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  1. Cheers Dusty, its been a long time off the bike with injuries and health issues. The eye has healed as good as it can, enough to see Gypsy disappear in front of me!
  2. Thank you for the ride boys!! I'll return the favour shortly and invite you out to my home ground!!
  3. Give me a call (pm sent) www.vicpolishedconcrete.com.au
  4. Big thanks to Dusty for his admin skills getting this ride together, hope the shoulders healing up nicely. Thanks to Rob, Knos and gentlemen Cruiser for leading/sweeping. Big River was every bit slippery, the golden tyre fatty was extra fat, putting on a few kilos of mud. Run out of fuel with 65kms on the speddo, rear wheel probably did closer to 165km due to wheel spinning, thanks to liam for 3km tow back to the car... guess the makes as square great to ride again with the usual blokes and to meet a few new faces, and finally good to ride again with cruiser, been a long time between rides. Goutman aka Jaey
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