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  1. flatout450


    Dear guys, it's great to see this topic opening up here beneath the guise of "life's a party" the front cones down and true heart feelings are released. Thanks to those who expressed some true heart pain and emotions. I hope n pray this is a safe place to let out the real me. I applaud those who showed their vulnerability in doing so. I'd like to share some perspectives from many angles. Firstly as an ex paramedic and ex policeman I've been on the front line of the results of mental health issues. My wife also is a clinical nutritionist of 30 years research. I studied physiotherapy and nutrition for over 20 years. I also do some relationship counselling. As a struggler myself for many years, I also have deep insights too. Further compounded by the constant witnessing of trauma, violence and now suffering undiagnosed ptsd. It finally destroyed my family apart who didn't understand. However I found the way out and over it. Some examples of causes were visiting at least 5 domestic violence calls every weekend night shifts. Witnessing a man douce himself in fuel and set himself alight. Witnessing first-hand three fatalities and then in other tines, when on duty, picking up body parts off the road. Then as a paramedic taking broken people daily to rehab and terminal wards, I had enough of the dark side.... I'm happy to share privately my email for bullet proof resources beyond the "power of positive thinking" which is helpful but not conclusive for below reasons. I'll briefly explain. There are fundamentally three causes of depression. Chemical imbalances. - I also run with my wife a health practice using natural non allocation modalities based on science. Essentially we a nutrient starved due to huge deficiencies in our food chain. Micro nutrients which are essential for certain hormones and body cycles. Add these nitruiants back, and the process starts to reverse. Current habits and additictions make this a compounding problem too. Bikenut hit the nail when he warned about alcohol n tobacco as a crutch. For starters alcohol is listed as a chemical deroessant. It greatly maximises the effects of depression. Emotional factors. Learning how to control " stinking thinking". Two of the best I've heard on this perspective alone in my extensive research, is Dr Neil Neddly, and his depression workshops, and one that got me through a total marriage and family breakdown, by Dr Horst Muller, called the "law of life". This 8 part seminar presentation at the Uchee Pines health institute. You should google him n uchee pines. Here he found the correlation from over 20000 patients BTW health and emotions. 9 tenths of illnesses cone from the mind". A famous author wrote in 1890s and he validates why. Selfishness, self centreness and co dependency all are major factors. he found certain formulates for thinking that leads either way. He also found a huge correlation BTW s person "going down" thro a perception of "suffering some forms of loss".. It's awesome. And spiritual dimensions,- who are we, where have we come from, are where are we going. If you don't have solid truthful answers here, it eats up your good positive intentions like a cancer. What is my purpose for existence... In our health clinic we could give people symptomatic relief but when we taped into the other two areas, true healing took place. A new person emerged. Here is my email if you wish for more insights and proven help FOR FREE! Kato450@gmail.com You are much love friends Take care in the mean time. From the heart.... Tony
  2. flatout450

    Trasporting bike interstate

    Gidday, slowly making a move from Victoria {central] To North Sunshine coast [Imbil} Need to organise how to get my kto 450 exc up there with a bike carryall and some bike gear. need it there in 2 to 3 weeks. Also how will a rego transfer go from rec reg here to full up there as i dont have all the rwc stuff anymore except the headlight and stop light etc. Just wanna ride the state forests etc... help.
  3. flatout450

    Springhill with a side of black ice.

    Anyone got any gpx files recorded for springhill? Creeks cut a few singles off amd hard to remeber how to re connect etx. I'd appreciate it. Please sent asap to kato450@gmail.com Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  4. flatout450

    Buzzing at Dissa

    Good work buzz. Enjoyed myself even pushing a few youngest out. It flowed well till a bit of a breakdown, where some of us less fit caught out breath. All good buddy. U DA MAN Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  5. It's the new re flashed ECU which turns the supertenere into " fully sic"
  6. Yeah that's it. Matches the lean angle of the gripping Anakie 3 so happy. A slight vagueness at speed n bit uncertain in the wet. But the wear. Wow does anything match it?
  7. Got three rears to still not wear out the semi road Heineken? Fronts. It's in my supertenere 10. Using Anakie 3s on the back
  8. flatout450

    Cobaw fires

    Did u need borrow a 7x5 trailer? Btw I got a stack of good condition traffic signs I was gonna eBay. You welcome to them first n take what u want. Ie give way, do not enter etc
  9. flatout450

    Massive Forum Upgrade - Please Be Patient

    Stupid taptalk.... What's the advantage of using it???
  10. flatout450

    Massive Forum Upgrade - Please Be Patient

    Awesome grip n mileage from the new kenda equilibrium hybids
  11. flatout450

    Ktm EFI backfire and booging???

    It's a leaning problem
  12. flatout450

    Gaerne G-React Boots

    I've owned heaps and best value for quality woukd be the Forma terminator for 300 even at AMX Keilor. Cheapest pivot boot around. They got a special deal with forma. 100 off