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  1. Thanks for the wild card entry Dusty. Was an excellent bunch of blokes out in the bush today. Good to catch up with some people I haven,t ridden with for quite a while and meet some newbies(to me). Riles sat me on a mint yzfx, first decent ride on a 4t for also quite some time. And mate this is one sweet bike let me tell ya.Smooth predictable,tractable does everything a bike should do(except 2t smell) Good hearted entertainment on some technical pinches with crowd encouragement and help to keep it safe. Packed up and heading home just as the rain settled in. Hope the aches and pains remind every one of the good day had. Cheers;Robbo ps I have some footage Riles but don,t know how to post it (yet):)
  2. Thanks Bandi for an excellent day out in the bush. The quality of the blokes you meet on rides never ceases to amaze me how we pull together as a team when it is such an individual sport. Twisti3 see you next week, and looking forward to next time I catch up with you lot. Cheers Robbo Ohh and special thanks to my good mate Riles for carting me along,getting my motor running sweet as for the 4 day and a list way of things way too long for me to type.
  3. These type of rides are so much fun,Cobaw rocks are rounded and grippy,maybe a little to much as seen by a few watching as I attempted to change a line half way up some snotty hill. A little too much clutch release had the bike rearing up like a thorough bred stallion and flipping over. It was alright though because I managed to get on my back and catch it before it hit the ground. Met some new blokes and caught up with some good mates. Only down side was trying to cross the Bolte bridge to enter the tunnel with cramps in my left leg. Thanks Casper and every one else for such a good day.