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  1. want to get to the top of that area but via a 2WD car (via the main graded track)...railway dam road i think? but as mentioned, best to PM me a pin drop..
  2. Can some kind person find a google map pin drop for the famous "scorpio" hill (alphinstone area) off railway dam road??? Cheers....
  3. Does dirtriderz have access to good pricing on tires anywhere?



  4. Mine drags when cold, but ok when warmed up, but most cold starts are done in neutral for the first start.. As for it being on a stand, all warmed up, i think it "slightly" will spin the back wheel with clutch in, but if cold.... yeah it is hard to stop by hand, i presume to do with the oil and the temp/ viscosity.... cold oils are less viscous, hence thicker, and that's when clutch grab will occur. Gee i hope they fixed the starter motor issue on your model.... after many hassles with my electric starter, i ended up taking it out and put a blanker plate in, kick only now.. binding, sticking no enough grunt to turn motor over if backfire/flameout (nearly smashed the rear block starter motor mounts) read BAD! but lucky just broke the starter motor flanges... sometimes would bind and not disengage from main flywheel (had to rock bike back/forward to release. just a crap design on that model.. (well on mine anyway, 2013 TE310) other than 2 sheared wood ruff keys, (but that wont be a problem now it`s kick only, as there`s nothing (no starter drive gear) to drive against if it backfires. it`s a great light bike... sorry for hijacking and giving my spiel..... oh boy! i gotta get back on the tracks..... life has got in the way in the last 6 months.....
  5. I threw the question up on whirlpool also and got some feedback.... yeah looks like the good ol teflon tape will be the go... As someone pointed out that as i`m doing a DIY job on these Rain water tanks, teflon tape makes it easy to remove/change the setup if required.... Cheers.... PS i have a kick only husky now! the starter housing destroyed it`s self during a backfire.... fu#king stupid design..... ah well, the reset of the bike is great!
  6. I will be doing some DIY plumbing (connecting 3 water tanks together, to a pressure pump) i`m comfortable to use the good old teflon tape, but i was at bunnings the other day and a ex plumber said the way to go these days is "liquid thread sealer" i will be using mostly fittings like this style/type (standard threaded plastic fittings) (not PVC press fits <<<<<---blue glue for those...) https://www.bunnings.com.au/garden-rain-3-4-x-1-2-poly-irrigation-reduced-nipple_p3100189 I will also have a brass to plastic fitting coming from the tanks (25mm brass outlet) So... do i go the good old telflon tape....or go with some "loctite" liquid thread sealer...... liquid sounds easy and simple
  7. yep have rang him, and i will drop the bike to him...
  8. rang motoGC , they stopped working on the "red and black ones" as he put it last month..... they put me onto stacker motorcycles in campbellfield rang Paul, and he will look at it for me...i will drop the bike there this week....
  9. Need to put my husky in to get the valves/shims done. *VERY* hard to start cold and down on power when running... any suggestions for a dealer that works with husqvarna`s (western suburbs) but happy to take the bike where ever i need to get it sorted out. came back from a ride stopped the bike behind the trailer...that was it, would not start again..... took it home kicked it a millions times it just started but it`s not sounding right...
  10. This is closer to a real tester, big heavy heat dissipation http://transquip.com.au/products/sp61009-sp-tools-battery-load-tester.html
  11. as Pete wonderfully explained... You sometimes see at garages and places that sell battieries the big old metal box with huge wire wound resistors in them. (lots of vented to holes to let the heat out) and it`s on wheels as it`s heavey! Thats what they use to "load" test a battery. it may pull a few hundred amps from the battery for say 15-30 seconds and they measure the voltage sag over time. if if holds roughly 10 to 12volts it`s good, but if the volts drops below, it may be a problem on 5am cold mornings. gives an indication if it will start on a cold morning. batteries are strange in this regard, a stuffed battery will run your car radio for weeks maybe even months... but hit the starter motor and battery will die... (voltage sag) And then there is partially shorted cells dues to "dendrite " build up..... ok i`ll shut up now gettig to far into things.. As Pete says... there is a hell of a lot to know when it comes to battery technology.
  12. Just wondering if if a good idea to do a full oil/filter/flush / change? As there may be metal remanants? the bike has around 6 bush rides on it (60k`s x 6 rides ~360 k`s) So not much since i did a full oil/filter change. and it was clean last time. or just go and enjoy the bike again....
  13. Have a dig around and watch videos reviews on YouTube for the models you are thinking about buying. It may help you with your decision. The I find the videos are useful to find out information on the items and how they work plus if there are any good.... https://www.google.com/search?q=Ancel+BA101+review&amp;num=20&amp;client=firefox-b&amp;source=lnms&amp;tbm=vid&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwi4297X6P7aAhWDl5AKHWUACgUQ_AUICygC&amp;biw=1904&amp;bih=878
  14. ******THE HUSKY IS BARKING AGAIN...IT`S ALIVE! ****** 1: spent 10 minutes lapping in the shaft to flywheel (was in good condition to start with) 2: cleaned it up with clean rags and degreaser then metholated spirit. 3: applied a film of loctite bearing/shaft retainer 4: insert woodruff key (small amount of antisieze on key slot.) 5: homed /seated the flywheel by hand as far as i could 6: 5 taps with a socket and rubber mallet (clink, clink, clink, dunk dunk) that the sound it made as it was homed on the shaft. 7: put the retaining nut on with loctite medium thread locker 8: torqured to 100NM (a lot of people on the husky forum said to up the nm as the original spec of 75nm is to low) 9: put the rest of the bike together, covers,tank etc etc.. kicked it 3 times and it started and ran like it always has. i turned the bike off and crossed my fingers and hit the E-start YAY!!! E-start works (bloody well would should, the starter cost me $435!! took it for a spin for 5 minutes. feels great. front wheel lofting..YEP tests complete! lets ride!
  15. the manual i have says bugger all in respect to loctite... but i just want to give it a fighting chance of not ever comming loose again by it`s self (not unless I need to take it off)
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