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  1. Another appropriate charge: CRIMES ACT 1958 - SECT 26 Setting traps etc. to cause serious injury A person who sets a trap or device with the intention of causing, or being reckless as to whether or not there is caused, serious injury to another person (whether a trespasser or not) is guilty of an indictable offence. Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum). S. 27 substituted by No. 10233 s. 8(2), amended by Nos 49/1991 s. 119(1) (Sch. 2 item 14), 48/1997 s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 11).
  2. From 4WD Victoria FB page Spiked Tracks In Toolangi State ForestWe have received numerous social media and news reports of steel spikes being placed on tracks in the Toolangi area. A number of vehicles and motorcycles have had multiple tires spiked by large steel spikes hammered into the track surface and covered by leaves and debris to hide the spikes.The two tracks involved were Martins Track and Breako'day Track. More tracks may be involved. Local rangers and Police are involved but they really need to catch the culprits in the act to apprehend them or make a prosecution, The spikes are designed to maximize damage to tires and destroy the tire rendering the vehicle un-drivable. This extremely dangerous practice can affect all road users from bushwalkers, horse riders, motorcycle riders and any vehicle including CFA and Rangers. People visiting Toolangi are asked to report any suspicious activity they may witness to Police, local Rangers or Four Wheel Drive Victoria and everyone is asked to be vigilant when using the area. photo courtesy Pat Calinans 4x4 Adventures
  3. Depends on what type of riding you do. I have a 17 Husqy FX350 which is the Husqy version of the XC-F. (I also have a 17 EXC300) The FX is a great race bike for ponys/cross countries/a play on on MX track/desert. However will overheat in the tight(fan needed) will tend to flame out in technical stuff - stalls much quicker than the 300. Will require more maintenance being a 4t. cheaper to purchase than 300. Rec reg only. No kick start. Air forks are great - only the left leg has air. Changing PSI is like changing springs. Ultimate adjustability. The japs could not get airforks right. Husqy/KTM did. Weight saving is significant as a heavy spring is replaced with a bag of air. As an all rounder in technical stuff the 300 is king. If you are a fire trail hero or race XC then the XC-F is a great bike.
  4. Permission denied.........nah link should be working now......
  5. If all goes to plan this should be the link to a Video of the xmas ride. It was like a demolition derby look for the “tits up” moments. Hopefully no riders were injured in the making of this video Thanks again to Bear for leading. Kbuxx for sweeping with me. Geoffro, Noodle and Macca for catering & organising. Great bunch of blokes (and girls) to ride with, not just on this ride but all year. Enjoy and ride safe in 2019.
  6. Another terrific ride led by Bear. A bit dusty at times here are some initial pics. GoPro editing in progress.
  7. Why would there be crowd funding for medical costs? If the bike is registered this is a straightforward TAC Claim. Was he unregistered or is this just media bull...
  8. Hey Noods, Syd not on the forum. Can you copy the google drive link above and text it to him.
  9. Try this link for some GoPro on Google Drive in HD. thanks again to Gypsy and crew.
  10. Great ride report by Cruiser. Thanks to Gypsy for organising this terrific and at times challenging ride. The hillclimbs and descents were relentless. For long difficult hills these are the best In Victora IMHO. Great bunch of blokes to ride with. A bit of dust at times on the more open trails. GoPro to follow when I put something together.
  11. If only the one offence -eg the bike is registered and no other hoon or dangerous driving involved then probably only the penalty notice will result. No implications for licence, no demerit points apply. If it goes to Court with other offences then further orders are possible.
  12. Assuming the riding occurs in Victoria, this is the relevant offence section: ROAD SAFETY ACT 1986 - SECT 18 Offence if driver not licensed S. 18(1) amended by Nos 58/1995 s. 8, 57/1998 s. 15, 81/2006 s. 42(1), 5/2016 s. 36(Sch. 1 item 1), substituted by No. 68/2017 s. 40. (1) A person must not drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless the person— (a) holds a driver licence or learner permit which authorises the person to drive that category ofmotor vehicle; .... highway is defined as: highway" means road or road related area; which is defined as: road" means— (a) an area that is open to or used by the public and is developed for, or has as one of its main uses, the driving or riding of motor vehicles; or ...... road related area" means— ...... (d) an area that is not a road and that is open to or used by the public for driving, riding or parkingmotor vehicles; or .........what this all means is Licence is required in the bush. But what would being caught mean for your son in terms of penalty? max penalty is 60 penalty units/6 months imprisonment. This the the max and not likely for first/young offender. A penalty unit = $161 so max fine is about $9600. However the current on the spot penalty notice amount from VicPol is $793. No demerit points.
  13. Thanks Frank - well put. The full ride on Saturday with optional bits covered 224 km. Photos and a link to GoPro video - enjoy.
  14. More pics from the GoPro - interesting water crossing