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  1. Looking for the following trades persons to quote on various works I will be doing as a front yard make over 1: new concrete to be poured as part of a crossover widening and misc. new concreted area. (Must have $10,000000 pubic liability insurance) 2: existing concrete pressure washed (acid washed?) then reseal and repaint/restrain to a new colour. 3: XHD synthetic turf to be installed. (site scrape, crushed rock, preparation works and laid) including removal of old fill 4: Lilydale topping to be installed. (site scrape, crushed rock, preparation works and laid) including removal of old fill 5: misc decking to be installed merbau or such will require support posts/stirrups etc So if anyone knows people in this line of work, please get in touch so we can tee up a time /date for you to take a look and quote.... PM or 0414-970-48(number after 8) that would be 9 ** may stop spam bots grabbing my mobile number Address is in Altona Meadows, vic 3028 Cheers, Richard
  2. Fabs Gearshift Day

    Great fun day out including som funny gumby moments in the morning, bent a gear shifter in the first 5 minutes of the ride, i remember clipping a branch /log on the ground.. anyway, few minutes of bending back to a usualble shape and off again... Jeff`s ktm decided to break a small part on the end toe of the gear shifter... pissy bit of aluminium, but enough to put the toe stop on the end out of wack.. few minutes on the tools and he had a spare fitted.. couple of nice hills (including 3 sisters) all mostly done with reasonble ease.. i had the video going, but to be honest the day flowed well with not many "special" moments... so nothing really to post, although i could show jeff resting on a hill during his morning gumby moments....
  3. ok thats the way i put it in.... went together all smooth wheel still spins LOL! done
  4. I will have a look inside the rim and see if there is any type of mating ridge that it may sit against... other wise i`ll just go with the lip facing the sprocket side this is the second item that i found that does not match the online parts diagram.... gggrrr!! wheel bearing tube spacer and the plastic rear fender... **As a side note: decided to look at the clutch fluid and why i get heat related clutch fade.... yeah the fluid was really bad (had very fine soot like stuff?? in the lines...anyway fully changed/ cleaned refill /bled.. (high temp dot4) feels better already... have to see on a ride how it goes when hot
  5. i had a look on cafe husky and they said the same thing...never seen that before... they also mostly said dont matter what way, one person said to face it towards the sprocket...
  6. pulled old bearings....ok first main bearing in (heat rim / freeze bearing) sweet in easy ok now the tube spacer has a flange on one end... what way does does it go in flange towards sprocket or flange towards brake disc?
  7. Moisture wicking undergear

    Hey pete, as you know i bought one also (medium) i went back to Kmart to look for a larger size , but instead i picked up a mesh top and it was on special for $2.50 bargin! (breathable Moisture wicking fabric provides additional comfort) I will try it on Sat at greendale..
  8. 80B0H1404 is the enduro unit, yes he confirmed it has the molded cavity for the light.
  9. i spied a part number on my guard "1404" and i found this number attached to a fish number at first class motorcycle item 37-80B0B01404 $69.80 oops should be part # 80B0H1404 for the enduro/light guard not to bad a price also... i will give them a ring... DONE! found.... 2 in stock $69.80 yay! even better found OEM for $66 plus $15 postage from
  10. so i decided to test the strength of a rear fender by launching the bike up a hill and sitting the whole bike on failed.. The issue i have is trying to get the same type of guard... millions of ufo/clones plastics out there ...BUT they are not the same as what i have!! mine have a intergrated/moulded rear cavity for the stop/tail light. all the ones in the usual places MX / EBAY/polisport/ UFO etc etc all look to be a plain trail bike type ie no light cavity even the fish part numeb for the bike from husky husky is 80B0 B0162 only shows the plain type. This is strange as the tail light shown as a spare part on th fish that would go into my guard is correct, but the gaurd they show wont fit it..i`m lost.... so if anyone can guide me as to where to get this sodden thing..... 2012 TE310 rear fender (with internal rear cavity for the light) **the cavity part where the rear light goes is moulded into the guard, it`s not a "add-on" **the small side blinkers i added. (low profile) see photos of my guard (tail light is removed to show the cavity) light is held in place by 2 x 8mm bolts dont care if it`s OEM or aftermarket.. Cheers, Richard
  11. Out West Tech Sat Jan13

    first first of a couple of vids
  12. Out West Tech Sat Jan13

    fun to be had today, (as you said, i pulled the pin while ahead, starting to tire and making small mistakes) i have some funny footage of a husky flying through the air...mine.. have to sift through it, and will post.. Thanks for the ride...! Did you guys get wet towards the end of the ride?
  13. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Grouse ride, nice weather and a fine collection of gentlemen! oh and now the $shit stirring videos I sometimes post, goofs,gags, stuff ups, and all in good fun.... feel free to have a poke at me also! will post some actual riding videos in the next 30 mins or so
  14. Lal lal

    Yes, best ride at Lal Lal i have done, weather, people, tracks all good! Cheers till next ride...
  15. Anybody got some info on the map switch for the husky 2013 TE310 Little bit of info on my bike. Has had the CO2 sensor removed and the "power up plug installed" actually have not spotted the power up plug myself but the previous owner said he had the "race mods" done to it. Airbox,filter, pipe etc etc As it is as the moment for me it goes very well, and VERY responsive,,, possibly a little too much ie: on a hill on choppy tracks it will lift and carry on with a small amount of throttle. (yes i will look into sprocket ratios also) SO..... Looked at adding the "MAP" switch/ connector. This will (apparently) alter /retard the ignition a little and make for smoother power application to the rear wheel… At the moment with the bike running my speedo cluster does not show any map modes ie race map I or race map II… So I presume it defaults to uncorked full on mode. race map 1 (speed lcd lights all the display options during starting of the bike so it does have the modes available) flashed all for 2 seconds or so Now the problem…Found the map connecter at the front of the bike under the front head light assembly along with all the other connectors. Measures 5 volts DC across the two terminal when running (wire colours on the connector blue and white/black(trace) From what I read on the husky forums the switch needed is one of two types A: momentary type. Press for 3-4 seconds while bike is running will change MAP mode. B: Two way toggle that applies a short circuit to the connector wires before the bike is started. Also read that the coolant needs to be at 40C or higher for the race mode to be able to changed??? Allowing the bike to be fully warmed up I suppose?? I have tried shorting the two wires (admittly when the bike was still cold, may need to try when it`s fully warmed up A: Tried the short circuit 3-5 seconds when the bike was running…nothing, no map modes on speedo shown B: Tried the short circuit before the bike was running…nothing, no map modes on speedo shwon So any info would be a great help… Cheers…