a good solid pace. Thanks to Riles for the great pics.
  15. Super Wombat Ride Dylan

    Thanks Dylan for a terrific ride. And well done to sweeps Dale and Sean. That waterhole thing could catch on - came home from a days ride clean for once.