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  1. That was Mick501 - easy mistake to make as he is my stunt double.
  2. Fuel range - reserve at 62 km - added 1 litre carried in the pack - still only reached 92KM- so @ 10.5 Litres to 92km = 8.7 km per litre. (this is after setting the float level at 7mm from the throttle body and lowering the N2ZW needle to clip 2) 38P 165M. Would a 35P be the next step? Or should I go NECJ?
  3. Good ride Shaun - thanks for putting it on. Main ride 92km (just made it). Thanks to Mick501 who swept all day. Here is an edited Go-Pro of the day.
  4. Not really - it was muddy after 30 mm of rain overnight - some slipppery clay etc so gentler on the throttle compared to the dry. Actual mileage was 8.6 km to the litre - range for 9.5 L tank therefore 82km. That’s about what my 17 KTM 300 achieved. Fixed with a 13L tank.
  5. I have not noticed the heavier clutch - but the KTM rider commented that the Beta clutch felt heavier. The difference in bottom end was the standout - Keihin Carbs kill TPI IMHO.
  6. The KTM was a heavy and underpowered trail bike - compared to my Italian Princess....need to put these bikes on the scales - the KTM would be off to Jenny Craig...
  7. Update at 220km - suspension now tweaked by Chads Off Road. He fitted these to replace the small (non progressive) springs at the top of the forks. Now similar to Wade Youngs KYB’s at Wildwood - which Chad set up. Handles smaller hard edges with ease - retains same main springs and settings for big harder hits. The suspension absolutely rocks. Deliberately hitting rocks/tree roots etc today to try and make it get untidy - it tracked straight. Fuel economy - dropped needle one notch (now second from top) reserve at 57k. So range still an issue - tweaks pending. Rode it today head to head with a 2020 300TPI KTM - KTM heavier, slow steering, good suspension. Less torque at the bottom. Better economy. We are spoilt for choice.
  8. Thanks Riles and sweeps. Great ride and the wine and cheese thing at the end could really catch on. Here are some pics. GoPro to follow.
  9. Interesting head to head comparison between 2020 Beta 300 RR (not the race edition) and 2020 300 tpi husqy in Cycle news - Spoiler alert - the beta won easily. and in Australia costs $2200 less than the Husqy....
  10. Needs to bed in before any mods. Reviewing the forks in the 1st hour of riding as Kyle has done is stupid. KTMs all needed springs for my weight - in particular PDS is very weight sensitive. The springs cost hundreds of $. The Beta will probably be cheaper to set up. Have a ride of it on Monday and see what you think.
  11. I recognised Bear as your group went past - Jeff led as usual.
  12. Can’t feel any difference in vibration. It runs colder than the KTM, perhaps it’s the bigger radiators or rich jetting. Fan did not come on once. Left bike to idle in garage for 20 mins just to try and get the fan to come on - no success. Perhaps fan faulty? Or this is the coolest running 2T I have ever seen. Whilst idling there was fuel coming out the overflow so that explains the poor mileage. Float level poorly set - back to the shop... Pros - Linkage, Carby, better forks, more bottom end torque. Runs cooler. Movie star looks (like you Mick) Like the TPI almost impossible to stall, can hold a higher gear. Cons - mileage.....
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